Recall Alert: 1998-2002 Isuzu Rodeo, 2002 Isuzu Axiom, 1998-2002 Honda Passport

Isuzu is recalling certain 1998-2002 Rodeos and 2002 Axiom vehicles, and Honda is recalling certain 1998-2002 Honda Passports, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
The recall affects vehicles that were originally sold or are currently registered in 21 states and the District of Columbia where road de-icing materials may have corroded the left or right rear suspension lower link bracket earlier than expected. Excessive corrosion could cause the bracket to detach from the vehicle frame and cause a crash. The affected states are Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, the District of Columbia, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri and Kentucky.
Dealers will inspect the lower link bracket for corrosion. Vehicles with little or no damage will be treated with an anti-corrosive compound; a reinforcement bracket will be installed if corrosion has damaged the bracket and its connection to the vehicle frame. If corrosion is so severe that a reinforcement bracket would not be an appropriate repair, a suitable remedy will be developed.
Inspections and repairs will be free of charge for vehicles that are 10 years old or newer. A vehicle older than 10 years will be repaired for free only if it is brought to an Isuzu or Honda dealer within 12 months of notification; the manufacturer has not yet determined when owners will be notified. There’s also no word on what locations Isuzu owners will be directed to since the brand no longer maintains new-car dealerships in the U.S. Owners may call Isuzu at 800-255-6727, Honda at 800-999-1009 or NHTSA’s hot line at 888-327-4236.

By Dave Lee | October 1, 2010 | Comments (85)
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These things rust apart pretty thoroughly.


I own a '99 rodeo and live in Virginia. It seems weird that Virginia isn't included in that list since DC and Maryland are. A lot of people that live in northern virginia (like I did when we purchased it) commute to either DC or Maryland for work every day.


I swear, I saw Axiom 3 days ago. That's first time in years.


I own a 2002 Axiom in Illinois, Paul. NO rust at all.


my daughter and I were almost killed on the highway when my 2000 Isuzu Rodeos frame rotted out. towed to garage and deemed beyond repair! I hope I can get reimbursement as I've had to buy a new car.


Why are 2003's not included?


My frame let go apon accelleration at almost 50 mph and turned hard left into oncomming traffic at 7:30 am on a busy morning, I missed the oncomming 10 wheel dump truck by inches and was almost rearended by the pickup behind me. My beautiful car was also deemed beyond repair after investing a pocket full of money into it. While it was on the lift in the shop we noticed some small bubbles in the frame coatong and started tapping around and found the frame rotting from the inside out while the sheetmetal floor and rockers look like new ? I hope they do something about this as I cannot afford the loss of the $3500 I have invested into what I thought would last me quite some time. I hope the issue will make the local shops look more closely at the frames on these cars as it is difficult to detect an issue from the outside of the frame until it is way too late.... I have seen several rodeos in public and on dealer lots that look the same way my frame does and most owners are unaware. I also think some dealers are aware but are in denial as I have pointed out the issue at a couple lots and the cars are still out there for sale.... check your frame realy well before you decide it is safe as it is scary when it lets go unlike what isuzu claimed in their original recall.



There are no 2003 models


I have a 2002 Reodo that the frame is falling off the car. Pieces are comming off on highway, it is no longer safe to drive.

gina barrett

i have a 98 isuzu rodeo that the fram is so bad it will not pass ispection and it is the only car that i have and can not aford to pay to have it fixed or get another car i hope they will salve this problem soon i need to have a way back and forth to work

Eric Fontana

We had an '02 Axiom and the Frame rusted through on my daughter and scared the daylights out of here, it only had 62,000 miles on it and we had to take it to the junkyard. Now its gone.


I received a safety recall notice sent to me from Isuzu.It was about the rear brackets and the corrosion which might have occured. I took it to an Isuzu dealership in Tysons Corner, Va. where I was told it was not same to drive and not repairable.i was contacted by a memeber of Isuzu based out of California and he offered me 2995.00. I told him it was not acceptable as I had just put 2700.00 into my Rodeo knowing i would get another 150,000 out of it! my mechanic told me it was a sound vehicle but did not know about the corrosion. I have contacted an attorney and am in the processes of trying to resolve this unfortunate matter. If they would just cover all the repairs for 2010 I would settle for 5700.00


