2012 Buick Regal GS: First Look

2012 Buick Regal GS

  • Competes with: Audi A4, Acura TSX
  • Looks like: Buick is trying its hand at performance
  • Drivetrain: 255-hp, turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder; six-speed manual transmission
  • Hits dealerships: Second half of 2011

There’s good and bad news for Buick performance-car fans, who know what the letters GNX mean. The high-output Buick Regal GS is headed for production with 255 horsepower and 295 pounds-feet of torque, albeit to the front wheels, but you won’t be able to get your hands on one for at least eight months. Buick says the car won’t go on sale until the second half of 2011, which sounds far away.

No pricing was announced, but it will clearly cost more than the standard Regal Turbo, which starts at $28,745. The GS comes with a number of high-performance features such as 19-inch wheels, Brembo brakes, adjustable drive settings and a four-wheel sport suspension. Twenty-inch wheels will be available as an option.

There are also exterior and interior aesthetic changes including a flat-bottomed steering wheel, metal pedals and unique leather seats. Other standard features include Bluetooth connectivity, Harmon Kardon sound system, push-button start, parking sensors and bi-xenon high-intensity-discharge headlamps.

A six-speed automatic transmission will be offered as an option at a later date.

Check out more photos below.


















By David Thomas | November 4, 2010 | Comments (59)


Troy S.

It has a nice late to the party, yet not available for months, import look to it.


Hot car. Let the hate begin. First "Ziggy", than "belly", than "tony". Bring on the excuses.

Sonata's better, Altimas better, Camrys better, Buicks for 90 year olds. Etc.

Same old nonsense. The more competent the vehicle the more they hate on it because they cant stand the idea of competent American branded cars.


Looks nice. Definitely not your Grandfather's Buick.

Derrick G

Nice to know they have a better engine than the lower-line turbo to really compete with the upscale marques.


The car looks good, but Shet - you are still an idiot.


dunno if people will drop $30,000+ on this?!! & y did GM change the turn signals on rear to red??? Looks better in amber!


Looks like a better value than the Cadillac CTS if you want American luxury...


d - I guess we differ on that.. I for one, am trying to find an effective way of making my amber signals red... Or Ill simply nightshade the whole set-up..


I'd like to see a lack of chrome wheels. Take that wheel design (which looks like they came off a Mazdaspeed3) and make them gunmetal or smoke. In my opinion it would make the paint on that car stand out.

I've got this article from TopSpeed.com and it said that The Opel Insignia was designed by Opel which is owned by GM. So the statement is correct. I don't see the same sort of comments about sharing platforms in relation to Toyota, VW and others. Audi's, Skoda, Seat, VW all share corporate platforms...just like Toyota and some Lexus models.

Derrick G

What statement are you talking about Arnold? Was it since removed maybe?


I personally think the Regal is the best looking car in it's class but after driving a turbo I wouldn't buy one as the engine is much to unrefined. Drive an A4 or TSX and you'll feel and hear the difference. Hopefully the GS will address the problem.


Much improved GM! If its $30K, the TSX base has some serious competition with its smaller 201 hp I4 engine. Acura's I4 engine is refined but for $30K these days, the competition is pretty stiff.

GM is on a roll! Good job GM! I'm glad they are turning themselves around.


and you are leader of the idiots.

Amuro Ray

Another example of GM's management / marketing folks having no clue. A "performance" car in a brand with avg age of buyers at 61? Look at how "small" the interior is as well (for this age group). Look at Regal's sales # too (1000 plus/month) - how many of those would u think will be the GNX version?

When u've let sthg go (Pontiac), u really have to let go (this car - should fit as a Pontiac, not Buick).


I've said this before...I come from a Buick family. My dad's first car was a 1939 Buick; my first car was a 1965 Buick Skylark...I currently drive a 2002 Buick Regal...I've been waiting for the Buick Regal GS ever since the new Regal was just a rumor. I drove a base model and was, honestly, a little disappointed. I am looking forward to driving a new Regal GS...might just be time to turn in my 2002 Regal...its got 89,000 miles on it...One wish...AWD as an option...


