Toyota Tackling Coolant Issue in 378,000 Toyota Prius Hybrids


Toyota plans to service about 378,000 2004-07 Prius vehicles in the U.S. over a potential coolant circulation problem, according to Reuters.

In the affected vehicles, the electric water pump may allow air bubbles to circulate, which could slow down the cooling of the hybrid drivetrain. In some vehicles, the hybrid components may overheat, causing the engine control module to switch the Prius to “fail-safe” mode, which will reduce the vehicle’s overall performance.

Toyota will begin notifying U.S. customers in early December but it may not push the fix through the typical recall channels. We will keep you apprised of the latest developments once Toyota or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration releases an official statement.

Toyota to Fix 650,000 Prius Hybrids for Heat Risk (Reuters)

By Colin Bird | November 30, 2010 | Comments (3)



What's that? Toyota quietly fixing a known problem without a recall? SHOCKING!

mike b

They got caught so they learned their lesson. If they made good quality cars you would not have to hide any recalls. That tell you about a company that has problems with there cars and hides it.


mike b,
The most advanced car on the planet (along with the Volt) has a minor glitch that the manufacturer voluntarily deals with. This is an exemplary response, so there's no need for snide remarks about Toyota or its recent troubles. The worst that would happen with this problem is the car going into fail safe mode. If Toyota was as bad as you suggest they would only repair the cars that have the problem. Instead they're upgrading every one with the specific water pump. I say good job Toyota!

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