Hyundai Takes Dig at Competition Claiming 40 mpg

Hyundai has released a web video, titled “Save the Asterisks,” to bring to light that its 2011 Elantra compact sedan gets 40 mpg on the highway for every trim level sold unlike its competitors that only get the high highway mileage in certain trims.

The automaker is leveling the spot at Chevy’s Cruze Eco trim level and Ford’s Fiesta, which requires a special package to be added to certain trim levels with an automatic transmission. Ford’s consumer website, however, lists the mileage for all Fiestas as 40 mpg*.

Hyundai claims it will sell more Elantras in January 2011 than Chevy and Ford will sell of their 40-mpg-optioned trim levels for all of 2011.

It sounds like a bold claim, but we’re guessing Hyundai’s crunched some numbers on that. Check out the video above and tell us if the asterisks bother you or if you know to do your research when you see a commercial touting great mileage.


Juan Barnett

I see. With product improvement, comes communication improvement. Well done HMNA.


It's worthwhile (and maybe only fair) making a note in the article that Ford already announced that all 2012 Focus models equipped with an automatic will achieve a projected 40 MPG. []

I hope GM and Ford respond to Hyundai b quickly equipping all Cruze and Fiesta automatic models so they achieve 40 MPG... and then make special Eco/SFE models that get even higher mileage. Even though squeezing an extra couple miles per gallon out of a car that already gets in the high-30's on the highway is not going to save THAT much fuel, it's still a significant victory in terms of public perception.

Tim W

My mama always told me, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. The truth will be told once this car gets out into the wild and is tested by you guys. Could this end up to be another Equinox thing in regards to mileage???? I'll believe it when I see it.


saw a 2011 Elantra driving down the road last nite, must say they look good in person!! Also my local Kia dealer just got in one Optima! Very sharp looking car!!


Nice gig at the competition! Why have a special model to get a higher mpg? Make it your only model - way to go Hyundai.


No doubt about it Hyundai has once again thrown down the gauntlet. Let the games begin... a word of caution - I wouldn't bet against them!


I appreciate the list of features. But the use of the word "Adds" leaves me confused in some places.

Does the word "Adds" add features to the base model or the prior model in the list? For example, the "2011 Elantra GLS M/T Popular" clearly adds cruise control to the base model. But the "2011 Elantra Limited" also adds cruise control, so it must all be added to the base model, not the prior one in the list. But if that's the case, then does the "2011 Elantra GLS A/T Popular" (and Prefered, and Navigation) have no cruise control?

For now, this list is apparently the only list published anywhere, but I would like a complete (or completely clear) list for each model.


it will be interesting to see how much "combined" MPG's in the real world, now that the car is on sale!! most people don't just drive on the highway!


Oops. Posted to wrong thread. Sorry about that.

Derrick G


Did Hyundai call or email or something and advise you of this video? It certainly doesn't seem very professionally done. And I can't find anything else about this video that doesn't just lead back to this Youtube video. And it's not on the official HMA page.


Support the U.S. Automakers. Please read the note below on Unfair Trade policies and think twice when you have great products that support U.S. Based companies.

Korea exported 476,833 passenger vehicles to the United States last year. U.S. automakers exported 5,878 vehicles to Korea. Korea's total auto shipments to the United States was worth $8.3 billion in 2009. The value of our auto exports to Korea was $419 million, according to the American Automotive Policy Council.


There are a number of things other than listed MPG to consider when buying a car. Brand image, brand history, engineering, the fact the car NEEDS a long warranty, etc. Sorry Hyundai, I'm still not taking the bait.

Derrick G
Yes it came to us via our regular PR contact at Hyundai. They're also breaking out 40 mpg sales from now on in their monthly sales press releases.



may be Koreans don't want to drive American car? And this is why we don't export them.

So, if Korea brought to the US 476,833... sounds goofy. This looks like the number of vehicles Korea SOLD in the US. Hyundai sold 435,064 and rest belongs to Kia. So, it means that at least half or more of them were made in the USA - which is good for us.

Derrick G

Seems odd since not everything called an Elantra gets 40 MPG either. Unless the Elantra Touring has just been dropped.

Rich L

First off let me state I actually like allot of the new Hyundai designs, what a huge leap, very tastefully done. That said I hate this commercial. I don't view "choice" as a needless waste; I view it as Hyundai taking something away from me or maybe they can't deliver what I'm looking for anyway. I say that because the Hyundai's I've driven are still missing something, they just don't have the feel, driving dynamics and oomph (low end torque?) I like. For those people who don't mind driving an appliance these are fine vehicles....but I actually like to drive and as such, so far, these vehicles are not for me. There's nothing wrong with some people wanting to drive appliances but GIVE ME the CHOICE! IF a GM or Ford is more fun to drive I'll give up the 5mpg in fuel economy to get a better performing vehicle. At 10,000 miles a year I figure it is going cost me $100 extra a year for fuel (with gas at $3 per gallon). I'll gladly give up a 1.5 sodas a week... Heck even if gas doubles to $6 I'd give up 3 sodas a week as it's healthier for me anyway! ;-)

Just one more point considering "waste" and "choice"...I can't pull my trailer with ANY vehicles that Hyundai sells but Ford is now selling trucks with 20+ MPG (which is where sedans were a few years ago).

So sorry Hyundai...way to go Ford! ;-)


funny but I can agree with both, you and the commercial. I am big on being against waste. I like the move Hyundai did, which is nothing new. This is the old school. Cars used to be like that. The entire lineup would have same mileage, etc.
I agree with you that Hyundai us more like Toyota then anything else - appliance. And my feeling after seating in their cars was just what you said - looks good but doesn't feel good. And this is why I purchased Mazda3 recently even that I knew that my car will make few mpg less then Corolla. But I am planning to drive it for long time. I hate waste, remember? I will drive it until it dies. And I want enjoy my car, the driving dynamics.
So I agree that all those points are valid. While you have choice not to buy Elantra, Hyundai made a good choice to give a fuel efficient lineup to its customers. While I am not their customer yet, I can see that a lot of people will be. For me, you know... once you owned 240sx you want all of them be like that dynamically. Unfortunately only few are.


Germans sell more cars in Korea than US cars. Also, you can't compare numbers when US have more population while Korea is half the size of NY state.

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