I own a Honda 2001 Passport. My Honda dealership deemed it unsafe to drive and I am now in a rental provided by Honda. The Honda mediation offered me $1800.00. I planned on getting 105,000 mor miles out of this car and am very upset. We have not settled. Waiting on Honda mediation to find a remedy for repair or settlement on this frame issue. Frame is beyond stage 4 and cannot be repaired!!! waiting patiently for the solution from Honda.

jairus lim

i have 2001 rodeo the frame is really bad..its not safe anymore..wer in toronto canada dont know who r we going to call coz GM dnt care about the re call


I Own a 2001 Honda Passport and the rear suspension rotted off the frame and cannot be driven. under the car you can see huge holes in the frame,looks like swiss cheese. It doesnt look fixable to me, and its under recall...Dont you think that if honda buys the vehicle back,they should give market value PRIOR to the frame damage caused by Honda? because with frame damage,it is put in the "poor" category when it was in good condition without their manufacturing mistake.


I am waiting on Honda Corporate to give me a better offer. I told them the first offer was an insult. They will try to low-ball all of us unless we fight back. I won't back down!!! My Honda Passport was deemed unsafe/not fixable and to think my 17 year old son was driving it. Wake up Honda Corporate and do the right thing.

Robert French

The Frame fix Isuzu is offering is DANGEROUS!!!
Their solution is to spray a coating or put a frame fix called a sandwich and that wont work either. The frame is rusting from the inside out and unless you replace that section completely it
will still be dangerous. What ISUZU should do is put new frames on the ones that have the best bodies and the other ones buy them and junk them

Bill Fitzgerald

My son, 17, just bought a 1998 passport in beautiful condition inside and out for $4000 and we took it in for the recall to find out there is nothing left to the frame! The mediator "Renee" called to tell me that they can execute the recall but the car is still unsafe to drive. The offer...$1800. What are we doing about this? The kelly blue book is $3500- $5200.


Hmmmmm...I am working with Renee too. She doesn't return phone calls or acknowledge faxes either. Sounds like they are trying to give us a "deal" that works for them and not the consumer. Go figure!

Andy Ward

Why are 1997 Rodeos not included? Did they use different steel?


So Renee finally decided to call back. They are willing to up my offer by $800!? What is that going to get me in Massachusetts? A scooter, that's what. Try again Renee....


I own 2002 Rodeo that looks like it's almost new, until you look underneath it. I took it in for the recall and the dealer said that the brackets in question were fine, of coure the rear sway bar is hanging off and the frame is rusted in several other places but the recalled area is just fine! Meanwile I can't drive the car.


I have called a Isuzu dealer 3 times requesting a appointment because i recieved a letter notifying me to take my Rodeo in for inspection and they keep telling me someone will call me back to set up a appointment and I've been waiting for the past 2 months for a call. If this is a seriuos matter they should be taking care of everyone immediately not wasting time. My rodeo drives fine but has corrosion on frame.

ronald martz

i figured my isuzu would last the rest of my life with only 57,000 miles it would have now this i got the recall letter in dec.2010 as of yet nothing but excuses are there any lawsuits started iwill join in if there is


I think its time for a class action suit. They are nickle and diming us, the consumers. Are there any attorneys out there who can help us?

Jeremy Henson

I have a 2001 Honda Passport w/90000 miles that has been deemed a stage 4. The shop has completed repairs and i'm awaiting a confirmation from Honda that it's ok to release the vehicle back to me. I've been in a rental going on close to 2 mo's. I work for the largest insurance company and my suggestions are as follows: File a complaint on the NHTSA web site. File a complaint on the US DOT website. Contact your state Senator. PA's state Senator has forwarded a complaint due to repaired vehicle not passing state inspections. NHTSA has been exploring the possibility of expanding this recall to the entire frame and not just the brackets. Review my complaint on NHTSA 10393605. Search for a 2001 Honda Passport and look for the PA Senator, GREAT info. This is another Toyota situation where people's safety is at hand. Thanks folks.


Thanks, Jeremy. I will do that here in Massachusetts. I'm also going to notify the Attorney General here as well. I finally got my check from Honda and can't pick up my new car until my check from Honda clears. So "Renee" tells me that they won't pay for the rental car for 3 more days until I can get my new car. Oh really Renee? What kind of company do you really work for? And I asked to speak to her supervisor..guess what folks, she claims she doesn't have one?! Corporate America? Ummmmm...for the people? I don't think Honda Corporate cares about the people. I say CLASS ACTION SUIT!!!!!


my 2001 Rodeo runs good, looks great, but won't pass inspection due to this corrosion...hoping to get taken care of thru Isuzu. this is my 2nd Rodeo and hoped to get a 3rd...great vehicle!


