Ford to Reveal New Ford Escape Concept at Detroit Auto Show

Ford Escape
Ford will unveil a concept version of its next-generation Ford Escape at the 2011 Detroit auto show next month, the automaker confirmed today.

The new compact crossover will be built at Ford’s Louisville, Ky., plant, which built the previous-generation Ford Explorer. The plant is undergoing a $600 million renovation to switch it from a truck-producing plant to a plant that makes fuel-efficient, car-based vehicles.

The current Escape and the European compact crossover, known as the Ford Kuga, could merge as one product under the automaker’s “One Ford” plan.

The next-generation Escape is expected to go on sale sometime late next year.


Mike from Chicago

Why has Ford waited so long to update the Escape? They have a pattern of introducing competitive products but then letting them flap in the wind without meaningful updates for YEARS, ie. the Lincoln LS, Taurus, Focus, the last Explorer... the list could go on. Ford waits until everybody has passed them by in a segment before bringing out a long-needed update. Can anybody tell me why?

Wow 600 million for a renovation, that is a lot of money but I guess its worth it for the new wave of fuel efficient vehicles. my question is, didn't they know that this shift was coming? I'm looking forward to the auto show this year.

Mike from Chicago ... I don't know about who's passing who but of late Ford has in the press for a lot of good reasons, namely higher quality, and some best sellers. Those vehicles you mention, most have been selling quite well in a down market. So what's wrong with that. Perhaps they're doing a better job of final testing BEFORE releasing a product to keep recall to a minimun. What a concept. Most other manufacturers could be so lucky.

Ste (Original SG)

Is it just me or does the Kuga look ALOT similar to the overall shape and design of the Nissan Rogue? Especially from the B-pillars back?

I like the Kuga though.

Max Reid

In the last few months, CRV has overtaken Escape in sales. Ideally Ford should reduce the length, width, height of Escape by few inches, increase the mileage and reduce the price.

That will see its sales soar.


Mike from Chicago, the Escape hasn't changed for the same reason that the RAV4 or the Corolla hasn't changed in the last decade... they are cars that have good sales and make decent profits without a lot of advertising.

They are not messing up with the things that work. They do small changes, here and there, but the good car, is always there.


I agree with Mike. Escape is no longer competitive and a redo was way overdue. Too cramped and the ride is harsh.


Eurothink, you are dead wrong with your comment that the CRV and RAV hasn't been changed. Both have changed in a big way and well within a decade. Meanwhile the Escape has aged well beyond what it should have. It's become a shoe box on wheels. Sit inside one and you'll see. I pity Ford for dropping the ball on this one. Then again Ford doesn't exactly escape from always dropping the ball...hint (Pinto).

Ken L.

I sure hope Ford does not bring over the Kuga in its current form, it looks too much like a Hyundai.


I think it's going to look like a Fiesta Grande (sounds like something on the Taco Bell menu). Everybody wants to look like Hyundai these days.

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