What Does This Button Do?

This one is almost too easy. It’s a picture of pine trees and sits right in the middle of other climate controls in the redesigned 2011 Infiniti M37. That means it clearly kicks on the automated air freshener that the Infiniti engineers ingeniously invented. It maintains the perfect level of pine tree aroma in the cabin. It even senses when the winter holidays are approaching and dials the fragrance up to 11.

OK, that’s not what this button does. What do you think the pine trees bring about inside the cabin?

This is actually the button that activates Infiniti’s new Forest Air system that tries to simulate what a breeze feels like rather than the artificial gusts that air-conditioning units have been bombarding us with for generations.

“It’s slightly breezy, as intended, but most of the time the varying fan speeds are too minute to notice,” said Cars.com editor Kelsey Mays.

However, we weren’t entirely kidding about the air-freshener aspect. Infiniti says it also helps eliminate odors, but there is no added scent involved.
The people who make the 99-cent tree-shaped air fresheners that hang from your visor will be happy to hear that.



Roll a window down Infiniti.


Initially I thought this is button for off-road down-hill slalom.

Amuro Ray

@ Style,

There is an internal air filter that filters out pollen and various pollutants. Thus, the air you breath with the air system on (no need for AC to turn on) is actually cleaner, fresher and "healthier" than the air you breath with the windows down. It's actually available from pretty much the cheapest Nissan to the most expansive Infiniti.


What is fresher air anyway?

And there is a big difference between an activated carbon cabin air filter (which is in widespread use) and a system that tries to recreate a breeze.

Amuro Ray

"What is fresher air anyway?"

Drive in an industrial area - u'll be able to tell immediately, unless, of 'coz, u've been living/driving/working in such area for a long, long time...

And DON'T FORGET, people with allergies can - at the very least - drive to/through an area without sneezing like crazy!

"And there is a big difference..."
And the difference is EVEN BIGGER than with ur statement, "roll a window down Infiniti."

It's a convenient feature. You've a choice to use it or not. Don't be too short-sighted as to everyone has a normal respiratory system like yourself...or one that can take a lot of abuse by breathing very polluted air.

I read that the Infiniti Forest Air system also works to keep the driver "alert" and "relaxed" and unlike an AC, which sucks out moisture, this system leaves moisture in the air.

Amuro,I also read that their filter system filters out allergens so it should be good for folks with allergies.

Derrick G

It includes not just a filter impregnated with natural grape-seed polyphenol, but an ionizer that Nissan claims can break down smells as well as mold and bacteria. Or say they say.

This M37 looks great.. I want to drive it.Good that more models are coming with M37 engines.

M37 exactly my style, my friends. I LOVE these cars :)

It's a great car.This feature is very good.That's when the new car models come out?I'm looking forward to.

I like the style of it

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