I have a 98 Honda Passport with 165,000 miles the car runs great but when I took it in to get the frame inspected the recall area and frame was in great condition but the track (sway bar) was disconnected in the back. The frame in that area of the car was rotted. I was given a rental stating that the car was unsafe. I was hoping to get another couple of years out of the passport.


I own a 2001 Isuzu Rodeo. I also received a notice informing me that my vehicle has a regional safety recall per bulliten SB10-11-S002. This was due to the rear frame rusting away. I brought my vehicle into the closest Isuzu repair shop which was about 45 miles away from my home. After looking at the vehicle the service advisor informed me that he couldn't repair the vehicle because of the rust and would have to order a special tool to get it fixed. I then drove home and waited about another month for a call from the advisor. After wating the month I called the advisor who informed me that the tool was in and that he would have to have my vehicle for more then a day to fix it. I asked if he would pay for a rental car and he said that I would have to pay for it myself. So I had a friend follow me in another vehicle so that I could get home. A couple of days later I got a call from the service advisor informing me that the frame was too rusted to be repaired and would be taking photo's to send to Isuzu Owner Relations to see what could be resolved with this issue. So I had to get another ride to get my vehicle. The advisor also informed me that he didn't think that it was safe to drive my vehicle but let me leave with it. A couple of weeks later I was then informed that more pictures needed to be taken to resolve this issue. So I drove back up to the dealer ship to get this done. At that time I've driven back and fourth six times to this dealership. A few weeks later I called the Isuzu Owner Relations only to be told that the dealership will be doing the repair work on my vehicle. I called the Isuzu dealership and the advisor now informed me that he was ordered to fix the issue. He would now have to order another repair kit and it would take 2 days to fix my vehicle. So I'm now waiting for him to call back to let me know that the kit is in. I will then have to drive back with a friend following me in another vehicle to get home. Once the work is down my friend will have to drive me back. WHAT A HEADACHE. This will be 8 times driving back and fourth not including my friend driving there vehicle to give me a ride twice. If any one files a class action suit on this let me know. I'll be happy to join the list.


Great stuff!


Well, ford finally fixed my van (after 6 mos in a rental), so now I get to enter the issue with my 98 Isuzu Rodeo (which I bought 1 year ago for 3500 in excellent shape so I'm not going to settle for less). I am not looking forward to more issues of the same nature (except this one is worse since Isuzu can't seem to offer the rentals that ford did). Only problem, the nearest dealership is 2 1/2 hours away from my house.


Brian the same thing happened to me I don't know what to do now. I dont have a car and they will not give me a rental. I found out the cars not fixable. So they will buy me out which I know they will not give me a good price. Lets all get a class action started!

El Jambarr

Early January, 2011, Isuzu Motors notified me of a recall (Safety Recall #: 10V-436) that could possibly affect my vehicle (a 1999 Isuzu Rodeo) due to excessive corrosion around the lower suspension brackets/links of the vehicle. After inspecting the vehicle, I was told that they have to order the necessary parts to complete the repair and that they will notify me when the parts come in three to four weeks.
So, when the parts finally arrived 3 weeks ago, I drove 200 miles to Columbus for the repair on 4/18/2011. Four hours into the repair, the dealer told me that the suspension brackets in my vehicle were so badly rusted that patching them with the new kit will make it unsafe to drive. Therefore, per the instructions given to them by the manufacturer in such cases, they will have to hold and “scrap” the vehicle. They told me that an Isuzu agent will contact me within the next few days to negotiate a buyback.
When I called Isuzu, they told me that the reimbursement claims process could take up to three weeks to complete. I then requested them to at least provide me with a rental car since I was never advised of the possibility that I might not get my car back. A guy name Terry, the rudest punk I have ever spoken to in my life told me literally to go to hell. He asked me if I thought that my car was going to last forever. He categorically told me that they are not responsible for my personal transportation. When I asked to speak with a manager, he said he was the manager and does not report to anyone else there. I could not believe my ears…I really thought it was a joke. When I started screaming, he hanged up the phone. I called back and he hung up again. Now I am looking for a lawyer in Ohio to file a lawsuit and have the court to force them to pay for my rental car expenses. I am left without a vehicle and I am at a risk of losing my job for lack of transportation. I just don’t think it is fair for them to suddenly deprive me of my vehicle (without prior warning), and not have any alternative plans readily lined up for situations like mine.
I am totally desperate and need the courts to hold Isuzu fully responsible for my transportation needs while they process my reimbursement claim. I have to call for rides from friends (a great inconvenience) back and forth to work causing me to miss work at times or be late. So, if you are in a similar situation and know of a good lawyer in Ohio, please email me at their details. I really support a class action lawsuit.


