Honda Element Will Be No More After 2011

2011 Honda ElementWord has come down from Honda that the 2011 Element will be the final model year of production for the crossover. The Element remains pretty much the same model that went on sale in December 2002, which makes it Honda’s oldest model and one of the oldest models currently on sale in the U.S.

For the 2011 model year, Honda dropped the Element’s youth-oriented SC trim that was added for the 2007 model year. There’s no navigation option on the EX trim anymore, either. The 2011 Element starts at $20,825. To learn more about the trim features and pricing, go here.

There is no indication that Honda will replace the Element with another model. Honda has sold nearly 325,000 Elements in the United States so far.

By Colin Bird | December 3, 2010 | Comments (31)



So no PT Cruiser. No HHR. No Element.

The funky hatchback segment seems to be out. The boxes are still around (Soul, xB and Cube), but they'll probably get killed too eventually. Too bad really.

Amuro Ray

The boxy market was an extremely niche market to begin with Tor, and it is even more today. Having 6 vehicles were too crowded, really.

Americans are very conservative in terms of automotive purchasing. BIG & POWERFUL is still sthg that most people select, despite rising fuel cost and diminishing income/job market. As far as styling, still either retro or sports car like.

I won't count the remaining 3 out yet. As of Nov, Cube 2010 YTD has surpassed xB, and Soul is having the best record of the 3 (2.5 times of the Cube YTD, 5 times sales in Nov, but that may have to do with fleet sales to rentals*).

One common complaint 'bou the Element (and it actually applies to HHR & PT too if u look at it) is the size - they are "too large" to be flunky! They are more practical, but a little bit too "function over form" (the smaller ones are already good). As a result, with vehicles like Juke, Rogue, CR-V, RAV-4, etc. of slightly more expensive price, and more popular due to their "looks," it was a losing battle for Element. Sorry to see it go...


that's unfortunate. i think the honda element is one of the most practical and utilitarian cars on the market.


Give us the Crossroad!


This is a rare and valuable data point on Honda's corporate response. When a horrible mistake is made, it takes them roughly 9 years to realize it, acknowledge it, and fix it.


the problem with the ELement is that it is just too unrefined. why would anyone pick this over Honda's own CR-V? the CR-V is a much better vehicle in nearly every regard. plus, this vehicle is very slow, returns below-average fuel economy, and only has four seats. additionally, the second row of seats are nearly vestigial, being pretty uncomfortable and equating to the third row seats in something like a Tahoe or Yukon.

That said, i really do think there will always be a market for vehicles that are boxy and utilitarian; Honda just need to make this one better with a real redesign, not some freshening.


@jm, add to those concerns suicide doors that made access to the back seat a gymnastic feat and Honda's pretty weak awd system. That said, there's a lot of value in the idea behind this vehicle. They're pretty popular hear in the pacific NW


I choose the Element over the CRV because I wanted the reliability but with more flexibility. I just turned over the 200,000 mile mark and she still runs like a champ. Fits all my snow boarding, camping, kayaking, and fishing gear and cuts through the CO snow like a hot knife through butter. I will probably buy an '11 now that they're going away.


I had a 2008 Element and traded it in for a 2010 WRX. The Element was the most useful car I've ever owned, and I miss it sometimes, but The WRX is the best all-around, fun yet (somewhat) practical. If the Element had a V6 or turbodiesel option, I might never have strayed...


I like the Element over the CR-V because the front head rests in the CR-V suck. They lean too far forward.


I owned the original 03 Element. It was probably the most unique vehicle I've owned, and one of the overall most useful. But it's a shining example that Honda doesn't understand what people want. The Accord, Civic, and Odyssey are Honda's strengths, but arguably the other manufacturers have much more competent and desirable choices in all other categories.


I owned an Element for years. I loved it. It was clever, uber-practical, great for all the camping and biking I do, and very reliable.

But the gas mileage was a drag for me (I owned an AWD automatic), and I drive too much not to get better gas mileage. I wonder if CAFE was one of the factors, the Element has pretty low mileage for the profit margin.

These are wonderful! Thank you for sharing

Calvin Todd

I'm sorry to see the Element go like the Del Sol and S2000, cars that had a strong following but Honda didn't know what to do with it. The Element is the most practical and versatile car that I ever owned. Honda spent too emphasis refreshing it's facial looks instead of focusing on it's internal strengths. Dump the rear bucket seats, give it a hybrid engine, nav system, and rear camera standard to make it a true green Eco vehicle. RIP.

Amuro Ray

Not only is the Element gone...

MARK MY WORDS (Dec 4th, 2010)...

the next one to go is the Ridgeline, another vehicle that has earned praises and awards...

Here's the reason why:

939 (Nov 10)
1,017 (Nov 09)
12,960 (CYTD 10)
13,458 (CYTD 09)
972 (Nov 10)
1,465 (Nov 09)
14,931 (CYTD 10)
14,943 (CYTD 09)

Data taken from, on Honda Nov 10 sales. As u can see, no sales growth, and very similar # to the Element.


