Top 10 Best-Selling Cars: August 2010

Cash for Clunkers continues to cast a long shadow: Big automakers had what looks to be a bad month, but last year the popular government program dramatically boosted the sales of many models, including the Toyota Camry, Honda Civic, Honda CR-V and Honda Accord. So the dramatic declines experienced by those models is not all too surprising.

Year-to-date, five of the models in the top 10 are selling less than they sold year-to-date in 2009. Before August, only one model on this list – the Dodge Ram – was selling worse in 2010 compared with 2009.

Toyota (down 31.4%), Honda (down 30%), Nissan (down 27%) and GM (down 24.9%) saw the most dramatic declines. Of course, Japanese automakers were the biggest gainers during Cash for Clunkers; GM’s decline is partly due to the strong sales gains by Pontiac and Chevrolet in August 2009. Chrysler saw a 7% increase because very few of its cars sold well during Cash for Clunkers.

The best selling full-size trucks — Ford F-Series, Chevrolet Silverado and Dodge Ram — performed well this month, and they were the only models on the list (besides the Hyundai Sonata) to post positive gains. Honda remains the automaker with the most cars on the list with three models, the same as last month.

Notable Items:
*Honda Accord includes 2,642 Honda Crosstours


This is list is missing the Hyundai Sonata -- 21,399.

think we caught that seconds before you did Brady. Thanks.


These Sonata numbers are bad news for Sonata buyers, you know...


It's amazing how that last generation Camry keeps racking up the sales.



Amazing how? The car has one of the most established reputations in the business and the deals are great right now. Combine unprecedented incentives with a strong brand and you get good sales. As the corolla proves best selling doesn't mean best in class.


Just how many times are you guys beating Honda for including the Crosstour in the Accord's sales but not Toyota for including the Matrix in the Corolla? While the Crosstour in fact is called Accord Crosstour, but the Matrix is just plain Matrix with nothing mentioning the name Corolla.


It is really surprise, the game changer all-new Sonata can't beat out outdated Camry sales.

despite the recall, Toyota have still untouchable god-like status.


Toyota and Honda are still very difficult rival for hyundai.


I like the look of the Camry in the picture - very sharp. I think the Toyota Camry could very well be the best American car ever built. People seem to really like buying them.


Wow Honda and Toyota make up 50% of the list. I'm not surprised at all to see the only only entries from Dodge, Ford, and Gov Motors are trucks. As much as things change they really stay the same.


Way 2 go Toyota Camry.....

Derrick G


Hyundai's plant that makes the Sonata in Alabama, can make about 25K vehicles/month. And until now, at least some of that has been Santa Fe production. You simply can't sell what you don't make. Still, the Sonata got very close to the non-Crosstour Accord, despite not having a coupe. Once Optima sales start eating into Camry and Accord sales (as well as VW's new lower-priced Passat replacement), it may well turn into a different story, especially if Camry sales continue to drop at a 7% rate.

Yeah Toyota

The Matrix is officially called Corolla Matrix, it's right there on the front cover of my owner's manual.


But it is not even on the website.

Derrick G


It's not on the EPA's fuel economy website, either.

Derrick G

But it should also be noted that Honda includes a memo in their press release noting how many Accord sales are Crosstours but Toyota gives no mention of how many sales are of the Matrix, so don't blame the staff here.


I'm extremely impressed with Sonata's 80% monthly gain!


buy american dummies


I find it surprising that both the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord outsold the Hyundai Sonata last month by by approximately 9,000 and 4,000 units respectively. Is it possible that the new Hyundai Sonata is over-hyped? And don't tell me it's due to lack of manufacturing capacity as that's bs and we all know it.


Very interesting!! As a Canadian can't help but notice we tend to buy domestic heavily over import. Ford outsells all GM brands and Toyota. Our economy growing @ over 3%, Americans seem to buy imports, economy in the tank. You folks need to wake and realize where the profits and jobs are really going.

Derrick G


Your comment is BS. For one thing, the difference between the Sonata and the Accord is 1,107. The Crosstour that makes up the rest is not even in the same class as the Sonata. And you've offered not one shred of proof that it's NOT manufacturing capability. The fact is that Honda and Toyota can make a lot more than Hyundai can right now. And you seem to be ignoring the huge sales slides of the Accord and Camry while the Sonata is up over 80%!!!! The old Sonata was eligible for C4C, too. Obviously those lost Camry and Accord sales went somewhere and the chart above makes it quite clear where that mostly is. Just because you want to lie and say something is BS doesn't make it so.


Derrick G,
I highly recommend you look into some anger management classes. Ask your mother to ask her pimp what they are.
Hyundai can import upwards of 188,000 Sonata's from their plants in South Korea. It's in their 10Q report - again ask your mother to ask her pimp what a 10Q report is. Not to mention they can add two additional shifts at the Alabama plant.
Just because you are disappointed in how your life turned out is no excuse to act ignorant. Now run along before I give you another dope slap.

I know that Toyota must be in the list. It is within the top 3 among them. May be the recalling of time to time put on effect of Toyota. As I hope soon Toyota will overcome all these problems and sit as best one in world car market.

Thanks to for placing very important chart.



you are simply wrong.
Sonata for the American Market is made only in Ameica. And currently there are waiting lines to get one. If not or the waiting lines they would sell many more.
Hyundai CAN start making some of them in Korea but that would require some retooling and supply changes because cars made for other markets are not 100% identical.
Most likely Hyundai will get rid of some falling Santa Fe production to boost Sonata production in USA because they understand that some people need a car right now and if they don't buy Sonata they will buy something else.