I hope you are all aware of the Facebook page on this? There are nearly 500 people on there--a fraction of all the 149,992 cars affected I know, but imagine how many owners out there don't do FB or just got "took", never to be heard from again.

Every single one of the owners deserves fair compensation that would put them in a safe comparable vehicle if theirs is not repairable.

Please join the Facebook page! Just search on Rodeo Passport recall. We need to all work together.

This is the most unethical business situation I have ever dealt with, bar none.
If anyone has any info on how to start a class action PLEASE LET ME KNOW.


I to have a story to tell with my 2001 Rodeo, with only 100k miles on it. I have called Isuzu every other day for the past 3 weeks, only to hear the same story. I also support a class action lawsuit. Has anyone negotiated a higher reimbursement amount with Isuzu?




Our 2001 Rodeo suffered frame failure @ 87000 miles in 2009. Isuzu dealer at that time told us it was out of warranty so we paid $2200 to have it fixed. We traded it under the Cash4Clunkers program cuz my wife was afraid to drive it on the highway. When I got the recall notice I submitted receipt & after initially rejecting the claim Isuzu eventually paid $2000. They reduced the payment by the amount it cost to replace the bumper support which had rotted & needed to be replaced at the time the frame was repaired.


Hello, I do not own a Rodeo. However, I am currently looking at a used Rodeo. A 2000 V6. It looks really good and drives great. I was just doing a bit of research to see if they are good vehicles. I've only had my little Chevy Tracker for the past 9 years.
After reading all these stories, I'm beginning to think twice about purchasing this vehicle. How would I know if this car was on the recall list? Is there a way to find out? Do you suppose I could ask to have the car looked at by mechanic before I purchase the car?
Any advice is greatly appreciated!


i just purchased a 99 passport and when i drove it i heard a loud knowckin when i look under you can see the frame was welded multiple time but finally one of the stabilizer bars from the upper right of the rear axle snapped off and was hitting the under carrage, i was forced to remove the rear drive shaft and drive it in 4x4 basically a fwd but my question is am i qualified to take advantage of this recall since i did not purchase through dealer?

Kim Moore

To the Joker. Your vehicle is covered under the recall notice. Take it to your nearest Honda dealer for inspection. Since it was a recent purchase it probably was never put into their recall system. Call Honda @80-999-1009 option 4. Give them your Vin number. The original owner probably received the recall notice and did nothing. Good Luck. Be safe.

2000 Rodeo Owner

I have owned my 2000 Isuzu Rodeo for over 6 years and it now has 189k miles on it. It has been a great car, but a couple months ago my mechanic told me it was one foot in the grave because of all the rust especially near the left rear wheel. Then I remembered about the recall I received. I took it to an Isuzu dealer on 8/24 and found out the next day it was a class 4 and that they had to order a kit that would take about 5 days to arrive and then about 3-5 days to fix. Then I got a call on 9/1 saying when they went to attach the brackets, the frame was so rusted there was nothing to attach the brackets to, therefore it was considered "Not repairable" and the service manager told me Isuzu would contact me within 48 hours to offer a buyout price. It has been a week and a half since then...I have not gotten a call from Isuzu. I have kept my SUV in great condition and the Kelley Blue Book Private Party Value in "Good" condition is $4000.

Has anyone been offered a fair buyout price? The dealership told me that since I am the 2nd owner that I should be offered a fair price.

I have been borrowing my roommates car, which has squealing brakes, for 2.5 weeks. She needs it back to get it to her mechanic. At least Honda provides a rental! Isuzu will not pay for a rental.

