2012 Volkswagen Golf R Confirmed for U.S.

2012 Volkswagen Golf R

The Golf has a strong engine lineup – there are turbo, diesel and naturally aspirated models already. But for the 2012 model year, expect a new high-performance model, which Volkswagen is dubbing the Golf R.

The last R type we had here was the Golf R32; it was discontinued in 2008. Unlike that model, the new Golf R won’t have a V-6 powertrain, but it will keep the GTI’s 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder, and it will have more horsepower. The European version currently cranks out 270 hp and 258 pounds-feet of torque, according to Autoblog.

While we enjoyed the energetic handling of the GTI Golf, the 200-hp turbo four-cylinder wasn’t the quickest in the segment. The Golf R should correct that problem.

Continue reading below for a rundown of all the features to come on the 2012 VW Golf R:  

  • 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine with more horsepower than the GTI  
  • Fourth-generation Haldex 4Motion all-wheel drive  
  • Increased rotor diameter for improved braking  
  • Sport-tuned electronic stability control 
  • Upgraded sport-tuned suspension 
  • Two or four doors 
  • Manual transmission only 
  • Unique 18-inch alloy wheels 
  • Unique steering wheel 
  • Unique interior trim 
  • Exterior R model badge and body kit 
  • R model shift knob 
  • R model doorsills 
  • R model front and rear fascia with center-exit dual exhaust



I think I am kinda turned off by the fact there won't be a 7-speed DSG transmission option...that transmission is amazing.


Any word if it is coming to Canada as well? please oh please oh PLEASE come to Canada!!! and bring along the GTD!!!!!!!!!


Unlike the R32, I'm pleased to see this will come to the states with a MT. I can sympathize with those disappointed with the decision to keep the DSG overseas. VW/Audi is confounding at times with their drivetrain choices.

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