Recall Alert: 1998-2002 Honda Passport

Honda announced today it’s recalling 35,984 Passport SUVs from the 1998-2002 model years because of suspension brackets that could corrode.
In cold-weather regions where road salt is extensively used, the forward mounting bracket for the rear suspension lower link could corrode and become detached from the frame. This could affect vehicle handling and increase the risk of a crash. No injuries related to the recall have been reported, according to Honda.
The recall affects Passports driven in the following states: Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Washington, D.C.
Honda has already begun notifying owners, and dealers will inspect the brackets and repair them if necessary. For more info, owners can call Honda at 800-999-1009.

By Dave Lee | December 17, 2010 | Comments (35)
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I live in Virginia and received a recall letter from isuzu on my '99 rodeo. I wonder why virginia isn't listed with the Passports?


With Isuzu out of the light duty business,I guess Honda is going to have to foot the bill for all that.Thats what they get for outsourcing vehicles....
Joe Isuzu must have cut the deal between the two of them.


@paul: No doubt. "You have his word on it." ;o)

Anonymous Coward

I detest these regional recalls. What if you travel extensively to another state? What if you move to another state or sell the car to someone who lives in another state? They should just recall all of them so that more of the vehicle population will be repaired.

I had one of these on a Nissan I owned, and explained to the dealer that although our state wasn't part of the recall, I travelled a lot. They did the recall service without any hassle.


i have a 94 so im ok..?

I love Honda specially jeep style..


I am getting screwed in this recall...I brought by passport in for service and later that day they tell me i cannot drive it off the lot and it is not reapirable. Now almost a week later, I am just beginning the settlement process.

My initial settlement offer isn't even blue book retail value...oh and they aren't covering a rental at this point. Thanks Honda!


I'm about a week into my recall and i got a rental/loaner no problem.


I'm 3 weeks into the process and they dont have the parts to fix it. They first told me I couldnt drive it and then called and said it was ok to drive and I could have it back


I brought my 98 passport in for the recall and after 4 days they told me they sent pic's to honda because It's not repairable with out a body off frame replacement. I would think they would give you a rental and make you an offer on a buy out


Last summer as my daughter was driving the passport to a camping trip with 3 other friends the rear suspension broke and almost put them in the ditch we took it to a local shop an had the rear front link replaced COULD HAVE ROLLED AND KILLED THEM ALL!!!! i SAY PAY UP HONDA!!


Our 98 passport was deemed unrepairable, they gave us the keys and said it shouldn't be driven. Went back for an oil change a week later, the said they can't release the car to us and they will send pictures to Honda of america and "see what they can do." they did give us a rental in the meantime.


Today is day nine the dealership finally told me the frame of my passport is called stage 4 One step from condemning it I told them to contact mediation about a buy out I don't want it fixed. resale value GONE. CONFIDENCE GONE!! Passport GONE!!

Kim moore

My 2001 Honda Passport with 80,000 miles was inspected and deemed unsafe to drive. the frame is rusted from front to back. Dealership told to install brackets even though it still will not be safe to drive. Honda corporate refuses to give me a buy back offer and I still owe 2 more years on a loan. Honda does not value Human life. Thanks Honda for not caring.

Chad Burns

My Honda 2000 passport has had so many problems it is making life hard, now that I know it has more problems I am really not feeling so great. I have put three engines in this car and they have all had problems. Honda please help me if you get this. My number is 513-728-0806


DAY 30 They dropped the gas tank and now I don't know what is going on! Lets SEE,, FRAME rusted out BUT maybe not bad enough TO KILL YOU!!! If we put this frame sleeve on over the rust everything will be great I Have 3 Honda's ONE IN THE SHOP, ONE IN THE GARAGE,ONE IN THE JUNK YARD.. HOW Many MORE will I HAVE?????HARD TOOOO SAY!!!!!!!!!!!

dave skinner

Wow I'm not alone. I bought my passport 3 weeks later link broke off sent it in to be told the same, can't fix it and won't fix it. Honda sucks. They tryed to buy me out but all I wanted was for them to fix it. there offered 4000 seems to be a right no what they were going to do was junk it. were could I find something good for 4000. I fixed it my self I spent a total of 3900 100 less then there offer. I'm going to take them to court. We will see who has the last laught. Anyone has any ? Call me 309-868-7224. I think we all should throw them in court.


My 2000 Honda Passport is the biggest piece of junk! 2 months after it was purchased brand new, with extended warranty as well, the engine blew! Honda would not do a thing. They wouldn't allow the warranty to cover the repair and tried to blame a lack of oil change on this. Problem after problem after broken this and that on a regular basis. Now, suddenly no a/c in a heat wave. I could name everything wrong with this piece of crap, but would probably have a stroke with all the anger that will come to the surface. Cheaply designed everything; I would NEVER buy a Honda - EVER (don't care if it really is an Isuzu)!


I have a 99 passport where the suspension bars on the rear axle broke off the frame I took the car to Honda today and I was told that I will receive a call in a few hours to let me know if the vehicle is past repairable and If so they would put me in a rental until the buyback process is completed free of charge... What are the odds I get a rental today? And how long till I find out of a buyback price?

Serina Blooks

I dropped my 99 Passport off at a Honda dealership on 9-15-2011. Dealership still has my Passport. They condemned it. Told me they would crush it. I'm still waiting for Honda Corp. to call me about the buy out.


People should have been smarter to not buy these in the first place.Firstly,you dont buy something just because it says HONDA on it.Second,you do a little research and find out its an Isuzu,and Isuzu never made anything worth a darn (I-Mark,Stylus,Impulse).Third,if you did your homework you would have found out Honda Passport was a moped/scooter Honda offered for a while.Great deal.Buy one.Oh yea,lots of people did....


