2011 Chevy Cruze Eco to Get 42 mpg Highway


General Motors announced today that the upcoming Eco trim level of the Chevy Cruze compact sedan will get an EPA-estimated 42 mpg highway. That would make it the most fuel efficient non-hybrid on the market.
There is a caveat, though. The Cruze can achieve that mileage only with a manual transmission. City mileage is EPA-estimated at 28 mpg.
We tested a pre-production version of the Cruze Eco that you can read about here. The 42 mpg figure is a huge surprise, as early estimates were at 40 mpg, right where the most efficient version of the Ford Fiesta subcompact manages. To get 2 more mpg than the Fiesta in a larger vehicle is an accomplishment. You can read about some of the aerodynamic differences of the Eco model here.
Chevy says the Eco will arrive at dealers in January, and the starting price with the manual transmission is $18,175 not including a $720 destination charge. A six-speed automatic transmission is an extra $925 and lowers the mileage to 26/37 mpg, which still tops the cars in the segment, including the Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla.

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By David Thomas | November 11, 2010 | Comments (48)



That's one heck of a commuter car to have. Nice price for what it is, and to have around 40mpg potential if not more, seems to be a winner.

Amuro Ray

Quite the contrary, Al. As a commuter car, you may want to look at City mpg, since, in most cases, you are driving in stop&go traffic.

Corolla: 26/34
Civic: 25/36
Sentra: 27/34
Forte Eco: 27/37
Elantra Blue: 26/35
(fueleconomy.gov - mix of 10/11 MY)

As one can see, city fuel mpg not so diff than others, though hwy mpg is at the top end (matched by Forte and Eco). Bear in mind that there is a premium on the Cruze to get to the high mpg point, with the starting point of the vehicle at the higher end of its competitors.

Is the mileage good? Yes.
Is the mileage ground breaking? Not so.
Is it hybrid like fuel mileage? Heck NO! (Hybrid is good on city mpg, but so-so fwy.) It doesn't touch hybrids city mpg (car), maybe GM's own hybrids.

Amuro Ray

1 correction/clarification: Forte Eco matches hwy mpg of Cruze non-eco model with 6 spd transmission.

City mpg (most important for commute) of Cruze Eco matched/closely matched by its competitors. Fwy mpg is where the Eco Cruze shine.



I'm at the other end of that argument. My commute is exclusively highway. So the numbers in the article really means something to me.

I hate thinking that 1 or 2 MPG is really going to be a deal breaker, but when your out shopping for economy it will be. Makes me glad I don't.



Just be quiet please- you cant spin this into a negative no matter how hard you try. You say the ECO has a cost premium but dont note it has features like ONstar, 17s, 6 speed, special aero features and 10 airbags which its competitors lack. It costs more because its got more content. Contrary to what you claimed the city mileage is best in class and the combined mileage is significantly better than the competition. Not everyone's commute is all city driving so you arent in a position to say commuters dont care about highway mileage.

everyone knows hybrids do well in the city but the Cruze ECO beats every hybrid on the highway except Prius and Insight- and the insight only tops it by 1mpg. Of course the Cruze ECO is also cheaper than those hybrids so that is a factor to consider.

Amuro Ray

(1) Pls show where I say commuters don't care about highway mileage. You do KNOW that there is a difference b/n driving on the hwy at hwy speed and driving on the hwy with stop&go traffic during commute hour.

(2) Pls indicate why the add-on's (Onstar, 17s, 6 spd, etc.) are NOT a premium. Oh wait, u did say that they are premiums...

(3) Please show me how the Cruze can match a hybrid's city mpg - which is what a hybrid is for?

(4) Except for the ECO model, how is the Cruze combined mileage significantly better than the competitors?

The comments I made were realistic reflection of the vehicle compare to other compacts and hybrids. Funny how u spun them and said almost the exact same thg.


Personally I would take a small turbocharged engine with a geared transmission over a hybrid system with a CVT.


GM's claim of mpg's numbers doesn't count.

