GMC Granite Pickup Concept Surprises

Graniteconcepttruck checked out a little secret from General Motors last night before the L.A. Auto Show kicks off this morning. The GMC Granite Pickup Concept is a new take on the company’s Granite compact crossover from last year’s auto show circuit.

This may be a variant of that vehicle made specifically for areas like California where a small pickup is popular.

We’re not sure if there’s enough demand to build it, but it sure is a wild look. Much more can be found at

First Look: GMC Granite Compact Pickup Truck Concept Revealed (


I personally love it! That is one slick looking truck I'd love to have in my driveway.

Juan Barnett

For this to work GM will have to make it at least fuel efficient as the new F150s. It should also refrain from size creep. GM doesn't need a truck called compact that really is the same size as the GMC Sierra / Silverado.


GM is really good a producing really cool concepts that never make it into production or if they do they're so toned down they look every other GM product. Would like to see the original Granite concept go into production.

Enorio Luiz Simon

Based on the 2011 Chevy Montana, produced for the Latin American market...


This could work with the discontinuation of the ranger. I would like to see it in production!

jim osman

I would buy one tomorrow but it has to tow at least 3500 lbs. A 2.8 with a good suspension would be great. i would buy 2 1 for me 1 for my son. better hurry this is a great design i am sure someone is already trying to steal.

CWO Albert Corbin

This pick up is perfect for Guam. The 1.4 turbo is the perfect size because the max speed on the island is 35 miles per hour. I can take it to the Naval Hospital, the commissary and to the villages on this 32 mile island. I want a Candy Apply Red truck.

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