Reviews the 2010 Mazda MX-5 Miata

2010 Mazda MX-5 Miata
The Mazda MX-5 Miata has been a top-selling roadster in America for nearly two decades now. The reason for that isn't just because of the Miata’s apparent lack of competitors — the Miata feels just right doing what it was intended to do, according to editor Mike Hanley. The Miata has sharp and connected steering and shifting feel, and it likes to be flung in corners. Continue reading to see how this little Mazda can make even the most mundane of trips exhilarating.

2010 Mazda MX-5 Miata Review 

2010|Mazda|MX-5 Miata

By Colin Bird | October 25, 2010 | Comments (4)



I thought Mazda removed the "Miata" name for simply MX-5. Of course, no one really stopped using it. It was kinda like the artist formerly known as "Prince". To most of us, he was still "Prince". Fill me in if I missed the return of the Miata nameplate!


Do NOT buy a Mazda. I own an RX8.

The smart cards that are used to start the car are dead and my car is now stranded.
Mazda wants to charge me nearly $600 for a new key to start my car, which I own the title to at a price of $33,000.

Mazda will not provide me with a pin number to program a new key - which I can purchase from a key reseller for $80. They are telling me a locksmith needs to use Mazda's online system to obtain one which is fine however...

More than one locksmith has told me that they will not use the online Mazda website to purchase a pin number to program keys because one several
the pin numbers didn't work and Mazda would NOT refund them their money.

Mazda customer service is completely uncooperative and does not care. They have done nothing to help me.

I am disgusted that Mazda is charging nearly $600 to program a key that I can obtain for $80 from a reseller brand new in the packaging - and is making it nearly impossible for me to have it done by a locksmith.

I will never buy this car or any Mazda, every again.

Mazda customer service has refused to help me with my key problem.

My car is stranded and cannot be started at this point without having it towed to a Mazda dealership and spending well over $500.

Mazda is effectively preventing me from starting my car that I paid them $33,000 for without paying them another nearly $600 just for a key.

Mazda never alerted me at the time of purchase that this could be a potential issue in the future.

Not worth the money

Ivan Lee Livingston

Thank you for telling me about Mazda's customer service and the $ 600.00 key.

I was going to buy a used Boxster Porsche until I watched reviews of the 2010 MX 5.

Now,I'm gonna keep my money away from bad service and overcharges.

well bad services and charges are always part and parcel of buying and selling cars. someone realizes on time and some one takes a fall.

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