This desperate GM just shamefully inflates its numbers for survival and IPO issurance

Amuro Ray

To be fair, it is impressive # on the fwy for the ECO, but what people should realize is that this is not sthg spectacular; it's really Cobalt XFE version 2.

WIth so many "premium" additions to make the mpg go higher (e.g. low rolling resistance tire - not a "standard" feature on most of the others) a lot of the mileage gains are done by the peripheral - sthg that u and I can achieve to a certain extent, and cheaply (relatively speaking too). This is esp true if you opt for a comparison b/n the non-ECO Cruze against its competitors.

The real problem is that you must buy a manual tranny to get the ECO savings - definitely sthg that most Americans will go for. (I personally do know how to drive manual.)


Hybrids also come with Low Rolling Resistance tires, aerodynamic body cladding (down to special hubcaps) and de-tuned small engines. If the efficiency of an internal combustion engine could be increased, the need for the electric motor(s) would be eliminated.

Every manufacturer has their own way of battling ICE inefficiency and a hybrid system does not give anything spectacular either when broken down.

If real world figures can match what Chevy claims, then the competition will figure out a way to catch up and it will benefit everybody.

Amuro Ray

@ Skankzilla,

"If the efficiency of an internal combustion engine could be increased"

And this is EXACTLY what our problem is. I 1st learned that ICE has an efficiency of 30+% back in the 90's, from both chemistry & physics pov. I "re-learned" the efficiency of an ICE engine, this time from an engineering pov, is still at around 30+%, with a timespan of 10 years apart. The issue is not 'bou thgs we can't do to improve ICE; we can - but only very minute (relatively speaking). Reduce fiction here, or reduce a part here.

ICE is, by nature of its design and how it captures energy, inefficient. A lot of the energy are lost due to heat, sound, friction, and usage on moving parts (eg. pushing the valves, rods, etc.). Unfortunately, we can't reuse the energy from heat or sound, we can't eliminate friction, and the materials we use needs to be strong (thus heavy) for durability. Thus, there's simply no "ordinary" way (cost effective) to increase efficiency of an ICE to match an electric energy/engine (which has an efficiency of almost 98%!).

The only way here, I believe, is to think "outside" the box - why spend so much time and effort to increase the efficiency of an inefficient by nature ICE; instead, we can spend the same resource of effort on other propulsion system (electric engine, fuel cell, natural gas, etc.)


Couldn't agree more, A.R. That was exactly my point, but with less detail :)


I like the Cruze and I think Chevy did a great job overall, especially in quality (including sound dampning), fuel economy, looks, and roominess (including the trunk) to name a few but I'm puzzled as to way they didn't develope their new turbo engine as a modern direct injection engine and take advantage of the extra power and especially the extra fuel efficiency that it offers.

The new 2011 Chevy Cruze is finally on the showroom floor. I think Chevrolet really nailed what customers want in the current economy. A vehicle that gets incredible gas mileage that offers both style (inside and out http://www.2011-Chevy-Cruze.com for reference) at an affordable price.

Amuro Ray

U fanboys just love to spread lies, don't ya?

-Pls reference this "customers want" - a poll or survey or whatever it is - that u r referring to.
- Pls indicate how Cruze fits what customers want.
- Style is subjective; its styling is already outdated compare to Civics, Forte, Elentra, and Focus.
- Please indicate how "incredible" is the Cruze mileage, especially referring to the regular Cruze and the automatic ECO.

Facts here will indicate that there is really nothing positive you can show on the Cruze beyond the ECO MANUAL model:
- Only the gas mileage of ECO - which costs more - shines when referring to hwy mpg ON A MANUAL. City mpg of ECO is closely matched for the manual, matched and even beaten by competitors with the automatic. The rest of the models are just so-so with standard equipments. In fact, city mileage is WORST against its competitors at 24 mpg. Hwy mpg at 36 is also NOT best in class.
(From GM.com - 2011 Cruze mileage is 24/36 mpg city/hwy.)

Nothing really ground breaking...


