Buick Announces Verano Small Car


Earlier this year we got word from GM that the Buick brand would get a new compact sedan, and now we know its name. The small Buick will be called the Verano.

The Verano, which is expected to go on sale in 2012, will be built at GM’s Orion Assembly in Michigan along with a next-generation Chevrolet small car, which likely could be the new Aveo.

The automaker also included a sneak peek of the new Buick, which looks like a smaller version of the Buick Lucerne up close. The brand will also get a compact crossover within the next few years.

We'll keep you posted once Buick makes more information available.

By Colin Bird | October 7, 2010 | Comments (17)



Hmmm...a Buick version of the Aveo...could be interesting.


Guess it's the Buick version of the Cruze...not Aveo. But the Cruze is being built at Lordstown. Doesn't make sense that this would be built at the same plant as the Aveo.

GM has invested $600 million into Orion Assembly, including $145 million specifically for tooling for the compact Verano. The plant will be flexible enough to run both vehicles.


Coulda picked a name not so close to an existing car name (Murano).


This is related most to the Opel Astra.


personally i think they should have went with "Skylark"...i think it has been long enuf that most wouldn't remember just as a fleet special in its last incarnation....Verano isn't very Buick-y...JMHO

One thing we know for sure – there better be no cheap rental grade base model...


The phonetic transition from the "k" in Buick to the "v" in Verano is horrible. Since Olds is no longer around why not call it "Cutlass" or some other name that starts with a "k" or "hard c" sound.

Buick Cutlass - now that sounds much better.


Buick Daewoo - how is that sounds? Hey, this is what you get no matter what it is called.


I'd take a "Buick Daewoo" over a lot of other boring cars it's likely competing against.


Hopefully it doesn't evoke any rememberances of the awful Suzuki "Verona" in anyone's mind - another Daewoo product.

They didn't sell very well, so most people probably wouldn't make the connection. I agree another name probably would have been better.


Great.....GM is rebadging again..... Don't they ever learn?


The GM clowns blew it when they kept Buick and dumped Pontiac. The only reason they did so was b/c Buick sells in China. How's that for wanting to sell to Americans!? My family will never buy another GM vehicle.


I agree with "d"...Skylark would have been cool...so its a re-badged Cruz...like Toyota, Nissan, and Honda (Lexus, Infinity, and Acura) don't do the same thing??? Its all in the translation...I would like to see the new Verano before I judge it. I like the Cruz and and I'm not a Chevy fan at all...



Learn what a rebadge means if you are going to use the term. That way you will know when to use and when not to use it.


Its a Buick Excelle GT in China. (look it up on the net) Nice car no matter what name it carries.


If not Skylark, Skyhawk is another 'heritage' name they could use! =)

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