Why the New Ford Ranger Isn't Coming to the U.S.

As Ford prepares to take the wraps off its next-generation Ford Ranger on Oct. 15 in Australia, we finally know for sure it will not replace the current Ranger in the U.S.

Derrick Kuzak, Ford’s group vice president of global product development, says there are no plans for the new Ranger in the U.S. or Canada at this time. According to Ford, the reasoning is fairly rational: The model would overlap too much with the popular Ford F-Series in America. The F-150 will get a new array of engines for 2011.

The new Ranger will be about 90 percent the size of the F-150, and the new compact pickup could cannibalize sales from the full-size model, according to Kuzak. Kuzak also said the Ranger was mainly used as a cheap means of transportation in this country — the 2011 Ranger starts at $17,935 and gets 22/27 mpg city/highway. Models like the Ford Transit Connect, upcoming seven-passenger Ford C-Max and Ford F-150 with EcoBoost will fill those shopper needs, he said.

The new Ranger — codenamed T6 — is expected to be equipped with a 2.5-liter gasoline-powered four-cylinder and 2.2- and 3.2-liter diesel powetrains, with the possibility of a EcoBoost engine as well, according to our friends at PickupTrucks.com.

For more information on the new Ranger, check out PickupTrucks.com for comprehensive coverage.

Ford Previews All-New Global Ranger, but It's Not Coming to North America (PickupTrucks.com)




Perhaps a good business approach to leave this particular Ranger off-shore but FOMOCO USA is missing a golden opportunity by not re-designing and down-sizing the USA Ranger. Chalk up another Ford icon (Ranger) gone by the wayside. Somebody needs to send Kuzak a clue that Ranger buyers are not gonna buy a Transit.

Agreed. Ranger buyers are NOT going to buy a Transit. What is Kuzac smoking? Ranger buyers will not migrate up to the HUGE F-150 either. That truck keeps getting bigger, boxier, and taller with each generation. Kuzac, the clue phone is ringing, so answer it.


yeah, this news isn't new, but it's still disappointing. other manufacturers will continue to make smaller trucks with 4-cyl engines...guess they'll benefit from ford's decision.


Do what I am doing. Send a complaint and tell Kuzak he has lost his mind.
Ford Motor Company
Corp. HeadQuarters
One American Road
Dearborn, Michigan, 48126
Attn: Derrick Kuzak

I tired to get his phone number, they wont give it to me. :)

I am presently on my second Ranger, planned on buying a third when the time came. They just lost a customer here.


Chrysler,want to come up with a winner? The time is right,bring back the FWD Rampage.Base it on a FIAT model,offer optional AWD and watch the sales soar....and say goodbye to Dakota.


HAHA we get it in Australia :P along with all the other small diesel pickups, Hilux, Triton, Navara, BT-50, Amarok, D-Max


I figured the answer was "Because Alan Mulally had to eventually screw something up."


Real Genius move Ford.....yes I use my Ranger as a daily commuter. I also load it up with near 1000lbs of stuff a home depot...along with multch and dirt. I drive it in 9" of snow this winter and got home safe. I paid $19k for that truck, its tricked out with almost every bolt-on I could find to add power. Somehow I don t think you can sell me a F150 that will do all that satisfy my power-weight-cost ratio. Now that I have a daughter I would have rather purchased a loaded T6. Now I have to look at a used Sport Trek, a frontier or a tacoma. You lost another sale...congratulations FORD.


I've owned 3 Rangers over the last 20 years, loved everyone, except the first not quite as much as it wasn't an xtracab. Why would anyone compare an F150 to this vehicle? The size alone would not only discourage me but prevent my wife from driving it. The Ranger reminds of the WWWII Jeep, tough, functional and reliable. Silly to think it would steal sales from its bigger brother. If that was actually the reason why build so many different car models?


