2012 Mercedes-Benz C-Class at 2011 Detroit Auto Show

2012 cclass

  • Competes with: BMW 3 Series, Audi A4, Infiniti G37, Volvo S60
  • Looks like: The last C-Class with a slightly nicer interior
  • Drivetrain: 201-hp, turbocharged four-cylinder; 228-hp and 302 hp-V-6 engines
  • Hits dealerships: Summer 2011

The 2012 C-Class doesn’t look much different on the outside, but we can hope the changes made to the inside are more noticeable. Mercedes promises that the 2012 model will feature an entirely new dashboard with higher-end materials and other improved surfaces throughout the cabin. There’s also a new steering wheel borrowed from the redesigned CLS-Class and a new multimedia system.

These additions are welcomed, since our last drive in a C-Class detailed just how far behind it was in the segment in terms of a top-notch interior.

That may be the most important improvement to car shoppers when they sit in one at the Detroit auto show next month, but much more has changed. The exterior gets slightly different front and rear treatments, including new headlights and taillights, and elements like an aluminum hood to make the car lighter are standard across the line.

A big change for U.S. customers is an available turbocharged four-cylinder C250 model for 2012. It makes 201 horsepower and 229 pounds-feet of torque and gets 24 mpg combined. This should make for an efficient ride while remaining a lively alternative to the C300 4Matic with a V-6 engine putting out 228 horses and 20 mpg combined.

The C350 gets a big boost in power, though, with a new direct-injected V-6 pushing power to 302 hp with 21 mpg combined. That’s up from 268 in the previous C350.
All the improvements should be welcomed, but with an on-sale date of this summer, what’s a Mercedes shopper to do in the meantime?



That's not a slightly nicer interior... that's a HUGE improvement. Finally class competitive, actually...

Brian E

I really like the new interior, especially in the light grey color shown there. The new steering wheel looks very nice too. The best part is that I just might be able to get the forthcoming coupe in a 4-cylinder with a stick.

its very cool post...


I think you meant to say "Competes with G37" not G35. As for the car itself, I still have trouble choosing this over an Audi A4. Their 2.0T is much better than this, and I think they look much nicer. What does MB have that puts it on top of Audi?




i rented one in Germany back in '07 when this gen first came out. I was disappointed with interior, very cheap feeling & not as good on Autobahn as the BMW 3. The only feature i liked was the pop up navi...which they seem 2 have eliminated...

Ken L.

Say it ain't so, but this new interior looks like it'll have a lot of hard plastics. The 3 spoke steering wheel looks very nice and sporty though.

this is very cool pic,and this car is amazing.


Even on Christmas the az-holes are posting spam.


Steering wheel looks awesome. Interior much improved. Is it any bigger?

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