2011 Hyundai Elantra Starts Under $15,000

The all-new 40 mpg Hyundai Elantra will debut today in Los Angeles, but we learned the pricing moments ago. The basic GLS Standard trim is at the bottom of the lineup and starts at $14,830, not including a $720 destination charge. The line tops out with the Elantra Premium at $21,980.

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There’s obviously a large chasm of equipment between the two. Unfortunately, we don’t have a full breakdown of trim levels right now. We will publish them as soon as we have the information as well as an up-close look later today.

The first new Elantras will hit dealers by the end of this year, as production has already begun at the company’s Alabama plant.

  • 2011 Elantra GLS Standard: $14,830
  • 2011 Elantra GLS M/T Popular: $16,080
  • 2011 Elantra GLS A/T Popular: $17,080
  • 2011 Elantra GLS Preferred: $17,630
  • 2011 Elantra GLS Navigation: $19,380
  • 2011 Elantra Limited: $19,980
  • 2011 Elantra Premium: $21,980


Cars.com gets the scoop again!

Care to give us some more details in terms of what comes with what pricing option?

The compact segment has went from boring to one of the few new car values in the industry as of late!


This is the last nail in Civic's coffin.
Seriously, the only reason why Honda still sells many Accords is because Hyundai can't make enough Sonatas. But when it comes to Elantra, they can make it here and in Korea.


this is one ugly bi*chin car. looks worse than solara. i mean the solaras came out in 80 come on this is 2010!

Art Newell

You know what, "ccr" I for one would love to know what YOU actually drive. And I mean really own, not your fantasy car but what's parked in your driveway...why do I think you will never tell us...

You're wrong, CCR. This car looks nothing like the Solara. If this thing had a Lexus symbol on the front grill instead of a Hyundai symbol and everything else about this car was the same people would be going crazy for it.

It's rare to find an attractive looking 4-door that's not expensive (BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Acura, etc) or a hatchback (Fiesta, Mazda3) and certainly not at this price point. BMW and Mercedes have done it for years but at this price point you're usually left with Mazda, Ford or if you can afford it perhaps VW if you're looking for an attractive 4-door option that has some space in the back.

This car changes that. It's side profile is truly inspired. It's like they took a look at some Italian sports cars, the Audi TT and the Toyota Prius and said... How can we make these design elements work together in a way that works while still keeping the practicality of a 4-door and the room that comes with it. They pulled it off arguably better here than they did with the Sonata.

The previous Elentra was a bore. This is a game-changer for Hyundai in my opinion, especially since they haven't gotten cocky and priced this thing too high. I can't wait to hear more about the options for each price point.


Maybe I missed this somewhere, but does anyone know if Hyundai is planning a hatchback version? The current Elantra has a hatchback version (Elantra Touring). I'm a fan of hatchbacks for a variety of reasons so I'm just curious if it will be an option.

Art Newell

Way too soon to tell about what Hyundai will do about the 2011 Elantra Touring, but when you Google it, all you get is a pic of the old one.
I think this company brought out the "Touring" more to counter all the Nissan Versa,Honda Fit etc.sales activity and never really got serious about that line. U.S. markets have been very buyer-resistant to hatchbacks....I for one don't understand that but people vote with their pocket books on car models.
There are things about our Versa tht I still really like, and first off is how easy it is to get in and out of without having to do gymnastic contortions or bang your head on the roofline.
The Elantra Touring is still a great looking Hatch, but never really took off as a big seller like the sedans, I think the premium price for the 5 door over the sedan turned buyers off.

Art Newell

Some boring/exciting facts I just found on the new Elantra.
Makes you wonder why more of the 'compact' class havn't also extended the wheel base a few inches like Hyundai Elantra did...silly sheep.

Bigger inside than a Nissan Maxima..?
Now that's cruel news for the Max...new name, Nissan Minima?

