Top 10 Best-Selling Cars: September 2010

September was a much better month for new-car sales than last September. That’s when customers basked in the glow of their Cash for Clunkers purchases and didn’t need to go to showrooms. That largely accounts for this month’s huge traffic gains by manufacturers like Ford and Chrysler, which are up 46% and 61%, respectively.

This month’s best-sellers reflect a trend back to pickup trucks as three domestic pickups all make their way into the top 10.

The Hyundai Sonata sedan makes its sixth consecutive top 10 list, making it a viable Toyota Camry and Honda Accord competitor amongst car shoppers. The Sonata’s numbers are even more impressive when you take into account there’s just one engine choice — a turbo and hybrid go on sale later this year — and it’s only sold as a sedan. The Accord and Camry figures include various powertrains and coupe and hatchback models for the Accord.

The full list is below.

Notable Items:
*Honda Accord includes 2,507 Honda Accord Crosstour

By David Thomas | October 1, 2010 | Comments (34)



There is no Camry coupe or hatch.


I'm glad to see the camry hold the #1 mid size spot.

Camry Solara is included in Camry Sales. Honda Accord Crosstour is included in Accord sales.

Amuro Ray

If someone has already answered this question b4, I apologize...and pls paste the link to the answer again, but "who are buying all the P/Us?"

The economy is weak, unemployment rate is high, construction of new bldgs is still at its lowest, and businesses aren't spending much...but close to 100K P/U sales? That just doesn't make sense to me, like our fed gov't budget proposal ($1000 for a toilet seat...).

Mind u, it's almost 850K for the year on P/U sales...

In case someone brings up, "but there are lots more car sales #..."remember, there are whole lot of car brands and models, and many of the brands/models don't sell too well. There are only a handful of P/Us brands/models, on the other hand.


The pickup is the most popular form of personal transportation in America because people like them and therefore buy them.

I think businesses are spending again and businesses that use trucks need to replace fleets at some point.

I never get political on this blog, but if a business owner is trying to avoid a higher tax bracket it makes sense to reinvest in his business instead. Now, the taxes haven't happened yet, but I think reinvestment in equipment and one time costs is happening now, while hiring employees (ongoing costs) is not.

Again, trying to apolitically tackle this one from my area of expertise which is why sales of a segment would be strong.



I don't know the answer to that, but I suspect it is based on the fact that businesses actually ARE spending a lot. Profits are WAY up, and productivity is through the roof right now. Business haven't added new employees in large number though, and therefore need to find some other ways to get all the work done that they're facing with their existing workforce. The way you do that is investing in equipment, and pickup trucks are a classic example.
I can't explain which businesses really need a lot of pickups to improve productivity, just that historically this has commonly happened. Perhaps farmers/ranchers? Food commodity prices are at or near record highs, so these guys are rolling in the dough!


There is no solara any more. They no longer build it.

Amuro Ray

Thx guys. That's what I was "thinking" too, but sthg doesn't click for me - P/Us have always been selling very well relative to other type of vehicles...I mean, they have good numbers, again, relative to other vehicles, on a per month basis...

But business who bought P/Us in the last 2 years...their P/Us can't be "broken" already...or can it, in such a way that they have to buy new P/Us every year (or 2 to 3 years)?

This is still a bad year for car sales (last year was worst), but let's use a big assumption here: say, 1 million sales this year, 0.7 mil last year, and another 1 mil sales the year b4 on P/U - that's 2+ mil P/U sales in just 3 years! WOW!

slinky you're right I guess they had finished selling the leftovers quite a while ago.
Camry still includes 3 different powertrains, 4 cyl, 6 and hybrid.


Could it be the depreciation schedule? I forget how long it is that small businesses can depreciate capital investments like pickups, but if it was 3 years, then a 3 years cycle would make sense. With the tax incentive, it can actually be cheaper to buy new vehicles than to keep your old ones.

I'm surprised to see Hyundai even in the top 10 at all, period. I thought they were relatively new compared to Honda and Toyota? I'm not a fan, I'd rather drive an Accord any day over any Hyundai.Hyundai seems like the most bare bones, non-luxurious, car ever.

Amuro Ray, I don't see much of a recession where I live (in So Cal). I know there is one, but the luxury stores here are packed on the weekend and I see people spending money like crazy. I don't like pick up trucks but they are very common here. I always F-150's on the roads.


I purchased a 2010 Ford F-150 Lariat in June. Great vehicle. Of course I live in West Texas. What else would one drive?


Honda and Toyota dominating again! It's amazing that a company the size of Honda can have so many successful selling cars on the list yet GM can't manage to have even one.

Derrick G

Honestly Witt Auto, have you even been in a Hyundai this century? If nothing else, even Hyundais from the late 20th century were more lavishly equipped than most of the competition. And while they've been here in the US less time than Toyota or Honda, they've been here almost 25 years now; hardly a newcomer. Have you even been paying attention at all?


How depressing to see the gas pig pickups selling like hotcakes again. We need a gas tax increase to change these short-sighted buying habits. It's not businesses buying the bulk, most are solf for personal use.


Dave thanks for keeping this blog month after month. I check it every month.


wowwwwwwww the camry is number one sedan

toyota hater play away


toyota management know's what to do.

The main reason that pickups sell year in, year out is leasing. Most businesses lease trucks for the easier writeoff and leases expire generating continous sales.

wowwwwwwww the camry is number one sedan

toyota hater play away

I'm surprised all toyota's aren't on top as they discounted the heck out of them otherwise they wouldn't have done nearly as well. I was tied of seeing the ads.


It's nice to see the F150 up there - more laid off mechanics will be working!

Steve Bishop

Six months ago I bought a fully loaded CRV and absolutely love it. Through the shopping process I found the Equinox to be woefully underpowered so I'm not surprised to see that it's not on this best sellers list.


The only reason the Chevy Malibu is not in the top five is because GM cannot build them fast enough.


If there was more demand for the Malibu they could increase production.

mike b

John:::There is no gas shortage or Ozone problem, Look at our government, If there was they would change the way they live. If you want to put in a business and You pallute the air all you have to do is pay a carbon tax and its OK. Look at our ships,to haul Japan/China goods. those ships use 1700 gallons of deisel an hour, so why should i stop driving my pickup. Let stop importing and buy american. there is where you can save fuel. Look up at the planes, what about carouse ships? and you want us to stop driving pickups? Use some common sense John

mike b

John:::Did you know that the people like you and me are using less fuel and gas than we used in the early 1970s. Fuel stations are selling less than the 70s That means that we are flying and carousing, and importing more. More planes and carouse ships are being built daily. So why dont you go after them, the ones that is using the fuel. Look at all the oil it takes to import ships,20 ships a day is over 1million gallons of diesel a day. there is the problem, then planes(karosene) millions a day, carouse ship counts diesel buy the foot burnt. so why talk about my pickup using 3 or 4 gallons a day?


Toyota doesn't sell Solaras anymore
So Accord gets a boost
Camry does not
Carry on


Camry still outsold accord without the solara


Ford f-series is always at the top of the list. They are obviously way better than the silverado series. Thats why my grandpal changed his company cars to ford f-150's. No bailouts needed GO FORD!


When will you have October posted????

The top ten will be released later today after the major automakers release their numbers. Thanks!


Honda is my favorite brand of car... I'm glad to see it on top 10.

By the way, great post!


Toyota doesn't sell Solaras anymore
So Accord gets a boost
Camry does not
Carry on

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