New Hyundai Elantra Touring Coming ... Eventually

One other tidbit we learned from Hyundai’s drive event of the 2011 Elantra sedan is that the Touring version will get an update, too. We just don’t know when.
Hyundai’s CEO John Krafchik told journalists yesterday that the next Elantra Touring will be more hatchback than the wagon-esque style of the current version (pictured above). But he said it would be released in “a few years.”
We’d expect the new Touring model to resemble Kia’s Forte 5-Door (pictured below), though we certainly like Hyundai’s name better. We'll also have a first-drive of the 2011 Elantra for you Monday morning.




Hyundai is a funny company. They took 2 completely different cars and called them both Elantra. The truth is, there is little in common between Elantra and Elantra Touring

Indeed. The Hyundai Elantra Touring rides entirely on the global i30 platform. It has dynamics and steering characteristics that are unique (and better than the previous generation Elantra sedan, IMO). I'm glad Krafchik is keeping the Touring in the lineup. He told me at the NY Auto SHow back in April that his wife sometimes drives a company Touring.

These are wonderful! Thank you for sharing

Melody Melchi

I am really upset you are not making the element. It has been the best vehicle for my business. I love the no carpets and I can easily remove the back seats...within a good price range. It never gave me any problems, I am very upset with Honda, I guess you want to be like the rest making those SUV crap station wagon type vehicles, what about the working people, pet owners, campers, who loved the element do we not count.....I love Honda but will be looking to another company if they can produce a vehicle like I have...really disappointed in you HONDa

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