Next-Gen Chevrolet Aveo Renamed Sonic

When Chevrolet’s new subcompact hits the streets in 2011, it will also come with a new name. No longer will Chevrolet’s smallest vehicle be called the Aveo. Instead, it will be known as the Sonic. The name illustrates the vehicle’s fun-to-drive nature, said Chris Perry, Chevy’s vice president of U.S. marketing.

We guess that’s a good reason, but we can’t stop conjuring images of Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog. In other parts of the world, outside the U.S. and Canada, the Sonic will still be called Aveo, which doesn’t jibe with GM’s stated intentions of using similar nameplates throughout the world. It will arrive at dealerships as a 2012 model year vehicle.

We saw the Aveo Sonic at the 2010 Paris Motor Show, which was longer and wider than the current model and more stylish. Tell us what you think of this new nameplate in the comments below.

Is it a perfect fit for a youth-oriented product, or does the name sound just a little too childish?

2012 Chevrolet Sonic


Ken L.

Chevy should call this the Aveo Super Sonic or (A.S.S) for short. How is GM suppose to build loyalty if they keep changing names like this? The word Sonic sounds like a fast car, but it's not. GM should stick with Aveo, this way the public can see the constant improvements of the vehicle, like Hyundai's Elantra.

Amuro Ray

Definitely a not-so-smart move. Makes me think that this is an idea by 50+ "believing" that that's what "20+" want.

The coming of age either don't like/care cars like people used to (and that's the majority right now for that age group) or so research a lot more prior than "convincing" their folks / be able to afford one.

Think back X # of years of us...did we want our 1st car to be, I dunno, a Omni, Metro, etc.? Only exception was the Civic h/b, not 'coz of what it was, but 'coz what what we could do to it...


it's no worse than any of the other names in the segment, although chevy really needs to stick with it (and the other names they've introduced) to build recognition.


I think they want everyone to forget the Aveo. Sort of like Çhrysler wanting everyone to forget Sebring.


Hey - a new nameplate that does NOT end with an "A" sound - works for me!


They should license the whole Sega Sonic thing. Didn't Plymouth put the Tasmanian Devil on their Dusters a couple decades ago?


Ken L. - that's hilarious, man - good one!

I think the name sounds childish and lame. It also makes me think of hamburgers - we have a chain up here in Michigan called "Sonic".

I thought Chevy was crazy for renaming the Cavalier Cobalt, and now again, Cruze. People start to realize they're trying to get you to forget how crappy the outgoing vehicle was, which doesn't give you much confidence in the incoming vehicle.


Usually goofy names like this are saved for Europe. Examples:
Nissan Gloria=Infiniti M
Toyota Vienta=Toyota Camry
Chevy still uses old names overseas like the Lumina which is a Pontiac G8. Other childish Eurocar names also include: Fiat Panda, Renault Twingo, Renault Swing, and Renault Tango come to mind. These names are just lame and I think the marketing departments should put a little more effort into this.


Would you like fries or tots with that order?


Maybe they'll offer it with a 454 V8 and call it the "Boom" edition.


The marketing dept who comes up with crap names like this does not have to worry about driving the cars. They're all overpaid six figures knobs driving expensive European makes. The joke is on GM.

Actually, the name is not too bad. What is the difference between sonic and Aveo? Is it the meaning that is hated or what?

Troy S.

This car should be named Sub-Sonic.


1) doesn't Sega have a trademerk?
2)Sonic means " the speed of sound" and the Aveo/Sonic is no Bugatti.


You did NOT see the Sonic at the Paris Autoshow. You saw the Aveo. The Sonic is different. Compare the image released above to that of the Aveo from Paris and you will see distinct differences in the hatch/rear area.

With just a slight change, they could achieve marketing synergy with both the US 'Sonic' and the Australian 'Barista'

@H I'm not buying the rumor that's spreading about the Sonic being any different from the Aveo. Yes they added a amber turn signal to the rear tail-lamps, but that is a requirement in Europe, not the U.S.

Just looks like they're ironing out some last minute updates.


The Aveo has had such a poor reception here that, if the Sonic has significant enough upgrades to be worthy of a new name, perhaps it will also be worthy of a new reputation.

Pretty cool!I love the simplicity on this car.Plus,the wider space improvement is better for family used.

Max Reid

They should build 1 Worldwide brand like Ford, instead of having multiple names for different continents.

Just stick with the hatch model. With higher gas prices, hatches will sell well and offer more trunk space.

This car is unique. I think its comfortable inside in that car. And the color is also great.

Would you like fries or tots with that order

Ray guthrie

I hope the Sonic faster than the Aveo, does it really get better milage.?

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