2012 Prius V Video

At the 2011 Detroit auto show, the Prius family grew threefold, adding a plug-in model, small hatch and a family mover. The latter, called the Prius V, will be the first model to join the regular hybrid model later this summer. The Prius V is supposed to be a more accommodating place for kids and cargo. As Cars.com editor Joe Bruzek points out in this video, the backseat is roomy. But will Prius owners want a larger vehicle that takes such a heavy hit to fuel economy?



Give the size of the vehicle and that it still achieves 40mpg I think Toyota will have no problem selling them. In fact my wife and I will probably seriously consider one. We've been very disappointed in the mgp's of our Equinox as it's never come close to reaching the stated EPA numbers. Two dealers we've visited said this is a common complaint however they had no solution. Poor mpg's plus a jerky transmission and electrical bugs just may be enough for us to bite the bullet and trade it in. We've been reluctant to purchase a hybrid given the complex technology but given Toyota has been at it for so long we feel now may be the time and the Prius V could be an ideal fit.


that much of a hit to fuel economy? weight must be way up, which is going to make this thing sloooooooowwwwww.

those two factors combines might make this a lame-duck vehicle, especially when there are other hybrids and diesels that are more powerful and get similar fuel economy.


I thought they were going to give this thing the powertrain from the Camry hybrid. They didnt and thus it will be slow as heck. The 3000lb regular Prius needs 10secs or more to hit 60 as it is.


Reclining back seat and 40 mpg is pretty damn good. Low power is okay when you consider competitors like the Mazda5, not exactly speedy. It's a Prius, it should prioritize efficiency over acceleration.


So how big exactly is this puppy?

Is it like a Prius Wagon size? Or is it more like a RAV4 size?


Thank you for the video as this new Prius looks very roomy. I love the ability of the back seats to slide up and back individually. If it can really obtain forty miles or more then it'll make my short-list.

Thanks for sharing! I have been a car enthusiast for the longest time and this helped me. Such an informative post!


I am very interested in this vehicle and am seriously considering it for purchase. I need more room than the regular Prius but very good fuel economy.


Why didn't Toyota put the 2.0 version of this engine family?
What about their Valvematic technology?


It is a wonderful fuel-efficient utility car, which is small but roomy, nible but practical, and fuel efficient.

It is really morally decadent to wastefully drive big SUVs or big cars in most of time the driver is only occupant in the car


Too bad you have to stoop over because the liftgate won't go up high enough...


I had read about a 2 seater Prius they were working on that was supposed to almost double the mileage rating of the standard Prius. That's the one I hoped they would be producing since I have to drive over 50 miles a day getting to work. I own a 2009 Prius and am very happy with it.

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