Once I hear from Isuzu with a buyout price I will post again. In the meantime I am going to find the FaceBook page that was mentioned above in a post from PatCav.


i have a 2002 axiom -rear bumper completly rusted, but body looks good, only found out about recall today, of course haven't recieved recall yet. backed into a pole and took out hatch & glass & bumper at dunkin doughnuts at less then 5 miles/hr, thanks god I was not rear ended on the road. lets see
what isuzu will do 4 me, I bought this off the show room floor new and is still under warranty 4 eng & drive train till NOV. but like everyone else no dealers anywhere.


Same old story it seems. I bought a 2000 Rodeo from a used dealer in 02/11 - undercarriage is rusted, mechanic has said it is beyond repair. Izusu just took it into the shop and said they will get to it when they can. The mechanic who has seen it already said the frame is destroyed, and had I been on the parkway in my city, I would have been in grave danger driving this vehicle. This is pathetic - there has to be an option for us!!!


Are all the post from the east Coast?


We bought our 2001 isuzu Rodeo brand new and it only has 62,000 miles on it and the frame is beyond fixable. We are waiting for a rep to call us with a buyout figure too. I can only imagine how much they will screw us! El Jambarr - I talked to Terry too and yes - HE IS THE RUDEST PERSON EVER!!! I asked to speak to his manager too and he said NO. Isuzu doesn't care -they have no business to lose so there is no incentive for them to "satisfy" their customer. It's disgusting what they get away with!


I hope my story doesn't evolve into some of the stories I've read on this blog. But it's starting to take that turn. My 2002 Rodeo has been at the "dealership" since Dec. 11. When I called to make my first appointment using the number provided on the recall letter no one mentioned the fact that I may need to leave my car for more than a few days. Gee, I had planned to wait for the car. So I had to make another trip back and have my husband follow me and drive me home. It's been 10 days. I've never had to leave my car to be fixed for more than a day or two any where. I'm tired of calling the dealership. Someone was supposed to inspect it on a Tuesday, by Thursday I had to call just to find out they had ordered a "kit". I called that following Monday and no progress. Wednesday I called again only to be put into voice mail. Does Isuzu train the staff to be this unresponsive and non-customer friendly? Could someone at this point say we may need to keep your car for a week or two and offer a rental. I've had to borrow my adult childrens cars. Calling the dealership again -- I'll make sure I call the NHTSA also.

Heather Staas

Hmmm my 2002 Passport just went it, and was also deemed unrepairable. They are waiting for authorization to put me in a rental and make me a buy back offer. I'm looking for more info on what to expect for buy back, and I am going to look up that Facebook page also. Not happy; I just paid off this vehicle and needed to get another year or two out of it. Aside from this issue, I have LOVED my Passport! It's been good to me...


My 2002 rodeo had the rear suspension let loose last week. I finally got a phone call today from Isuzu offering me 4870 for the car a number they got from . The only thing is they forgot to put in the optional equipment. When i called them on it they said the guy who was handling my case from Isuzu will be on vacation from today till the new yr. I guess I will see what happens. I hope to get a call back today from the mediator.


I have a 99 Isuzu Rodeo. I have the same frame problem as everyone else. I too called Isuzu about the problem. I had my vehicle at a frame/welding specialist to get it fixed because it wouldn't pass inspection. Since I didn't buy my car until June of last year, I'm assuming the 1st recall notice was mailed to the previous owner. After calling and leaving messages & not getting replies, I payed out of pocket to have it towed to Isuzu (60 miles) on Dec 29, 2011, only for them to inform me the recall expired on Dec 13th. The service guy at the Isuzu garage where I took it said call the number on the recall notice and get a pre-authorization number. I called, and guess who I talked to...Terry. What an ignorant jerk. He belittled me and made me feel as if I was the person in the wrong. I tried explaining my situation, but he said the I didn't take it to an "authorized" Isuzu garage, and that I've had since Dec of 2010 to get this fixed. I told him, I just bought this in June of 2010, how could I have possibly got those notices in Dec. He said Isuzu didn't have to offer these things free of charge, and I was basically SOL. If I wanted it fixed now, I would have to pay for the repair. EVERYONE, PLEASE CALL NHTSA at 18883274236 and file a complaint about the entire frame being junk. The lady I spoke with was very nice. I asked about how many other people filed complaints, she said I was the 12th person to file a complaint. The rear frame that Isuzu had their recall on had 33 complaints. If we want to be treated fair, we need to stick together and get this problem fixed. Again, please call NHTSA


