Toyota Teases New Prius Model on Facebook

Toyota Teases New Prius Model on Facebook
To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Toyota Prius, the automaker gave its fans a sneak peek of an upcoming addition to the Prius family on Facebook.

If you look at the billboard — which, for some reason, is made of puzzle pieces — you can see the blue outline of a bigger Prius. The new hybrid looks to be a hatchback MPV body style, in the same vein that the Toyota Matrix is technically a body style of the Toyota Corolla. The only new MPV currently on sale in the U.S. is the Mazda5.

Jim Lentz, president of Toyota Motor Sales, said the automaker is developing a “Prius family” of vehicles, and this new model is probably one of them, as well as the plug-in Prius due in 2012. Toyota has said it plans to launch six all-new hybrid models globally by 2012, so this model could come out soon.

We’re guessing we’ll learn more during this year’s auto show season, kicking off with the Los Angeles show in November. Automakers like to debut hybrids in California.



hopefully this vehicle will have the Camry hybrid's powertrain. the Prius' powertrain in anything larger and heavier than the Prius or the CT200h is going to be a strain for the engine. I also hope that this new vehicle is substantially larger than the Prius. otherwise, its going to be pointless.

Toyota Prius was a gud car, and now toyota felt glad to acess anniversery

What's a "gud" car? Spell-check, please.


I think the new car will be a crossover sport utility - something like a mini Lexus RX Hybrid.


Car and Driver already have spy pics on this car.


It is going to be a mistake because a huge number of sales for the Prius comes from its quirky style that makes owners say "I am holier than thou in my Prius"...

I like the tech in the old Prius, but please, the plastics are ultracheapo quality....

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