I bought an '03 Element as soon as they were available and still have it. I've been waiting for the next gen, so this is a real disappointment. I agree with some of the other comments. Honda should have made some meaningful, rather than simply cosmetic, changes along the way. More important, I was hoping for a next gen something like the Crossover, which appeared to be the same size (short length being an Element strength)but with significant upgrades everywhere else. Oh well. I've looked around a lot, and I just haven't seen anything of comparable size with the Element's cargo capacity and versatility. Let me know if you have.


"Americans are very conservative in terms of automotive purchasing."

Yeah, definitely.

I was hoping that the PT and HHR would get a niche as delivery vehicles (panel vans) to boost sales a bit.

I was also hoping that Chrysler would update the PT, which, afterall was a huge hit initially. Instead they gave us a odd mix between a Neon and PT - the mediocre Caliper and left the PT to age went almost no improvements.

I have an 03 Element, it replaced my Vanagon Syncro. It holds all of our groups sound gear, gets better mileage than a van and with a decent set of tires has never been stuck in a New England winter.

The dogs love it, its a great Sport Utility. I don't know what I'd replace it with. 4x4 small van, with a manual transmission... anyone?

Joy Shrum

I'm really bummed Honda is doing away with the Element. I'm surprised to hear they're not selling that well because I see them everywhere!! Maybe that's because Honda makes such a great vehicle, people can drive them for years! This is the best car I've ever owned. Granted, they're not for everyone, but it suits my lifestyle and is fantastic for my dogs! I also think it will be great when we have children because they can make a mess and it's easy to clean-up. And the suicide doors are great because children can't open them unless the front doors are open, great safety feature. I really wish Honda would design another vehicle similar to the Element because I hate to see it go. I agree with the other posts, if they would re-design the interior features, such as gas mileage, GPS, maybe a Hybrid engine, it would sell better. I was hoping to get another Element in a year or so and trade in my old one but it looks like I might have to do that by the end of this year. So sad to see the Element go!!


the reason so many people like the element is because is does in a small package what others cannot do I can roll my full size bike straight in I cannot do that with my gigantic suburban unless I remove the back seat (a job) I suspect others who haul items and want the utility of being able to lock them feel the same we will wait for another company to fill the niche maybe honda could sell the body plans to someone else I will have to conserve mine


w/o question, the toaster is the most practical, trouble free vehicle we've ever owned. The rear seats are lousy, but there is little you can't haul. Really wish someone would pick up where the element leaves off.


best funky vehicle out there. Looks like a toaster, hauls like a semi, engine quiet as an electric. Love ours, wish we could buy another once this one is used up. But that could be a while. Rock solid.

Had a 2004 Element for the last 6 years. 3 dogs, many youth trips and traveling around West Virginia in the winter are the kind of thing you don't want to subject most vehicles to, but my toaster seemed to thrive! Darn thing even managed to get up steep gradients in ice storms. Not for everybody, certainly quirky, but a whole lot of fun. Sorry to them discontinued.


I am SO disappointed to hear the Element will be no more. I love my 2004, and it has been great in innumerable ways, including the most comfortable car, ergonomically, to drive, for those of us with certain types of back problems. I am really, really sad about this. I could go on, but...DARN!! I hope Honda changes its mind, or develops something very close. I have tried other similar vehicles, and none comes close to the comfortable design of the Element.


I own a 2003 Element bought when they first came out. I have 95,000 miles on it. I don't want to get rid of it. It has been a great car. I think Honda needs better youth designs. I wanted to buy another Honda, but without the element everything they have is not heavy on looks. They have no sports car, no cool 4 door. I wish Honda had the design of VW but the reliability of Honda.


Typical corporate hubris. The company has a unique car that is actually popular and loved in a line-up of overblown mediocre soap-dish designs, and the company kills it.
I see Elements everywhere. People bought it. It built customer loyalty. I own the original 2003 and was going to trade it for the new one just like it. But with Element gone, there is nothing Honda makes that I would want to own. Good bye Honda.


I have a 2008 element. Absolutely love it. I have the kiwi green one. It's great, I'm a pet sitter and also have a 3 Yr old child, the car is a dream to clean out when needed and travels long distances great. Shame they don't make it any more, I would love to get a newer model.


We have a 2003 Element and totally love it! It has over 160,000 miles on it and it still runs like a champ! My hubby took it to SC from NH and got 30 mpg! It carries my kayak easily for me as I have health issues and the dogs love it! I would by another in a second but the dumbies discontinued making it! I had hoped they would make a hybrid element. Sad and don't know what I will end up with when we can repair this mo more and must retire it. Hope that isn't any time soon!!! Rip element


I love my box.Had a 2005 and was totalled by a drunk driver in 2010. I called three days later and bought the 2010 model over the phone. I loooove my Element, and sad they will not make any more. So question, does Honda keep calling you to sell back the Element to them? my dealership calls me about 3 times a month now. They really push the CR V... its weird


What an awesome looking car. I think I might get one for wife soon. Do you think she would like it?

Jim |


I just brought 2005 Honda element from a used car dealer and I love the car. My husband who is a car lover and has driven many cars also loves this car. He wants to purchase one himself, but the dealers says that the 2011 is the last of the Honda elements. The dealer also says that people who owns the cars are not trading them in and it is difficult to find them. My husband and I really hope that Honda would reconsider and bring back the Honda element but with better interior design and gagets.

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