I purchased my vehicle a 2000 Izuzu Rodeo on January 16, 2010 from a Izuzu dealer in Pittsburgh PA.I had a recall about the frame and had it repaired at a Izuzu dealer in Pittsburgh PA on January 24, 2011. The dealer never informed me that My frame was rusted and had holes and cracks in it. It passed inspection just last September 5 2011. I was not informed by the inspection mechanic that my frame was rusted and cracked. In the future My vehicle was hit while it was parked with nobody in it in a parking garage on January 17, 2012. I took it to a body shop to have it repaired. The body shop informed me that my vehicle was totaled and not drivable because the frame had been damaged severely.Allstate whom is the insurance company sent an adjuster to view the vehicle. The adjuster called me and said the insurance would cover only the outside damage of the car but not the frame as it had prior rust and cracks in it before the accident. I can say that my vehicle was derivable until it was wrecked into.I can no longer drive the car as it is totaled and the insurance carrier only wants to pay my $752.00 for the outside of the vehicle. In a case like this what can you advise me to do. I no longer have a vehicle to drive and cannot afford to purchase another one with $752.,00?

Thank You Ed Nassan

jessica dewitt

My husband just this week found on the net about the recall on our 2001 Isuzu Rodeo. We have NOT received any letters and e-mails NOTHING. So he goes and checks out my vehicle, the entire undercarriage is rusted out. Rusted to the point of he himself is afraid to drive it. That explains A LOT! So now we do the waiting game to speak to someone at a dealership so they can "rig" my car instead of just trashing it. I feel for all of us. We work for what we have and the "big shot" make out in the long run while we still struggle.


PLEASE email me:

I as well bought a 02 Rodeo and almost was in a horrible wreck because of it. We really need to all get together and let these people know we will NOT take their small offers of nearly nothing for risking ours and our loved ones lives in the vehicles that we bought intending to be safe for us.

Isuzu/Honda needs to take responsibility for this, if there is anyone who has persued this further with a lawyer i'd really like to talk to you and possibly like someone mentioned above we can all join in on a class suit together.

This is so wrong of isuzu and honda to do and we should not continue to be taken advantage of as if our lives our a joke


What us the contact info for the Isuzu recall to double check on an Isuzu Rodeo that I just got from my father passing away. I am not positive of the year but am trying to figure it out. I was just starting to look into getting the transmission fixed as it has taken a dump when I found this site.

r mcelroy

I have a 99 Isuzu Amigo ... it is NOT on the recall... but I have the same problem... mechanic said nothing left ..had others look .. beyond repair... bumper falling off ... chassis sitting on axel.. and sway bar just rotted off... but IT STILL LOOKS GOOD!!!I do not even have a buy out!I am looking for outside help... those interested in filing suit please e mail me ...


My wife owns a 2001 Isuzu Rodeo. Right now it has about 68k miles on it, running the 3.2L V6, 5 speed manual transmission, and is only 2 wheel drive. It is not under recall as it is not in one of the states listed. It was purchased in NC, and has lived here since then either in a garage or under shelter. As of this posting everything under it looks no worse for wear than a month after it came off the lot. Now because it is only a 2wd vehicle and in NC it rarely if ever sees snow/ice/salt. I feel bad for everyone that's having problems with their Isuzu vehicles, we really do love the Rodeo.

Libby Dyar

I own a 1998 Isuzu Rodeo that has a rotted frame. I called Isuzu and was told not included in the recall only coved the AVS coil control modual. I will join a class action law suit as now I must buy another vehicle in which I did not plan.


I own a 2001 isuzu rodeo- in beautiful condition, except I found out that the frame is totally swiss cheese, rusted from the inside out. I found out that they used defective metal during those years our cars were made. I took my car in for yearly checkup, my car was shaking on the road and bucking like a horse, so i dropped it off to our mechanic thinking that it was just missing. I put over $600 into it. because they did the tune-up, and the mechanic took it out for a test drive, he realized then that it didn't have anything to do with the tune-up something else was wrong with it. put it up on the houst. called to tell me, his fingers and thumb was going threw the frame. that it isn't safe to drive. got ahold of the person involved with the recall, and they picked up the car within an hour and a half. lee from isuzu called the next day and tried to take it for $3400. I can't even buy a v-6 suv for that. I have 200,000 miles on my isuzu but it drives just like a new one, never have had any trouble with it and still don't. but can't drive it now. Only to house and barn. We took the car back. I want to talk to a lawyer/or start a class action suit along with anyone else that wants to do this. we need to all stick together and get this done. I should of gotten a least 60 to 80,000 more miles out of my car. I love that car, can't imagine anything else. also they took my car away, and left me without a car to get home or to work. I had to call for a pick me up. Very upset. I was planning on putting another engine into this car, when this engine went, because the body looks so good. Now what do I do. I can't afford car payments, I bought this car, so I wouldn't have any. It has been paid off. We sent bad steel over seas, and they gave it back to us, in the cars we bought. We should of learned. Need a lawyer out there who is willing to help us.