A WHAT IF SCENARIO: Since it's obvious FOMOCO is dumping the U.S. Ranger, what if a venture capitalist organization offered to buy the Ranger, its assembly plant and establish an on-line sales network. Most likely. this little truck could no longer be called Ranger... maybe the new name would be "Lone Ranger" or "Tonto".


If the new Ranger is really about 90 percent the size of the F-150, then Ford needs to fire their product planners. That's just idiotic!


Thanks ford I was going to retire with a new pickup. I Hoping that the T6 or the F-100 was coming. Now I know not to wait for my new Ford. Maybe now VW will bring it"s diesel to the States & show you that Harry Home Owner needs a truck too.


The domestic Ranger has been ignored for years by Ford. When the Toyota Tacoma became the dominant nameplate in that size segment it appears Ford just threw up their hands and said "Oh well, we are making tons of money on the F-150, so why even put any effort in trying to keep up with the Tacoma's innovations?" If the Ranger had reasonably comfortable seats I would have considered it a good buy at the price. Ford, and other manufacturers, for some reason, don't engineer their pick-up truck seats with the comfort of the driver in mind. Even the top of the line models with leather and a multitude of adjustments are a challenge to find a comfortable, back pain-free, driving position. Make the engineers drive the vehicles for a couple of days at 8 hour stretches and see how they feel.

I have always been under the impression that we weren't getting the T6 however I am against Ford killing our Ranger. I think it should be redesigned to include a full array of modern safety features and it should get new powertrains. I think the size should stay the same. I have talked to many Toyota customers who wish the Tacoma was still it's original size. Thats a market that needs to be kept alive. A 4 cylinder, a 4cylinder turbo diesel and a V6 ecoboost SVT variant to build excitment. I own a 1996 Supercab XLT 3.0 with 184k miles. My dad purchased brand new and i'm going to drive it until the motor screams for mercy. Then it's going to get a 5.0L crammed in. Ford please keep the Ranger alive.

Idaho Guy

Very bad move on Ford's part. Some people simply don't want a truck that is as huge as the F-150 has become. I was excited that a smaller version (the F-100) was going to be available - at least that was the rumor I heard. You blew it Ford. This was a golden opportunity, and you missed it.


Dumb move Ford. I'm on my second Ranger and my wife drives Fords also. If I have to switch car companies to get the smaller Pick-up truck I prefer then my wife comes with me. The TC is just nasty... I understand it for USPS and delivery drivers but come on and I don't need nor want the size of an F150.


Look for a Hyundai or Kia small pick up truck to enter the market. The Ranger was the last city truck available. Who wants to spend 30 thou on a truck to haul a Home Depot package or make a dump run. Now Hyundai will not only have a car in every driveway, but their small pickup will take over the Burbs homeowners driveway for weekend chores.

That's too bad because many consumers are waiting for it because Americans do love trucks like the Ford Ranger. I really hope that Ford would change their mind and release it in the US.

Tom Lehmann

The current Ranger size is perfect. I dont want to drive a freaking barge. Dumb move!


Would like a new Ranger. I have a 97 and would replace it however the f150 is to big to fit into my garage.

Ryan Berry

My question is did Ford sell lots of Rangers or aka Mazda trucks? I think they did. That all I have owned for the last 25 years. I would have bought one this year but no trucks and I don't want the full size. Sorry Ford and Mazda you have lossed a sell for now. I hope you bring them back. Tell the educated ones and to pull their heads out. there are people who like small trucks.


I just like how the american car manufacturers are not bringing new american small trucks to the U.S. Or if they do they look like a nissan frontier..... (dummies)


companies who don't listen to the customers are destined for hard times

David Thach

Thank you Ford, for not marketing the vehicle I want. Don't want one of your fat ass F150s. I do want an 8 foot bed though and Nissan and Toyota don't see fit to put one on their midsize trucks.

Charles Campbell

Want this truck in the USA. My father just purchased an XLT T6 3.2 turbo diesel 4x4 for my mom..... In Jamaica. Awesome Truck.

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