Go and test drive the Regal turbo and then buy yourself an A4. The difference in refinement is astounding. This was a good first effort by Buick but it falls short of the Audi and Acura by a country mile.

Kevin W

After having had the Regal as a week long rental my three issues with it are: to slow, interior to tight, level of embarrassment that comes with driving a Buick when I'm only in my 30's.



You sound biased and ridiculous. Give us a break. In the recent C&D comparo the turbo was quieter than the TSX and the CC. HOws that for lack of refinment. Biased people like yourself come up with BS reasons to dislike the car because its a Buick. This car is from GErmany and was designed to go head to head with the A4 on its own turf. It's every bit as refined as the Audi, much less an Acura.


The TSX sells about 2300-2500 cars per month. The regal is at about 1700 per month- hardly a major difference considering the Regal has had one engine since launch and is a new nameplate. What is the average Buick owner age right now? You dont know because we dont have any recent data- that 61 figure has been thrown around but its months or even year old. What is it TODAY with the current lineup? BTW, Lexus has older buyers and still makes the IS350 and IS-F. Mercedes has old buyers and they still sell AMG models. What does the average buyer age have to do with performance offerings? NOTHING.


At full throttle the Regal makes less racket than a TSX V6 so I'd like to know how you measure refinement during your test drive.


I'd be embarrassed to be that concerned about what others think. If you're in your 30s you should beyond HS level insecurities. I'd rather be in a Buick than a Lexus in my 30s. Rather not in an Acura since their ugly either. I got plenty of compliments on mine from peers and older people. The interior isnt tight compared to TSX or Maxima- two cars its aimed at in this segment.



You are aware this model has 73 more hp than your rental right? I would think that would tackle the "too slow" issue. Dont you?

Amuro Ray

I usually don't respond to Shet posts anymore but let me just be clear on 1 thg: The statics is taken very recently about age of Buick buyer - 61 years old. Reports can be found online with the timestamp on it. May 2010 is the timestamp, so it is NOT years old data. No one will know what today's buyers age is because no agency will do such a report on very close time period - it costs money. Think of it as a census. In fact, it is now UR job to disprove this figure, and not anyone's else job to prove that this figure is no longer valid, because u r the one who objects it. Otherwise, it will stay at 61 years old.

It is also extremely important to check out what people have written, as well as what you've written yourself, in order to not make yourself look like an idiot. I stated that the sale of GNX is questionable, and that's due to the limited sales amount of Regal. Assuming 10% of the sales will be on the GNX, that's 100+ vehicles per month. Even given the benefit of the doubt - 200 months, that's not a game changer, and business wise, not a smart move - bad ROI. If you have financial education, you should have known why.

U argue with hard facts, Shet. U lose :(


Sheth: You are a one man in a loosing battle. Just like the Regal vs. Luxury Imports.

Amuro Ray

w.r.t. Lexus and Mercedes buyers, you really think that Buick is on the same caliber as those 2...

Lexus is a band with more car lines than Buick. Mercedes is a complete car line, not just a badge under a big company like Buick. Both companies offer luxury vehicles with age groups around 50. BIG DIFFERENCE.

Take it this way. It's not me who u r arguing with - I hardly care who u r, and that doesn't make u stupid. It's hard facts that you are trying to disprove with no support, and that sir, makes u an idiot.


How's that mike? Must have taken you like 3 hrs to think of that one. You are really a smart guy.


The Buick Regal finished in LAST place in the latest C&D test.
Little pin-head sheth can have one of his municipal colleagues read it to him.



I love that GM names this car the Buick Regal and it's not even made in the USA by Americans. Brilliant! My American made Toyota Camry with it's V6 will smoke this overpriced, overweight, underpowered, wannabe German Buick.


