GM to Add Wireless Phone Charging


If you’re a gadget geek, you’ve probably heard of or seen the Powermat, the home and portable device that recharges your phone wirelessly. You put a case around your phone, and when it's placed on the mat, the battery is recharged through magnetic induction.

That technology is coming to products across GM's lineup, but it will be first offered in the Chevy Volt ... sometime around the middle of 2012. That deflates the excitement a bit, doesn’t it?

We like the idea, though, especially because the Powermat requires a special case and will likely have people buying a charger for home as well so they can go between the home and car without removing the case.



It's good to see GM thinking outside the box however I have the Powermat and it sucks.


I agree, the powermat SUCKS!!! I dont like having extra stuff on my phone for just charging it. I much would prefer outlets in the console or glovebox to re-charge my phone.

Troy S.

Wouldn't the items placed on a power mat become flying hazards in the event of an accident?

Well, at least if your power mat and the items on it went flying in a crash, On-Start would be there to assist.....If you pay your subscription fee.

I knew it would not be long before the auto makers decide to place the Power mat into vehicles. Its a great idea, all you need to do is put a case on the phone, place on the mat and guess what you are charging. How many times have you been driving and you were low on your battery. But you don't have a charger. Introducing the Power Mat.

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