I have a 1998 Isuzu rodeo that a few months before the recall came out the sway bar came detached from the frame and we had it fixed, then earlier this year we noticed a bouncy ride when we drove it so we took it to our repair shop and the repair man said the frame was completely rotted, and that the mount to the frame that holds the shocks and springs on the frame was rotted off and the springs are sitting on floor board,and the shocks were just hanging their. So we called Isuzu and they said they would look at it if we took it to their va garage, I live in west Virginia and have no money to have had a tow truck take the vehicle to them by the next day, I have recently tooken the rodeo to a frame repair shop locally to see what they could do, he said they could put a new frame and it would cost around $2000 including $300 for a used frame. Why can't Isuzu put new frames on them for $2000 instead of paying us a little $2500 to buy a new car. They would probably save money, and their reputation, my rodeo currently has 206000 miles.

Chris Abel

I own a 2003 Isuzu Axiom. I was just told that the back passenger side of the frame of my car is so rusted that it is probably unsafe to drive on. Why aren't the 2003 and 2004 models included!?


I have 2000 Rodeo LS bought from a dealer in 08 with 67k on it. I just went to have my Rodeo inspected and my reliable mechanic said the frame was shot. Recall is over now, so i'm stuck without a car which I finally paid off last year.


To Chris Abel; the 2003 and 2004 axioms and rodeos aren't on the recall list because they supposable put the rust prevention coating on them to prevent the rust issue




just took my car to isuzu, was told frame was fine and they sprayed it bracket that holds lower link is completely rusted and about to fall off. i questioned the tech and was told inspection is only for the frame above the bracket not the bracket itself. then was told that this vehicle is still very unsafe. 99 isuzu amigo just purchased it a few months ago. im going to try and bring it to another dealer not many near me. really hope they can fix it


I purchased my 1999 rodeo about 2 weeks ago, and last night the lower suspension link separated from the frame and is not driveable at this point. The section of the frame where it separated is very corroded and rusted. I know this was a recalled part, but the people i bought it from didnt have the work done to it, and now nobody will do the work because the recall was in 2010-2011. Where should I go from here and how should I pursue getting this fixed?


I own a 2001 Isuzu Rodeo Sport born in May of 2001. I purchased this vehicle for 18k in Feb 2002. I live in Upstate NY and have kept my vehicle garaged during the entire time I have owned it. It looks Mint new and only has 53k miles. I absoutely LOVE my Rodeo Sport and cannot belive all this craziness is happening. I also received the recall notification and thought my vehicle would be fine. I brought it to a certified Isuzu dealer an hour away from my home. I was also told the frame is rotting off and there is nothing to attach any repair brackets to. Was told the vehicle was unsafe to drive but was then told I would most likely be ok to get it home. The shop is sending pics of the frame and my vehicle to Isuzu. I keep hearing about these buyouts. Does Isuzu give you money and let you keep the vehicle? I really want a new frame. I don't want to get rid of my Rodeo Sport. It runs fabulous and doesnt even leak anything for being 10 years old. I don't want to buy a new vehicle. I don't even like anything out there. All I can say is WTF Isuzu???? Why didn't they make the frame as good as they made the rest of the vehicle???


I just bought a 2002 Isuzu Rodeo. I'm worried about the rust problem. I'm going to call the 800# on Monday. It's an LS model and I love it! But I don't want to get killed in it!

mike wilkins

Terry Maloney at Izuzu custome relations needs to be removed from his position at Isuzu. His rudeness was the worst I have ever experineced. He hung uop on me as well.