I thought all-wheel drive was going to be offered on the GS???!!

I get so tired of never being able to find a reasonably priced car with all wheel drive, manual transmission and a turbo. I don't want a german car because they all have electrical problems - especially Audi/VW. None of the Honda/Toyota cars offer the options I want. I guess I'll get the Subaru Legacy after all - although I hate the push button emergency brake...


L - I was looking at the Legacy turbo but then came across a A4 CPO for 26K which I purchased. Having driven every car in this segment several times my two favorites were the A4 and Legacy turbo so you can't go wrong with either. In my experience the Regal turbo was by far the most disappointing. If you want new you'll love the Legacy turbo.



How dumb can you get? Can you read? Didnt I JUST say that the Regal has had only ONE engine since launch? Didnt I just say its a new nameplate that has been on the market about 6 months? Didnt I just tell you that its sales are BARELY behind that of Acura TSX? Sales will rise once more models are available and name recognition grows. Next year a lower model will be added with less standard equipment, plus the GS and more options will be added. Sales will rise. When the Lacrosse hit the market it was selling far less than it is today but now its at 4000-5000+ cars per month. Expect the same for regal once more models are available.

Right now you can get the 2.4L ONLY. No turbo, no manual and no GS model.


I read the comparo- I said the Regal was quieter than the supposedly more refined Acura. Did you read that? It lost because it was heavy. They praised the handling, styling and interior. Read it for yourself.


"Sheth: You are a one man in a loosing battle. Just like the Regal vs. Luxury Imports.|

I question your intelligence if you think the "winners" are making any sense or represent objectivity. I am conversing with a bunch of children that lack basic understanding of the industry. Their arguments can only be called meritorious if you also are a teenager share their level of ignorance.


It will be made by canadiens next year- Just like a host of Toyota and Honda models. Did you know that? Its common knowledge- get a clue before posting next time. Would you not buy a Corolla since its made in Canada? Didn't think so. Stop with the pathetic excuses.


You drove a regal turbo? Where? I dont even think its on dealer lots yet. How can you be disappointed in a car thats not on sale yet? Did you drive one of the first models to hit the US market?



Why does EVERY argument have to be explained to you so thoroughly? You are incapable of applying common sense and figuring things out for yourself. YOU were the one who made the ridiculous statement that Buick shouldnt offer any performance models because old people buy their cars. I am the one who pointed out that MB and Lexus offer high performance models even though they cater to older buyers. I NEVER SAID BUICK WAS COMPARABLE TO MERCEDES. Common sense tells us they compete on two different price levels. I made the statement to illustrate how foolish it is to state that a brand with older buyers shouldn't bother to offer any high performance cars.

Show me REAL data on Lexus and MB average buyer age. I'm willing to bet both are over 55 which makes you Buick argument look that must more stupid. Saying MB and Lexus have more models isnt relevant to the average age of their buyers. The bottom line is neither brand appeals to people in their 30s or even 40s. Not only do I want you to provide average age data for those brands I want to see the link that verifies the Buick owner age is from 2010. Perhaps you are right, but as usual you didn't provide a link to back that up.

Thomas McIssac

Why do you feel the need to answer posts that aren't addressed to you? You exhibit all the signs of a lonely, insecure, and angry person. I see people like you in my practice on a regular basis. Please get help.



We all appreciate that you love GM. We all appreciate that out of every car on the market you chose to buy the Regal. We appreciate that you bought a car for people older than your age group. We appreciate that old people say your car rocks. It's spelled "Canadian" by the way, so try not to insult people TOO much, mmmkay?

But Dude, seriously. Chill out.

As for everyone else:

Sheth isn't the only one that needs to calm it down a notch.

Amuro Ray

Oh well, if the lazy bum doesn't want to do the homework, or the reality, that's fine. The world's always square, I guess...


