2011 Acura TSX: Best Station Wagon Commercial Ever

There are those among us who love station wagons. They like that you can get a large cargo area without a high step-in height. They don’t mind having the vantage point of a car rather than the higher-riding SUV.

That’s why this new commercial for the Acura TSX SportWagon called “Transformation” is so terrific. While most owners won’t take a highway off-ramp at the same speeds as the commercial's stunt driver does — and probably shouldn’t — watching the sedan transform into the wagon while doing the maneuver is a treat for wagon enthusiasts. We also appreciate the type of transformation going on in this ad, which is far removed from the over-CGIed effects of the recent "Transformers" movies.

A video of the making of the commercial is below.

The 2011 TSX SportWagon goes on sale later this year.

By David Thomas | October 27, 2010 | Comments (7)



But showing its weakness of front wheelspins.


Loved the behind the scenes video, old school stop motion!!!


You think this commercial is terrific because you love wagons and that you get a large cargo area without a high step-in height? And how is watching this transformation a treat to wagon enthusiasts? Because it gets the point across that you get a large cargo area without a high step-in height or that you don't mind having the vantage point of a car?

How about that it has nothing to do with liking wagons and everything to do with being a cool idea for a commercial? But hey, more power to you wagon enthusiasts out there.


That is a pretty cool commercial. I agree that the stop action is a lot better than the CGI stuff that they have for most things. Looks a lot more real.


Cool commercial sure, but it's made me not want this car.

Notice during the turn how much body roll there is? Even more so, apparently there is an open differential up front because the front right tire spins way out of control. Any good LSD would of kept power in the front left to get through that corner.

Cool commercial. Allen, the TSX does have traction control and a vehicle stability system (which would limit wheel spin), but in order to do this type of slide you must turn off the system (otherwise the systems would kick in to prevent this type of shenanigan). Also, I can guarantee you that any car driven to the point of slide will lean noticeably. My friend's M3 leans noticeably when he does slides (which are slap-happy fun)...


What an awesome and ingenious commercial. I never thought much about the TSX but seeing it go thru that slide makes me want one.

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