Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Volt Officially On Sale

Volts On Car Carriers For Delivery
It’s been a long time coming. Over the course of this week, the first dealer shipments of the all-electric 2011 Nissan Leaf and the 2011 Chevrolet Volt will arrive at showrooms. The first Leafs have already been delivered to the San Francisco Bay area.

The first shipment of Volts — around 350 vehicles this week — has been sent to California, Texas, New York and Washington, D.C. and should arrive shortly at dealerships.

Just a quick refresher: The Nissan Leaf has an MSRP of $32,780 and the Chevy Volt has a $40,280 price tag, not including the cars’ destination fees. There’s a $7,500 tax credit available for both cars if you qualify. Almost all of the initial launch vehicles are spoken for, but already there are listings up on if you want to start shopping.

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Amuro Ray

This website - a forum really - has a lot of posts 'bou the LEAF's pricing. Quite a number of dealerships are selling the LEAFs at $1000 below MSRP, with NO GIMMICKS or BAIT & SWITCH.

The 1st owner has driven 'bou 60+ mi to go back home from dealership, with plenty of fwy driving (majority really), raced a VW Golf shortly on its way (at speed of 80 mph), with 10 mi range remaining at the end of day.

Amuro Ray

Sorry, I meant to say in my previous post, $1000 or more (5% discount)

Thanks for the tip. If anyone else hears of similar discounts please let us know.

Amuro Ray

NP. I'm glad to help, and glad to see that the BMW banner ad issue has been fixed too. (vertical banner in a horizontal place holder.)

OTOH, w.r.t. the picture, it must be suck for one of those early owners, if that's how the vehicles are being delivered right now. Think open air, new car, snow, road salt, and no rust proofing...

For a $42K vehicle, they should be delivered in fully covered trailers...


If it's so popular then why discount?

AR, is it really too much to ask that you spell out entire words.

'bou = about? You are saving one keystroke.

'coz = because?

Amuro Ray


I type whatever I wanna type. If u don't like it - don't read it. Simple enuf 4 ya?

FYI too - LEAF's currently sold out. The discount is to attract business, to allow more people to be able to buy an EV, to make EV more attractive to mass, and not to destroy EV's sales (or name) with markups - unlike the $20K markup on the Volt as per one of the blog's postings...


No comment.


It will be nice to hear about how they perform in "real world" driving, i.e., 30 below wind chills with the heat full blast or 100 degree heat with the air on.


1. As the long-standing Think & converted EVs illustrate, I don't think it make sense some critics call EV technology unproven.

2. All electric cars go through the same stringent crash tests as gasoline cars, It is claimed that the added benefit of electric cars is that they don’t have a huge 1,000+ pound steel engine that can be slammed back into the driver in the advent of a head-on collision.
3. EVs are all charged by coal power stations anyway? utility rates would go skyhigh ?

To my knowledge, the coal and natural gas generally generate electricity at daytime.

But EV drivers tend to charge mostly overnight with the untapped, or mostly WASTED electricity as hydro & Wind & nuclear power plants keep operating around the clock. In other words, we are draining much of the precious power at night due to lack of high-cost storage devices.

And, in EU & America, the pace of renewable energy development has already topped that of unhealthy energy.

4. Drivers Can Charge Electric Car Wirelessly :

Within two years, Halo IPT plans to market a $2,000 charging station that Drivers can install in your garage along with an add-on kit for the electric car. All drivers have to do is to park over the right spot, and the car will automatically charge, no wires necessary.

Power outrage ? :

Further, the system will even be able to suck power out of the car if drivers need it during expensive peak hours at home. Halo IPT also wants to put the pads under parking spots and bus stops and anywhere else it might be useful to get some quick juice.

4. Insurance premiums are even cheaper.


How much longer before we start seeing the Leaf on the back of a tow truck being towed home with an empty battery?


Skinner -
You'll be seeing that about as often as you see cars running out of gas. I think the electric car buyer is going to be very aware of his/her cars range. I think it would be safe to say that most will plug it back in while it still has 50 miles of charge left on it.

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