It's obvious that sheth is a poorly educated insecure person who feels the need to be heard. Now that I know he bought a Buick I would add bald and stupid to the list.



I address those who address me or make outlandish comments


Born in the late 70s- still have my hair. I would question the intelligence of anyone who called the owner of a well reviewed, attractive, nice handling car "stupid". Some might even call people who wont buy certain cars based on what others might say "stupid". If I'm making the car payments I could care less about what other people (especially those of questionable taste and intellect) say about what I drive. If you knew anything about the regal, you would know it hardly appeals to retirees.


What happened to those links I asked for?


As evidenced by your post you dont know much. Reading is fundamental my friend- you should try it sometimes. I said people of VARIOUS ages have complimented by car. This includes people in their 20s and 30s. This includes owners of an IS350, VW CC, BMW 528i, Toyota Solara, Toyota Sequoia, Nissan Maxima, etc.

I dont love GM. The fact that 90% of the stupidity on this site is directed at American cars means that much of my commentary involved correcting the "experts" that frequent this site. If people posted halfway accurate information I wouldn't need to comment to set the record straight. I've found that those who hate GM (and American cars in general) tend to be arrogant, misinformed, bigoted and out of touch with the realities of the industry in 2010. The fact that so many here think American cars are lacking in quality, Buicks are for old people, Toyotas lead in resale value, etc. shows that you folks are stuck in the 80s. I'm sorry if you think that stating obvious facts constitutes "insulting" people. Nonsense is nonsense and those who post anything semi coherent and intelligent likely don't feel insulted by me or anyone else. I find it odd that you made several (lame) attempts to insult me in your post asking folks to "tone it down". Ironic to say the least. Got to go trade in the Regal since a guy who calls himself "Skankzilla" told me its for old people. Ouch!


Buick Regal: Underpowered, Overweight, and Made in Germany for the blue hair crowd. It's no wonder GM can't sell them. Another GM success. LOL


Car and Driver ranked the Regal turbo in last place. That tells you everything you'd want to know. GM is good at making second rate cars (Malibu, Equinox, Regal, etc).



Sheth was saying that AR was not using proper English, while he cannot even use "then" instead of "than". Just as annoying as he suggested other people are doing. Didn't they teach the difference between "then" and "than" in 1st grade?


sheth: You are dumb stubborn and in denial!


"Car and Driver ranked the Regal turbo in last place. That tells you everything you'd want to know. GM is good at making second rate cars (Malibu, Equinox, Regal, etc)."

Tells you everything? Actually they praised the handling, steering, ride, interior quality and styling. C&D also typically rates Toyotas near the back of the pack in comparos. Does that mean you dont like Toyotas? C&D noted the regal's performance was hampered by its weigh- especially vs the lightweight CC. Aside from engine performance they liked the car and its performance numbers were in the middle of the three cars- not last. Best braking, best skidpad, 2nd best lane change speed and quietest interior.



I may use the wrong word when typing fast but AR uses totally broken sentences and poor grammar- not the same thing. You are nitpicking to find fault since you know my arguments are sound. An occasional typo is hardly the same as using slang and text shorthand in a post as AR does quite often. He is intentionally using poor English which makes some of his statements hard to decipher. You know exactly what I am talking about when I post.

"sheth: You are dumb stubborn and in denial!"

And what support did you provide for this observation? At what point have you proven me wrong about anything? You show up and leave a few pointless comments and insults but add nothing of substance to the discussion. HAve you ever driven or even seen a Regal in real life? Didnt think so. Mindless people evaluate cars based on badge and preconceptions instead of merit. You seem like one of those people.


Nice looking car.


sheth: You disagreed with the majority of the people. This made you a true idiot. Proven?

Amuro Ray

I dunno how this has become a personal attack. So what if the English is bad? This is the comment section of a car blog site, not an editorial of the WSJ! Big deal! This is a place where u comments on cars, and not ur language...no?

