Next-Gen Pickups to Shed Weight, Boost Fuel Economy

GMC Bare Necessity IdeaWith higher fuel economy standards of 30 mpg set for light trucks by 2016, automakers are racing to find solutions that don’t sacrifice hauling performance.

At General Motors, that means finding ways to reduce the weight of its next-generation pickup trucks. According to, GM is looking at cutting 500 pounds from its next-generation Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra that are expected for the 2014 model year. Beyond that time frame, the automaker seeks to cut as much as 1,000 pounds from its pickups by the early 2020s. A 2011 Chevy Silverado 1500 crew cab with four-wheel drive weighs about 5,300 pounds.

GM’s latest report comes after a November story about Ford looking into the idea of using lightweight, but expensive, magnesium and aluminum alloys for its next-generation F-150. Overall, Ford plans to shed some 800 pounds from the nameplate.

Report: Pickup Truck Makers Work to Reduce Weight to Meet New Fuel Economy Targets (



Of course, they could just make the trucks smaller to save weight.

Ken L.

Eliminating the crew cab option should save some weight since pickup trucks are supposed to be used for work and not family anyway.

Ken L.

I probably meant double cab, the ones where there's 4 full size doors and practically enough room in the back to rival sedans.

I'm sure if they carved a nice shape out of that horrendous box they call a truck now they could save most of that weight without having to use expensive materials.

I look forward to seeing what they come up with...that's quite a big undertaking.

excellent article. looking forward to this to come out


The Silverado already has plastic doors, I don't know what else they are going to do. I think saving weight is going to make these trucks less durable. And as for eliminating a crew cab option, it's not very practical because people may only want one vehicle for work and family because the cost for a second vehicle would be a lot more than if they were just spending extra on gas every month.

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