AR can pick apart anything labeled as a traditionally American car. If foreign cars were suck start only, it wouldn't be a deal breaker. No offense, AR - you just love Hondas and Toyotas, brother.


AR has no life.

72 Impala

I think AR is correct in his statements and I'm a GM owner and fan. The biggest issue I have with the Cruz is the high price.

Amuro Ray

Thgs will start falling apart if it's built on top of lies.

I don't even have to pick apart anythg here (by quoting directly from GM) and one can see that Cruze as a whole is neither ground breaking nor a leader in fuel efficiency. Cruze Eco manual may have superb hwy mpg, but using a tiny fraction of possible sales* and try to generalize the entire Cruze lineup**? Pls.

*Automatic tranny represents ~95% of auto sales in US.



Stop assuming everyone is stupid. You hate American cars and refuse to tell the whole story.

1. On average the Cruze LTZ gets a whopping 1 less mpg in the city than its smaller foreign competitors
2. Cruze LTZs highway figure tops Corolla and Focus and ties Civic
3. Cruze is largest compact in the class and has largest trunk
4. Cruze has more standard kit and more safety gear than ANY car in its class.
5. With the exception of Civic most compacts get best mileage with manuals and thus most advertising you see for compact car mileage referes to the MANUAL models.
6. While 95% of American cars are autos (probably not even true) that doesnt mean that 95% of compacts are manuals. Most compacts offer a manual and compact car buyers are price sensitive in many cases and will accept a manual tranny. The compact segment probably has one of the highest take rates of manuals.
7. The Cruze ECO manual blows away the competition in mileage. The fact that its not going to be the largest volume cruze model doesnt change anything. At least you have the CHOICE of the ECO model. IN spite of the fact that you have dismissed the ECO auto, the fact of the matter is it beats all competitors but Forte in mileage. In fact, some subcompacts cannot beat the mileage of the Cruze ECO auto model.


AR says styling is subjective and then says Cruze styling is outdated. That is his OPINION. I am not a fan of the Civic's styling and never have been. I like the Focus and Elantra (2012 models) but both are busy and have some fussy details. The Focus hatch looks much better than the sedan to me. The cruze isnt flashy looking but its is GOOD looking. I have seen three on the road so far, including a sharp LTZ model and I like it. It doesnt look cheap and the lack of styling gimmicks mean its going to appeal to lots of people and not look dated in 4 years. I certainly prefer its styling (inside and out) to the futuristic looking civic.


One other note- AR made a big deal out of the mileage of the regular Cruze (as if the ECO isnt an option for those who want best economy) but failed to mention the LT and LTZ arent available with manuals yet. Manuals will likely add 1-2mpg to the regular Cruze models- most compacts get best mileage with manuals, not automatics.

Corolla auto gets 26/34 so it beats Cruze in city but is down by 2mpg on highway- same deal with Civic. In terms of EPA combined mileage the Cruze is right up there with the class leaders.

Amuro Ray

U just don't like doing ur homework b4 opening ur mouth, just a lot of "likely," "I say so" (literally), so here's another butt kicking for you...

(1) Except for the Civics, all its competitors beat city mpg of Cruze by "2"+ mpg. Pls show HOW u can come up with an avg of 1 mpg or less figure. I assume that u do graduated from high school...

(2) Except for the 2-4 additional airbags, what sort of safety gear does the Cruze have MORE? Remember, its competitors have 6 or more airbags too, so it's not like they don't have airbags, and there is no data supporting the research of the usefulness of the extra airbags.

(3) The standard kits are factored in the selling price of the vehicle - they aren't free - do u know that?

(4) Please show at least ONE support that people are opting for manual tranny due to price, instead of auto tranny. Here are what I've found that TOTALLY contradicts
your statements.
(13% under 25 picks manual transmission; 7% of all age group takes manual.)
(2% of Toyota, #1 auto maker in the world, takes manual tranny.)

(5) "Manuals will likely add 1-2mpg to the regular Cruze models- most compacts get best mileage with manuals, not automatics."
Please show ur proof of that!