My driverside rear bracket rusted so bad that I was driving around town and I heard a loud pop and it sounded like something was dragging the ground. After inspection I found that the bracket had rusted away from the frame. Lucky it did not happen while I was on my daily 45 minute drive from work on the interstate.


aparently we just got screwed buying the 2001 rodeo ls we got frame doesnt look good near the rear end is there anything we can do about it is the dealership that sold it to us resposible we really dont know what to do cause its our only vehicle that runs atm


I have had my axiom for a year now, and have yet to see another one up here in Wisconsin.

Juan Ramirez

I have a 2002 axiom the frame rusted beyond repair what are my option 773 886 9929


I bought my 2004 Isuzu Rodeo in 2005, I had the same problem, my lower bracket on the drivers side rusted off as I was driving down the road. Now everyone is telling me it can't be fixed. As I have read the blogs on this site I am seeing nothing newer than a 2002. Do you think the 2004 is covered??


My 2001 Passport had the bracket seperate from the frame. I brought it to my guy & he said the frame was rotted so bad it was unsafe to drive. I had to have it towed to the Honda dealership on a flatbed because it was unsafe to tow. They called & told me they were going to weld a support bracket on the car to fix it!! I asked about the rest of the frame & was told they are only liable for the part that was recalled. They also told me even after the repair was done, the car was unsafe to drive. Car has only 98,000 miles on it & brand new tires & shocks & was very well cared for. The moral of the story?? Honda is ONLY doing the repair to cover their butts so they can't be sued. I plan to call channel 8 news & report them for the frauds that they are.

Doug Whitbeck

I am the proud owner of a 1999 Isuzu Amigo. I received notice of this recall which stated that if the vehicle was not driveable because of this defect, Isuzu would pay for towing to an inspection site. My Amigo had failed state inspection because of rust to the rear suspension support and the frame in general. Isuzu WOULD NOT pay for the towing to the inspection and then offered me $500 for the vehicle. It is back in my yard waiting until I have time to investigate finding a southern or western vehicle with a good frame. Runs great! Looks great - until you get underneath the rear suspension area.


whats the number just bought this car in november lost half my leg in afghanistan so i cant get under car when i looked at it sweet body now find out its rusted away at the frame paid 4500 dollars for it 2 months ago now isuzu whats to give me 1300 bucks

Carol Z.

I just purchased a 1998 Isuzu Rodeo with 142,650 miles and it failed inspection. Our Mechanic said that the entire frame was rusted out. Having found this website and after reading everyone's posts, I called Isuzu, spoke to Wendy, who said that the only problem they would address was the matter of the lower link bracket corrosion. She recommended that I take the car to an Isuzu Repair Station and have them inspect the repairs made to the lower link in 2010 when the Recall was announced. She said that if the repairs did not take, they would re-address the matter now. Has anyone done this and if so, what was the outcome?

Kira Moskos

My 16 year old son was driving my 98 Rodeo. He lost control of the car when the bracket popped. The car is extremely dangerous.


i just purchased a used isuzu rodeo. being disabled i could not get under the vehicle to inspect it really good.days later i realized that there is massive corrosion under the vehicle and want to know is there any thing that could be done to help is a nice driving suv and i dont want to lose it or my investment.


I have a 2001 Isuzu rodeo and I havent got a recall letter



Darla Doss

I have 1999 Isuzu rodeo my son was driving it the bracket broke he had hard time keeping control of it almost wrecked. Now it can't be driven anywhere and the entire frame looks rusted it shouldn't matter whether it was involved in recall or not the frame should not rust like that. I never had a car do that and from the look all the comments I am not the only one.

Cristina G.

I bought a used 2002 Honda Passport from a small dealer for my son early spring of this year. The car looks good and under looks like they sprayed the frame with black paint that I thought was rust sealant. My son has been complaining of the car shaking when he drives it on the highway and also when he makes a turn it seems to be going to its own direction. Well yesterday my son's break pad fell off as he pulls up our driveway. Today my husband took a look at it and discovered that the sway bar is hanging loose on one end. The Frame and Part of the sway bar are rusted off and there is nothing there to even attach them together. I called the 800 number and they told me that the car also has an AIRBAG recall. That really ticked me off. Not only that this car is dangerous on the road, it doesn't even have an airbag to help you in case of an accident. I was told call one of the HONDA dealer and make an appointment and tell them what's wrong with my car.
After reading all your post, I don't think I'm getting anywhere with this.

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