I took my 1999 Passport to a Las Vegas Honda dealership for the recall, and at the time I dropped it off I explained that I had pulled off a piece of rusted frame with my bare hands. They sprayed an anti-corrosion spray on the brackets, and sent me out the door. I asked, "Are you sure it's safe?" as I walked away from the Honda dealership's service department, and they assured me "Yes," and handed me the receipt after their inspection. Three weeks later, when the vehicle was in my mechanic's garage for a brake job, my mechanic offered to haul it to the junkyard because the frame has completely rotted away in places and even broken in others--he was able to poke his finger through the frame in several places. This did not happen in three weeks time! I filed a complaint with the NHTSA and I'm afraid to drive it, but it's my only vehicle, and the Honda dealership inspected and deemed it safe only a month ago.


I have a 97 honda passport frame very rusty can hear rattling noises just driving on regular roads,dealer told me it is not included in recall. why is a 97 different from a98

Steve Steine

I have a 99 Passport, bought it used in 2002. Great car! However, three weeks ago I received a recall notice in the mail. Then last week the car started to wiggle when I braked. I had an inspection scheduled for 12/8/11, on 12/7/11 the right rear suspension arm DETACHED FROM THE FRAME! I nearly lost control of the vehicle. The car was picked up by our local Honda dealership and is being inspected an photographed. I am hoping for a buy out so I can put the money toward another vehicle. I am driving a 2009 CRV from dealership until we can get this figured out.


I had to take my 98 passport off the road at the beginning of 2010. The gas tank fell off and I had to have it welded back on. Shortly after that the shocks broke off. The entire frame is rusted. I heard about the Recall and was told by the dealership that it would be a class 4 and Honda would buy back. Honda Corporate came back and said it was a Class 2 and coated it and said you are all set. I have gone several rounds with Recall and Customer Service. I was told "we have done everything that we legally have to - that the government required us to do." I am not done with this fight but I do not have faith in Honda anymore.

Previous Passport Owner

I had recently lost my passport due to the recall. My suspension bracket did come off and it turns out my entire rear frame had cracked. I was unable to drive it off the lot and I am now waiting to get a price on the car.
The part that makes me angry is that car passed inspection 2 years in a row and you're telling me nobody noticed the frame was cracking???
Honda did give us a free rental which I am thankful for, but now I am almost $8,000 in debt with damage on that car and I know I will not get any where near what I had to pay for it.
I do not appreciate the buisness dealerships give these days.


I didnt find out about recall til I kept complaining to my dealrship about car issues.And my dealer said bring it in and will work out a deal for repairs.
I call the Honda dealership down the road to find out there are 3 open recalls on my 98 passport and honda never contacted me.I am glad my kids were not in the car in case of accident like they were when the brakes just gave out for no reason. I am seriously thinking of going back to ford even though i love my passport.
I never had this much of a problem and Honda better not screw me over cause i will sue them and my dealer.


We bought a mint 2000 Passport for our daughter several months ago. The rear suspension issue occurred just two days ago...Called Honda and the recall expired in December 2011. Any suggestions?


Jon, get a lawyer or sue them in small claims court and get some of your money back.If you bought the car from a used car dealership, the recall repair should of been done and then it would of not been sold in MI. It is worth checking into as small claims sometimes go up to 10k in some states with a small filing fee and no lawyer needed. Many people have won their cases good luck.


I have owned my 1998 Honda Passport since 2003.I told my husband in December 2011
that it started driving different,well we asked a Honda dealership about the causes of this driving differently,they said it prob. needed new springs,we bought the springs and guess what!The whole frame from the gas tank back is pretty much gone!!!!!!!I remember hearing a boom sound right before my suv started driving different.I have been on the phone with Ohio Honda which was a waste of time I have owned hondas since 1991 n have never had a problem like this!!!!!I however will not let this sleeping dog lie,I will keep checking out every avenue until Honda does something about this problem all of us Honda Passport owners r having!!!!


I missed the dec 11 recall and now the dealership is deeming my passport unsafe to drive. Has anyone gotten a buy back offer? And if you don't mind saying, for how much?

99 Passport

I just bought a 99 passport on Aug. 23rd in Ohio, my home state and moved it to Colorado with me. 2nd day driving it and I'm having issues. It is in the shop now and I noticed the frame needs some attention. The used car dealer did not mention anything to me about a recall. I want this fixed or bought back. Any suggestions?

Jeff Wells

My wife has a 2001 passport and the lateral bar rusted from the frame and broke off. The honda dealership i contacted said it expired so i called another number and they checked it thru the vin number and on the bulletin is said the the car does does fall under the recall list cause its a 01. They towed it from tye shop i had it at and called me later to tell me that its a class 4 and pictures will be sent to the main branch in Cali. I was told if they look at picture and deem it unsafe then Honda is going to decide what to do next. Then he said if not then he knows a welder. WTF. Isnt honda suppose to fix it if they say from corporate that it can be fixed?


I have a 2000 passport that I bought back in 99. First the transmission went out on me. Paid garage 1600 to repair. Den they said my clutch is bad so paid more to get that done. Was told honda didn't have the part and am gonna have to wait till June cuz manufacturer had it on back order. Of all these years I owned the suv. Only driven it maybe 2years the most since could not afford to repair it. Come on I was so excited to buy my first foreign suv I saved 5 income taxes to be Able to put a down pmt on It. Now it's paid off but still not working.

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