Recall Alert: 2010-2011 Honda Accord, 2011 Honda Pilot

Honda AccordHonda is recalling 10,800 2010-2011 Honda Accords and 2011 Honda Pilots over potential front suspension problems, the automaker said today.

The problem deals with a manufacturing error at Honda’s Alabama plant where some Accord and Pilots are built. At this plant, the front suspension wasn’t secured to the front axle correctly; the flaw could cause potential suspension failures.

Honda will notify owners of the affected vehicles this week. Honda dealerships will inspect the suspension and replace the spindle nuts and the front dampers and attachment bracket bolts if necessary, free of charge. Honda owners can go to or call (800) 999-1009, and select option 4.

By Colin Bird | December 22, 2010 | Comments (7)


Albert Boro

unbeleiveable recall due to suspension not being secure properly are you kidding me.. this is what happens when you make cars in america and you have fat lazy people put cars together

Troy S.

I've actually had 2 suspension problems on Hondas that are 5 years apart in age. Both of them involved front suspension. Both were faulty strut assemblies and one had a faulty wheel bearing. One car demonstrated the faulty parts at 2200 miles on the odometer while the other had symptoms with 10,000 on the odo.


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Just wondering if there is any methods to block them from spamming?

We do block many spammers and yet even more keep coming. Last night seemed to be a big one.

We do have a captcha system so that's actually a real live person sitting somewhere getting 1/10 of a penny or maybe less for every message.

We could go to a closed commenting system where you have to create a login to leave a message but that tends to drive down the number of comments at most sites.

We check the spam every day and if we miss it we do appreciate a heads up like yours.

Thanks for understanding.


David, I did not mean to pick on you guys or faulting you guys.
But just wish there is something that we could do to help.

L Butts

i have had two pilots both 2011 with suspension problems and a 2010 accord that needed a front wheel bearing right from the trip home! I also have sever dashboard rattles in my 2011 Pilot any ideas??

Pilot Owner

My 2011 Pilot is making clicking sounds when I turn the steering wheel to the end during a turn and when I'm backing up. I believe it's the front suspension problem just as described on the recall. I'm gonna call the dealer tomorrow!

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