2012 Hyundai Veloster Video

The 2012 Hyundai Veloster fills the void left by the Tiburon, an affordable and fuel-efficient sports coupe. While the Veloster is definitely a coupe, it has three-doors for better access. According to Cars.com senior editor Joe Wiesenfelder, its bold design is reminiscent to the risky move Nissan made with its Juke crossover. On the inside, the raked roof affects the cargo area and precludes the rear seats to only kids or a pair of petite adults. Still, this unique vehicle is entering into a market occupied by few players. Given all that, we think it could be popular.



Did the person who designed this car firing on all cylinders when he came up with the "3-door" concept? Wouldn't it be harder and take longer to get 2 people into the back seat with just 1 door to enter? The 1st person would need to slide across the seats to the back of the driver's seat to allow a second person into the rear. Sounds pretty inconvenient to do to me. On the positive side, the exterior design looks very nice and would definitely get one noticed on the road.


Re: JR

It's not as practical in some ways as Mazda's original RX-8 suicide door idea but it's a little bit Mini Cooper Clubman and a little bit Saturn coupe.

Remember the CRX and the Honda Del Sol? Honda did very well making small sporty little cars in the 90s that young people in University or fresh out of it wanted to drive instead of a practical 4 door alternative. Hyundai's hoping that same kind of mentality exists in Generation Y but they've thrown in that extra element of practicality and gas mileage as a bonus.

Let's be honest. This car is for dudes 30 and under who want to impress girls, who might not realize how cost-effective and slow this car is, with a car that almost looks like it might be in the same realm as a Nissan 370z.

Not a lot of guys in that age demographic can afford a super sporty ride but Hyundai just released something that looks youthful and fun to be in for a fraction of the price, just like Honda did so effectively in the early 90s.


A 6'3" reviewer said he was fine in the back seat.....provided the person in front doesn't insist on more leg-room than they need. This guy was cramped only because he pulled the front seat as far back as he could.
Overall, I think this car will be economical, sporty fun, in an attractive, quirky package.
It isn't a muscle car, but the power-to-weight ratio is good, and the six-speed, should maximize it's performance abilities. The Miata got along very well for years with no more hp than this Veloster.....and without the tech gadgets.

Turning Point

Got a chance to sit in the Veloster over the weekend and it definitly does have room for 4 adults around the 6' height. Adjusted the front seat to a reasonable spot (knees no where near touching the dash) and then had plenty of leg room in back. The only part is head clearance is a bit close in the back. In the end I liked this car a lot when I got to see it in person. Reminds me of what I look forward to in cars. Great gas mileage, sharp looks, a usefull trunk and always ready for fun road trips. Hopefully it will be a joy to drive!

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