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The current-generation Audi A6 has been on the market for six years and counting. While the car is still competent, something new will help the German luxury automaker keep up with the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class and BMW 5 Series. The redesigned 2012 Audi A6 features a lot of the same design cues as recent members to the brand's lineup, giving the car an almost inbred look, according to Cars.com senior editor Joe Wiesenfelder. There are some things that we really liked about the new A6 such as the hybrid powertrain and the wheel designs, but the automaker won’t commit to those features for U.S. production quite yet. If you want those items make your opinion heard in our comment section below.

By Colin Bird | January 13, 2011 | Comments (5)



i just have to say something about the back seat, and this seems to be a trend in all of the cars you guys sit in.

you had the seat all of the way back, so of course its going to seem tighter. nobody, especially the front passenger, needs to sit with the backrest of their seat that far past the b-pillar. move the seat up to a normal seating position, and then we will see how much room you 'dont' have.


I think the biggest concern with the seat is how low the cushion is and how high your knees have to be in the A6. For a car that size and that price, that's pretty poor. Even the 5-series now has a roomy backseat. And compared to the Saab 9-5 or even the A4, this thing doesn't look terribly comfortable for four adults. Sure is good to look at though.

I love it. Its beautiful in red


There is absolutely nothing special about the wheel design that you guys keep crowing about. Am I missing something?

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