2011 Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet: First Picture

Nissan has released the first official image of the 2011 Murano CrossCabriolet shown above.

We’ve wondered how Nissan would make the crossover into a drop-top and it looks much more natural than we could have expected.

We do question why Nissan — with its U.S. headquarters based in Tennessee — would release the image during the Tennessee Titans game against the Miami Dolphins, but maybe they’re worried about competing with Chrysler’s onslaught of information hitting the web starting at midnight tonight. Personally, we’re building this post watching that very game.

The Murano CrossCabriolet debuts to the media Wednesday at the L.A. Auto Show.



Maybe because Nissan has a plant in Tennessee and there are a lot of convertible buyers in Miami? Just a guess, I don't know for sure.


Regarding the styling: maybe it looks more natural than expected because one frequently-circulated concept image showed the vehicle as a four-door with a roll bar. Do a Google Images search for "nissan murano convertible" to see what I mean.

Although this official image IMO looks a lot better than the aforementioned concept image, I'm a little disappointed that they couldn't work it out as a four-door. There are very, very few four-door convertibles out there.

Amuro Ray

@ Bob,

Maybe that's the exact reason why Nissan decides not to have a 4-dr conv - the market isn't big enuf (it's already not that big for 2-dr).


What happened to four doors? maybe, if they're smart, nissan will make a 4 door version, too. The tail lights look like a 370Z's. This feels like the same kind of car as the pt cruiser convertible....R.I.P.

lets hope that prise will NOT be much high :)


A 4-dr would be great, but I don't see one meeting safety standards very easily. I assume that it would involve some expensive and complex engineering.


As a Murano lover who is currently on my second Murano...why Nissan? Thankfully I live in MN so I won't have to look at too many of these.

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