(6) most compacts get best mileage with manuals, not automatics.
As per fueleconomy.gov, here are the manual better than auto:
Toyota, Hyundai, and Ford (Focus)
Here are NOT:
Honda, Nissan, Kia, Ford (Fiesta SFE)
Please define what you mean by MOST? I see at least 50-50, if not more (more fuel efficient on auto).

(7) GM labels the Cruze (and NOT the Cruze Eco only) as ground breaking.
- Facts are facts, not if, likely, or prediction. Cruze mileage, which has been the thing that I've referred to on my comments, not interior size, safety feature, or whatever that you're trying to divert the attention to, is not ground breaking. It does change a lot of things - namely false advertising - when GM tries to use a tiny fraction of its model and generalize the entire lineup, when the entire lineup simply ISN'T ground breaking, esp in fuel economy. It's city mpg is one of the lowest, and its highway mileage is not the top either. So enlighten me, show me support on your statement "EPA combined mileage the Cruze is right up there with the class leaders," and how "right up there" equate to "a leader?"

(8) There are a LOT of Math books out there that teach logic (university level). Please show me (online) one which supports your statement that if someone (say, Honda) does sthg, then it's all right for someone else (GM) to do it too. That is illogical. If GM does something wrong (false advertising), then no matter who else is/are doing it, it's still wrong, and there's absolutely no need for comparison. Case in point - murder.

(9) Show me where I've stated that the Cruze ECO hwy mpg is NOT impressive. I can point to many that I said it IS impressive.

In case u keep saying "I don't tell the whole story." Please READ what the blog posting is about. It's about GAS MILEAGE, and not "Cruze IN DETAILS."

Either do ur homework before opening ur mouth, or be quiet.

Amuro Ray

Here's portion of GM's press release:

"Chevrolet Cruze continues to redefine the compact segment, offering class-leading standard safety features, upscale amenities - as well as hybrid-like fuel economy without the price."

I specifically refer to the mileage and how it's only saying Chervolet Cruze, not the ECO, in its statements. There is a HUGE difference between the 2 models. That's the false advertising part.


Even the Civic gets better mileage in the AT than its MT. Is it really that hard for Sheth to open a new tab in the browser and go to the website to check it out?



Are you an idiot? Civic's city mileage goes down but the highway mileage goes UP with the auto. The corolla gets slightly better mileage with its manual tranny as I pointed out already.


1. Not only are you incapable of using proper English you can't even get your facts straight. Most compacts get 25mpg or 25mpg in the city with auto trans. That includes Civic and Corolla and Focus. How in the hell can you say most compacts beat the Cruze by 2+mpg in the city? If its not true of the three cars I mentioned please tell me which cars you are talking about? Oh and lets not forget the Jetta only gets 24/31 with an automatic. Does the Jetta beat the Cruze as well?

2. Cruze has 10 standard airbags, standard stability and Onstar. No other compact has that.

3. Cruze is LARGER and heavier than any car in this class and has largest trunk in this class.

4. The Cruze ECO is part of the lineup so when they say the model is bringing great fuel economy to the class they are telling the truth.

5. The Fiesta is a subcompact and it offers a DCT which is unheard of in this class. The DCT allows Fiesta to get better mileage. Civic mileage is basically even with auto and manual in combined mileage.

6. ON the ECO and LS the manual models get BETTER mileage. Not only do manuals give you better mileage on several of the volume leaders in the class (BTW, you left out the Mazda3) but the manuals get better mileage on the Cruze. The LS model is rated at 26/36 (also better than civic BTW) with manual and 22/35 with the auto. THAT is why I am saying the manual LTZ will get better mileage.

7. Let me know where GM press materials claim the mileage is ground breaking. The quote you provided states that the car is redefining the segment with a COMBINATION of features that are unparalleled in the class. YOU provided the quote my man. Read it next time.