Only idiot will think that the strategy - if I can't beat u on intellectuals, then I'll attack u with ur grammar - will work. Then again, who am I referring this to?


@Amuro Ray
what you trying to prove here that you are best and other people are dumb, arrogant. by commenting itself you have proved that you are have those characteristic too.


Quit labeling me that I am agreeing your points are sound. I am just sick and tired of arguing with a person who will just run from arguments that he lost.

Michael Nutter

"Aside from engine performance..." Spoken like a true sheth-head. LOL

The Regal turbo finishes in last place - that's a FACT. Your opinions are just dribble. Run along junior.

Al G.

The new Regal is a nice looking car. I would like to test drive one when they are available.


"sheth: You disagreed with the majority of the people. This made you a true idiot. Proven?"

Majority of what people? I may also disagree with the majority of first graders on certain things- doesn't make me wrong. You have to consider the intellectual caliber of those I dont agree with. The majority of people who watch Fox News think Palin is a genius- I disagree with that assessment as well- doesn't
"prove" that I'm stupid.

"I am just sick and tired of arguing with a person who will just run from arguments that he lost."

Which one are you referring to? BE specific. I factually back up what I'm saying. The people you claim are "winning" dont do that- they just launch insults and unsubstantiated claims.

"The Regal turbo finishes in last place - that's a FACT. Your opinions are just dribble. Run along junior."

The FACT is C&D said the chassis, handling, steering and interior quality were great. Did you read the comparo? The RS5 recently finished 3rd in a C&D comparo- no sane person would say its a bad car because it lost. In addition, the FACTS show the Regal had best brakes, more cornering grip, quietest interior and 2nd best lane change speed. It was also cheaper than the 2nd place Acura. Those are FACTS junior. Stay quiet if you dont have anything to add.

"Only idiot will think that the strategy - if I can't beat u on intellectuals, then I'll attack u with ur grammar - will work. Then again, who am I referring this to?"

LOL- at what point did I claim I was intimidated by your intelligence? Spare me the arrogance. When I can understand your arguments, they tend to be full of holes. I am not saying we need to spell every word correctly but I fail to understand how you can attack others for being ignorant when you seem incapable of using good English.


Al G:

This Regal wont be out until 3rd quarter 2011 unfortunately. The turbo 2011 model should be showing right about now.


Sheth: You are the kind of person that will never admit that you are wrong and alway come up with excuses. But you are still an idiot and I am sure the majority of the people here agree with me.


um, i thought we were here 2 talk about cars...LOL the Regal has been a decent but not big seller so we'll just have 2 see if this model sells or not... in time....


You left out parts of the C&D review. You know, the stuff that actually does matter: Saying the Regal is overweight, has poor fuel economy, the seats suck, it is too slow and the engine sounds like it was falling apart. In fact, they went as far to say if GM wanted a lesson in turbo four cylinders they should take the followings of VW. I totally want one! Why did you totally ignore the fact it finished last place against two dated vehicles? Just to remind you, the 2nd generation TSX rated WORSE than the TSX it replaced! Should I still be impressed with GM?

"In the end, the Regal never established a visceral relationship with its driver." Yep, sounds like a typical Buick. A young guy like me, I'm knocking down the doors of Buick for a purchase. Or I could just take your word to how good the car is, you are the only person in their 30s that owns one (reference A.R. on data for age group).

Perhaps those are enough facts for you, or else you can... you know... insult my intentionally stupid name again.


I have a relationship with people, not my car.

Cars.com thinks highly of the Regal 2.0T.


The Buick Regal turbo finished in last place at Car & Driver? That sounds about right.


Really, you need a life.
You would go back 5 pages just to check on something like this. I have nothing further need to discuss with you.

Eric G.

I am getting one when it comes out I think it looks better than a lot of new designs on the market.

This design make me proud to be an American.


I really like it, but the wheels looks like them were borrowed from Ford Focus ST.

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