Updated 2011 Jeep Liberty Keeps $23,250 Price

2011 Jeep Liberty
The 2011 Jeep Liberty gets some minor upgrades for the model year. Starting at $23,250, the 2011 Liberty base model costs the same as last year’s model unlike the price increase the 2011 Jeep Wrangler received, but it had more drastic revisions than the Liberty. All other 2011 Liberty trims actually see price decreases of around $500.

As we covered earlier, the 2011 Liberty gets some minor updates to its steering wheel, which you can see in the photo below.

2011 Jeep Liberty Priced

Besides that, the radio and multimedia system have been upgraded, and the model features four new exterior colors. We weren’t positive if the navigation system was upgraded in our last post, but now we know that Chrysler did upgrade it to a 6.5-inch touch-screen. The media center is available with a 30GB hard drive and a new Garmin navigation system, if your model has navigation.

For 2011, the Jeep Liberty is available in three models: Sport, Renegade and Limited. Renegade was introduced midway through the 2010 model year and emphasizes the trim’s off-road capability (the Renegade trim is pictured above). For full pricing specs, continue reading below. The new Jeep Liberty is on sale now. Chrysler is already offering $1,000 cash back on the model.

2011 Liberty 4x2 Price (2010 Price)

  • Jeep Liberty Sport: $23,250 ($23,255) 
  • Jeep Liberty Limited: $26,650 ($27,125) 

2011 Liberty Unlimited 4x4 Price (2010 Price)

  • Jeep Liberty Sport: $24,865 ($24,865) 
  • Jeep Liberty Renegade: $27,250 ($27,860) 
  • Jeep Liberty Limited: $28,250 ($28,735) 

Prices do not include a $745 destination charge.


By Colin Bird | September 22, 2010 | Comments (6)
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Look at how low the wheelwells are to the tires.Obviously this limited travel/ground clearance is the result of the original Liberty tipping on the test track way back before the original's intro.Chrysler isnt taking any chances jacking this thing up.


too bad the Liberty didnt receive the interior updates like the Wrangler and the Patriot. if anything, the Liberty needed them more than the Patriot since that model just received a significant update for the 09 model year. plus, the Liberty could really use the Pentastar V6. the 3.7 REALLY is not cutting it anymore.


It almost looks like a Cherokee... but it's just not the same. Turn Liberty into a crossover, and bring back the Cherokee for the rest of us.

Sherman Cahal

Style wise, I would have assumed the Patriot was the old Cherokee.

Ya, Bring back the Cherokee, Liberty doesn't attract us that much..


i own one of the older liberty's i have always liked the new one just think at this point its worth waiting for a engine upgrade i have the 3.7L and that seem to be pretty standard maybe they will but the New 3.6 in it that is used at the jeep Cherokee. that would be cool and increased gas mileage.

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