8. Right up there with the class leaders means the STANDARD model gets 1mpg less combined than the top two sellers in this class with automatic trannys. The ECO model is the class leader in mileage. PERIOD. What part is confusing you? Only a complete moron would think someone would avoid a Cruze LT or LTZ because it got a whopping 1mpg less in EPA combined mileage vs a Civic or Corolla- especially when you factor in the space and safety differences.

8. What false advertising are you talking about? The ECO is PART OF THE LINEUP SO THEY CAN ADVERTISE IT AS SUCH. Your bias against American cars is making you irrational and foolish.

"In case u keep saying "I don't tell the whole story." Please READ what the blog posting is about. It's about GAS MILEAGE, and not "Cruze IN DETAILS."

My response was about gas mileage. You argued that this mileage isnt impressive because its for a manual equipped car. I pointed out that automakers ALWAYS advertise the highest mileage iteration of their cars. This is how the business works. Don't like it? Stop reading the ads and press releases. Midsize sedan ads tend to focus on the V6 engines even though most buyers opt for four bangers. Sport sedan ads focus on the higher level engine options and best performing models even though most buyers opt for the base engines and regular suspensions.

Amuro Ray

Seth...u really don't read what u've written. I guess that's GOOD ENGLISH. Last time I checked, comprehension is part of English.

U keep saying size and weight is good for Cruze - LARGEST, u say...yet u keep saying gas mileage. No one ASKED GM to make it the largest, or heaviest...

Again, I didn't see any MATH in ur reply that gave me "an average of 1 or less mpg." Show me how u did it. I've shown u that u r a lier, 'coz u r just using the 3 models u pick, yet ignoring the ones that are way better.

I've also shown that u r a lier about standard tranny gets better mpg. The figures I pulled are directly from GM's Cruze website. What 'bou urs?

The quote I provided CLEARLY showed that it's mentioning about the Cruze, and not the ECO, and how it has hybrid-like mpg. SHOW ME how Cruze has mileage-like mpg.

My argument, which u tried to twist, is very simple - Chervolet Cruze is NOT a ground-breaking vehicle in terms of gas mileage. Only the ECO manual is on fwy mpg. In order for it to be successful, it can't be just 1 mpg better, because all manufacturers know how this can be done - gear ratio and tires. Look, Corolla, Civics, and even Sentra - out for several years, can still tops to Cruze in terms of mpg. Just good enuf doesn't cut it anymore. Make the vehicle with over 30 mpg on BOTH city and fwy, with not special transmission or manual, then I'll say - yes, it's an impressive car (so I guess I'm NOT biased, like u keep saying). Making a special model that hardly anyone will buy and claim that the entire line has hybrid-like mpg is utterly wrong. U can spin it, eat it, or whatever u wanna do with it, stupid. U aren't GM. So there's NOTHING u can do to defend a statement made by someone else's. Simple logic, don't u know?

U know, the rest of the response - u keep dodging the questions, WITH NO PROOF OR SUPPORT. Just ur own, biased opinion about GM itself.

I see ur mouth yelping...but that's all I see. U tried to twist ur own words EVERY TIME I caught u in a lie, but again, NO SUPPORT whatsoever! So either come up with support or proof, or just, u know, be a good boy and LEARN how to be an educated person on the sideline. BTW, have ur pants caught fire yet?

U aren't into the big leagues yet, kiddo.

Amuro Ray

hybrid-like mpg, not mileage like mpg.

Amuro Ray

Here's 2 side notes that u can learn from.

Go to fueleconomy.gov and pick up compact car vehicles - not just Civics, Corollas, and Focus. I've already pulled data in my 1st comment.

10 airbags - yes, u paid the price in the MSRP for the 2-4 additional ones.
Stability and traction - available in most. Having them as standards, again, mean that u've already paid for them in MSRP.
Onstar - a big-brother feature that is also included in MSRP, which u can't take out.

1 final word 'bou this, 'coz I ain't gonna response to u again unless I see some HARD FACTS OR DATA, and not just u yelping ur idiotic brain/mouth: in order for a statement to be true, its logic must be applicable to all cases. I guess that u've acquired a university level degree, or even take Math classes at such level.

