Porsche Confirms Cajun Small SUV


Porsche confirmed rumors today that it plans to produce an SUV smaller than its popular Cayenne, to be named Cajun. Spicy name aside, the Cajun will likely be derived from a Volkswagen product like the VW Tiguan or Audi Q5, just as the Cayenne shares a platform with the VW Touareg and Q7.

While the three companies have shared ties before, the German marquees are undergoing a new alignment with VW taking a majority of Porsche ownership. While Porsche gets SUV development from VW, it will return the favor with sports cars and sedans. We’d guess VW and Audi could use the Boxster and Panamera platforms.
What do you think? Does the world need a small Porsche SUV? Let us know in the comments.



I dont see why not...so many thought that the Cayenne would be a total flop, and now its Porsche's best-selling model. a Cajun with the engines direct from the Q5 could be a good seller, and a model with a version of the 3.0L supercharged V6 found in the Q7 could be a great Turbo or GTS model.


At what point is a Porsche with a VW/audi engine and other parts still a Porsche? If you remember the 914 with its audi engine, it was never accepted as a real porsche.



The 914 had various air cooled 4 cylinder motors. There was also a 914-6 with a 911 6 cylinder option. The 924 had the audi derived inline 4 cylinder. I owned both of these car while living in Europe. There, the 914 was designated as VW Porsche; while in the U.S. just Porshce. The 914 handled well, mid engine.


The world may not 'need' another SUV of any brand, but I'd like to see some budget friendly sports cars from Audi/VW. Good on gas & fun.

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