2012 Acura TL Tweaks to Debut at Chicago Auto Show

Has there been a redesign that’s as polarizing as the latest Acura TL? The car went from a contemporary style that made it the brand’s best-seller to a mess of angles that’s topped by a beak, which sent buyers heading for an Acura MDX.

It seems that Acura has heard the complaints. It will debut a “refined” TL at the Chicago Auto Show’s media days on Feb. 9. In terms of performance and the interior, we expect most of the car to remain similar to the current model shown above. 



Polarizing? I think you mean bad.


Exactly, KD: people don't understand what the word "polarizing" means. It means that people are of 2 minds, some love it and some hate it. This design is NOT polarizing, as everyone HATES it.


The best Acura Tl's were from 1999 until 2007 or 08 after that im not interested in it but lets hope Acura fix that

Al G.

I'm glad to see that Acura is going something to address the TL. Let's hope Acura learned their lesson and made the “refined” TL as appealing to look at as it is to drive.


Everybody only applies when not even a single person is on the opposite side.
And guess what? I liked it, which invalidated your claim, "me".


I like the design to as it does not look like every other car on the road. Then again I have a brain and can think for myself.


All the media outlet always talk about the hideous front end but in my opinion, the rear is make this car not purchasable.


I looked at the 2011 TL from the front AND the back. With all these angled lines, I still can't tell whether the car is coming or going.


That beak could do some serious damage

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