"The Cruze ECO is part of the lineup so when they say the model is bringing great fuel economy to the class they are telling the truth."

It's wrong, because a sentence like this,
"Sheth is part of the

That CAN'T be right. U may be an idiot, but I sure hope that it's not the case for ur entire family! If so...pls...someone help u folks.

Amuro Ray

Not sure what happened, probably hit some special characters which prevented the sentence to show. SO here's what I said, "Sheth is part of the (your last name)'s family so when they say the entire Sheth's family are all idiots they are telling the true."

I also meant, "you have NOT acquired a university level degree..."

As far as advertising goes, Ford has routinely advertised its most fuel efficient models for both Fusion and Fiesta as the mileage for the range. Both are not the leading sellers of the line either. But that's what the advertise.

It's pretty standard for the industry to do it this way. The term fine print...


"U keep saying size and weight is good for Cruze - LARGEST, u say...yet u keep saying gas mileage. No one ASKED GM to make it the largest, or heaviest..."

The point is that it offers more passenger and cargo space than its competitors while getting 24/36. Nowhere in your rant did you mention COMBINED mileage. The COMBINED EPA mileage of the standard Cruze with auto is nearly identical to the Civic. The COMBINED EPA mileage on Cruze is 28mpg (same for focus) and its 29mpg on the Civic and corolla- check the darn EPA site yourself for verification. That is a whopping 1mpf difference for a car that is larger, safer and quieter than the Civic. Do you really think that is enough to send people running away from the Cruze? Even if that mileage wasnt good enough the ECO models beat that and surpass the Civic.

Dont try and explain away the safety features, you asked what made the car safer and I told you. I never said the cost of those items wasnt included in the car. The car has more equipment than its competitors and thus costs a bit more- not rocket science- even for you.

You say I am a liar about the standard mileage. What? The base car with a stick gets 26/36 which is better than Civic and Corolla. The turbo car beats civic and corolla on the highway but is less efficient in the city. Those are based on EPA figures man, do some basic math.

I can barely understand your insults because they are so poorly written and thought out. Just stick to name calling- its something even you can handle.

"In order for it to be successful, it can't be just 1 mpg better, because all manufacturers know how this can be done - gear ratio and tires. Look, Corolla, Civics, and even Sentra - out for several years, can still tops to Cruze in terms of mpg. Just good enuf doesn't cut it anymore."

Its hard to decipher the nonsense you are posting here but I understood enough to know you are wrong. The ECO uses much more than tires to get good mileage. It also uses weight loss and superior aerodynamics to achieve great mileage. No other compact has gone to these lengths to increase efficiency. Copying the measures used on the ECO will take time because they involve substantial engineering changes- not just new tires and gearing.

How can you say the car with the best mileage in class isnt impressive and then say "make a car with 30mpg in city and hwy and I will be impressed". What? If the Cruze eco's mileage isnt impressive why doesnt every compact offer the same mileage? If 42mpg is nothing to write home about how come no other compact gets 42mpg without a hybrid powertrain? You say you will be impressed when there is no special model needed to get max efficiency but Ford, Kia and Hyundai are all doing the same thing. Are they wrong as well?

"So either come up with support or proof, or just, u know, be a good boy and LEARN how to be an educated person on the sideline."

I provided my proof with the EPA combined figures. BTW, the EPA combined figure for the manual ECO model would be about 34mpg. Here's a suggestion, dont insult people that can spell better than you, know more than you and present arguments better than you ever could hope to. YOu have to insult me or anyone else you opposes you to mask your deficiencies and direct attention away from your limited use of the language.


Here's a suggestion, dont insult people that can spell better than you, know more than you and present arguments better than you ever could hope to.
-OMG!!! HAHhhhh! Did anyone else just read this?! Hahhahhhaa!


AR says styling is subjective and then says Cruze styling is outdated.
-He's right.

