GM Plays Matchmaker for Pontiac, Saturn Owners

GM Plays Matchmaker for Lost Pontiac, Saturn Owners

Saturn and Pontiac were officially dissolved at the end of October when GM terminated all franchise agreements with its dealerships for the brands. To keep Pontiac and Saturn owners in the GM universe, the automaker has set up websites that play matchmaker for them and their next car.

On each site, GM will match your current ride with a new vehicle. The catch is it will only match you with a new Chevrolet, Buick, GMC or Cadillac vehicle, which leads to some interesting matches. For instance, selecting a Saturn Aura will match you to a Chevrolet Malibu, Buick LaCrosse, Buick Regal and Cadillac CTS. The Malibu and Regal are the closest to the Aura in terms of cost. If you have a Pontiac Montana, the website will suggest GM’s large to midsize crossovers such as the Chevy Traverse and GMC Terrain. GM currently has no minivan offerings.

The Pontiac website lists 14 recently produced Pontiac models, going back to the 1998 model year, and the Saturn website shows all Saturn models, except the Relay minivan.

The websites would be a more helpful if they also suggested non-GM vehicles, but the tool can be helpful for people who want to stay in the GM family.

For Pontiac and Saturn loyalists, some new vehicles are still being sold (125 in October, according to GM), but supplies are dwindling.



Well I must say, it's fairly spot on. For my 2005 GTO it offered me a Camaro, a Corvette, A Regal, or CTS-V.

While I'll pass on the Camaro and the Vette. A Regal or a CTS will probably be my next car.

Not sure how useful the site is, but hey for those wondering, it's a nice way to point out other models.


I tried the site several times and every time it told me to buy a Toyota. Imagine that!


They will need a website for HUMMER and SAAB owners.Yea,this is one way to remind America how far GM has shrunk in size...and to maybe look elsewhere (outside of GM)for your next ride.


Most HUMMER owners (like myself) wouldn't consider another GM vehicle after they screwed us over like they did... Plus GM has nothing in their lineup that even remotely compares to a HUMMER.

Pontiac and Saturn Matchup are pretty old... they've been around since shortly after the phaseouts began.

In any event, these microsites only underscore what New GM is missing. Few who bought a Pontiac G8 will want to stomach the cost of a Cadillac CTS that delivers less power (for more money).

The Sky and Solstice were the best-selling roadsters in America. What do those sites suggest? A Corevette. Sorry, people aren't going to want to pay 2x MSRP for their next roadster.

Chevy is invesitgating creating a performance sub-brand. I urge them to hop on over to and see what making Pontiac that sub-brand could do to help retain customers.

Troy S.

I tried the sites and they kept telling me to enter my tax ID number. LOL!!! Just kidding.... Kudos to GM for trying...


I love the Saturn site. I bought a Saturn SL instead of a Chevy Cobalt because it was a better car. Guess what it steers you towards? A stupid Cobalt. Not a Cruise. Good Grief. Thanks Rick Wagner. You won the battle against Saturn, but we all lost the war.


Hey Tim I would hold on to your Goat if I were you. I have 2006 GTO and it will be worth a lot long term.


I also own a '05 Goat. If I can help it, it won't be going anywhere any time soon. It's just a really fun car to own.


When I was in America GM seemed to be the biggest out there! Try this for fun
car fun

mike pitts

All I can say is that I had been a loyal GM customer in the past. When Oldsmobil was dropped, I went to Pontiac. I had owned several in the past and they were my next choice. Now they have dropped that line too. Loyalty should go both ways. Pontiac needed to make some changes for sure, but could have done so and seemed already headed in that direction. I do not feel any loyalty to GM anymore and a Ford is sitting in my drive way for the first time, and you know what, I like it. Goodbye GM.

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