"The 2011 Elantra is so roomy the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classifies it as a mid-size car, not a compact car like Civic and Corolla. Elantra’s total interior volume of 110.4 cubic feet beats the 2011 Civic sedan, 2011 Nissan Sentra, 2011 Chevrolet Cruze, 2011 Ford Focus and 2011 Toyota Corolla. Surprisingly, it even surpasses the Acura TSX (107.1 cu. ft.), Nissan Maxima (110.0 cu.ft.), and VW Passat CC (109.3 cu.ft.) in total interior volume."

And no, I don't sell Hyundais..or even own one...yet.


Hope they do the same treatment to the touring model and can't wait for the Accent to be displayed too. Hyundai/Kia seems to have the pulse on what America wants (Ford too).

As to the pkgs and options etc. there is a press release. Just google it.

The touring model is coming next year and will be desgned with the same "fluidic sculpture. It's based on Hyundais's euro model i30 and that gets it's redesign summer/fall of 2011 so don't expect the touring model until next fall. Meanwhile, Kia has the Forte5 hatchback out now.

Hyndai just had a live broadcast from the LA auto show and I watched it. Pretty impressive.


Art N.,

just calm down a bit. It is not bigger then Maxima. It is just has a bit more passenger volume then Civic, Corolla, etc. Maxima is a big car and this one is small still. It is not even close to midsize.

Now, why Elantra touring sales never picked up. No intelligent person would buy Elantra Touring. This car still has iron engine block and this is part why this compact car doesn't deliver fuel efficiency. It doesn't do better then Mazda3 wagon on MPGs, so many people thought, "hey, mileage the same but MAzda3 is Germanesque and great handler".
I am so sure that if this car could hit 33 mpg HWY it would sell much better. Bigger cars have better mileage.

And really, we don't know much of this new Elantra. If it drives anything as current version, they can forget it. They will sell plenty to budget minded people but for anyone who likes a responsive car Civic and Mazda3 will still be best option.

Art Newell

Tony, read what I said..."bigger INSIDE than a Maxima" Actually that info was from the EPA.

How the Max' got so big on the outside and smaller on the inside than an Elantra is something Nissan should get right on.

I think I would rather have the extra room inside to make room for the $20,000 saving in my hip pocket.


Hyundai Elantra: 95.6 cubic feet passenger space, 14.8 cubic feet trunk space

Nissan Maxima: 95.8 cubic feet passenger space, 14.2 cubic feet trunk space.

Total interior space, Elantra wins.


Answer to the last 2 posts ^^^

I think, you 2 guys are confused. MAxima is a much bigger car then Elantra. These numbers are representing passenger volume. Lets say, Maxima has huge center console storage. This storage takes away from this number. Just look at the width of the rear seat in both and you will know. For example, Civic feels airy but in reality, all that "air" comes from totally un-useful space in front of the dash. Elantra may have similar passenger volume but your passengers will never be as comfy in Elantra as in Maxima.

@ Tony

Tony, you never seem to fail to amaze me with your bias thinking.

You been talking smack about Hyundai ever since the they started bring out better looking cars.

You wouldn't stop when Sonata came out. And being the Toyota/Honda Fanboy that you are kept saying Toyota this Honda that.

It must of really hurt when Sonata got 5 star from IIHS and Toyota Camry got only 3. LOL

And Sonata will sell better than the camry only reason why it hasn't so far it's because of supply and now since supply is here, you'll see.

Also Sonata drives, handles, looks, etc better than a Toyota Camry and how do I know this it's because I own both a 2011 Hyundai Sonata and 2008 Camry. And I'll will never buy another Toyota car again. I can send email you pics if you don't believe me.

Also Elentra will do better than the civic, why again, I owned a 2007 and it's nothing specials.

Wishful thinking never helps. So please stop.


people on this site are about two things:

1. Hating domestic brands
2. Defending everything Toyota and Honda sell.

Its that simple. If they want to put down GM or Chrysler they will praise Hyundai products but if it comes to Honda or Toyota they will put down Hyundai.

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