Amuro Ray


I really hope that the stupidity doesn't run in the entire bloodline...

Amuro Ray

Guys, from now on, I'll NOT respond to Seth, 'coz he's a lier and I caught him yet again. Since he's telling me that I can insult him with his statement, even though I didn't ask for it, here's another 2 lies that this bonehead tried to spread:

"You say I am a liar about the standard mileage. What? The base car with a stick gets 26/36 which is better than Civic and Corolla.

I provided my proof with the EPA combined figures."

Where's the link? I see no link, so I went to epa.gov and fueleconomy.gov and checked.

(This shows 2 models:
A-S6 1.4/4 24/36
A-6 1.8/4 22/35)

AGAIN, these show 2 models, exact same as the above.

EPA doesn't have the stick model mpg, yet Seth claimed that there is this 26/36. that's lie #1. EPA doesn't show combined mpg. That's lie #2.

Checkmate, kiddo.

Finally a car that gets great gas mileage and isn't ugly and embarrassing to drive. I can only imagine the mileage it would get if they do turn it into a hybrid.



What an idiot.

The EPA tells you how it calculates COMBINED mileage. Its 60% of the city number plus 40% of the hwy number. You can calculate the combined mileage of ANY car yourself moron. On top of that the Cruze LS has been rated with the manual- mileage was announced a while and its 26/36. Its right on the Cruze website if you would bother to look. The auto is rated at 22/35 as I said. Not sure, why the EPA site doesnt show it but this was announced some time ago.

the EPA site does show combined mileage if you click on "side by side comparison" on the site idiot. Check it for yourself. Click on any car, select a powertrain and check out the combined rating. The Cruze LTZ is rated at 28mpg combined.


What is with the name calling?

Amuro Ray

@ Skankzilla,

Oh nothing much, just someone caught lying multiple times. If u really wanna know, start reading from the post by Belly; otherwise, doesn't even matter. Long story short, I aint't gonna respond to that liar's post or comment again.


I think I will buy a Honda and join a Honda owners club. We can all sit around holding hands and telling each other how smart we are and how dumb everone else is. Whe are so smart AR they are just too dumb to see it.

Troy S.


Honda has a proven "Quality" track record. GM vehicles, management, and financial stability? Not so much. Your idea sounds good to me.


Honda just doesn't seem to know what a good looking car should look like and from what I have seen so far, the new civic doesn't change that. Realibility, quality, etc. Honda is still one of the best.

The new Hyundai Elantra is too busy for my taste (a decent car though) and I still like the Cruze (a bit plain but a sharp looking frontend and very nice interior) but the new Focus hatchback is the one I'm interested in now.

Unfortunately, other than the nice torque spread, you don't get any real advantage with the Cruze's small 1.4L turbo engine and it isn't priced any better the rest.

w miller

G M better get it to gether and quit over estimating the gas millage on G M cars or us that like G M cars will stop wanting them. so I hope they do this before its to late.


I do a lot of road travel and I had a 2006 Corolla automatic which was getting around 33 to 34 mpg. I saw the ads for the Cruze showing up to 40 mpg on the eco, plus I liked all of the features, so I purchased an Eco automatic. I am driving it just like I did the Corolla and am getting only 29 to 30 mpg. I do like the features, but I can't tell you how upset I am about the mileage, I thought it would at least get around the same mpg.


i traded my prius for an eco w/the 6-sp manual and have gotten 36mpg combined over the first 1000 miles of driving.

i know, why trade a prius in for a cruze eco? they gave me $500 less than i paid new for the prius when i bought it last year, and the cruze is WAY more fun to drive. if i drove less enthusiasticly, i would probably be getting better mileage.


The Chevy Cruz is a bargain.

1) No expensive battery pack to replace in 5 years or so.

2) Cost is about $10,000 less than a hybrid.

3) At 42 mpg it is as good if not better than a hybrid...except city driving..

4) $10,000 can buy a lot of gasoline.

5) More passenger room than most hybrid cars

6) Nice looking design


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