"And currently there are waiting lines to get one." Now that's funny! Do you have anymore jokes?

It's well documented that Hyundai has the ability to add up to two extra Sonata shifts at their US plant in Alabama. The reason they haven't done so to date is because the dealer floor traffic has not converted into sales.

Derrick G


Insulting me in no way fools anyone else into not seeing how ignorant you are. Tony's already pointed out your error, so I won't go anywhere further with you.


Produce your documentation! Fact is, Hyundai's going to the expense of moving tooling for the Santa Fe, which has just the '11 MY left before a full redesign, to Kia's Georgia plant just to free up production for the Sonata.

Honestly, are you people Honda and Toyota dealers or something? You can come on here and say whatever, but it won't change the fact that the Sonata is now digging heavily into the Accord's and Camry's market share. But you need to put up your facts or shut up!


in NYC, you will not buy Sonata by walking in unless you pay nice dealer markup.

I have no doubt that somewhere in the US there are places where you can buy one easy but when you have sales 80% up vs last year, it must spell into someone's face: it is asked for on the dealer floor.

Let me tell you something. Right now you can buy Accord EX cheaper then Sonata SE. Honda knows that Hyundai bytes harder and harder. Now, finally, HM and TMC have to fight for the consumer and this is a good thing.


Month after month people get excited by this list as if it paints a picture of the overall industry. Last month Toyota and Honda faced worse than average sales figures due to cash for clunkers comparisions and increased competition from GM, Ford and Hyundai. The 10 ten list is irrelevant. Ford sold more than Toyota last month even though Toyota outsold Ford by about 50k units in August 2009. That tells you a lot about marketshare which is all that counts. Last year GM (with 7 brands) outsold Toyota by only 20k units but this year the gap was 38k units with only 4 GM brands in existance. Cash for clunkers is part of the story but overall Toyota/Honda share is stagnating while Ford and Hyundai are gaining. Hyundai's sales were down only 7-8% off a record month last year so they arent using C4C as an excuse. Ford was down 11% as were GM's core brands. Toyota and HOnda were down 30%+ last month.

Top sellers dont tell the whole story.


Car companies are in the business to sell cars and the Toyota Camry is the best selling car YTD. Chrysler and Government Motors are No Where to be found except at the car rental agencies. Next.


"Car companies are in the business to sell cars and the Toyota Camry is the best selling car YTD. Chrysler and Government Motors are No Where to be found except at the car rental agencies. Next."

are you slow? LOL. GM and Ford outsold TOYOTA as a COMPANY last month. That's all that counts. NEXT.

Toyota had been #2 iin the US market for several years but it appears they will lose that title to ford in 2010. Total sales are ALL that matters in the end. There is no company called Camry or Accord genius.


Hi, David,

Do you mind if I use that chart on my website? I'll make sure to source it back to


LOL. GM and Ford outsold TOYOTA as a COMPANY last month. That's all that counts. NEXT.
-All that counts is profit. Next...

Ford was down 11% as were GM's core brands.
-No comment on how much Chevrolet was down... not surprising. Next...

Toyota and HOnda were down 30%+ last month.
-That's what happens when they had an artificially inflated month of sales. Next...

GM and Ford outsold TOYOTA as a COMPANY last month... Top sellers dont tell the whole story.
-Follow your own advice. Next...

So what is the key to all of this - fleet sales, incentives, and models that weren't even offered last year.


are you slow? LOL.
-Shet, you should NEVER call anyone else slow. LOL indeed.


Total sales have nothing to do with a vehicles quality etc. More to do with being a mainstream vehicle. Chrysler was the only automaker to post year over year sales gains. Toyota was the big loser with a 33.4 % loss in sales. Americans that buy Camrys are very ignorant to the fact that there are simply better more economical vehicles out there. You are usually the ones supporting the war but not your economy. Buy american. Sit in and drive a dodge ram and then go sit in and drive a new camry. The dodge blows it away in every category. The F-150 is also a very nice vehicle. All in all american vehicles are far superior to our yellow friends across the ocean. Afterall the US has lead the auto industry for over 90 years now. Camaro, Challenger, Mustang, F150, corvette, Regal, Malibu, tahoe, Ram, Focus etc. Keep on recalling all the piece of crap of Toyotas.


Okay, what? Chrysler was at rock bottom, if they couldn't report sales increases then they should probably go out of business.

I'll be sure to point my customers to the Chevy Malibu and Dodge Ram when they're considering the Camry as a repurchase. Nothing like seeing them trade in a reliable car with 250,000+ miles for those two jewels. "Camry beware" of the Malibu, or better yet why buy a four-door efficient car when they could drive a massive truck? Good comparison.

So it is the Americans that are leading the auto industry? Oh, I didn't know that. I was confused when GM and Chrysler were almost forced out of business and Ford had to wake up to what was happening. Also there is that part where Japanese cars last longer than American cars, that threw me off. But thanks for enlightening me.

That long list of cars totally didn't do your comments justice. You went all across the spectrum there, from sports cars that barely go around a curve to one of the most disgustingly recalled vehicles when it first introduced to America.

Via the "Price Guides" on our toolbox, you can also browse through the product ranges from hundreds of online shops by product type or brand ... and if the same product is available in more than one shop, only the cheapest one is displayed.


I saw the new K5, K7, and Elentra...OMG...Elantra will kill Corolla and some of Honda Civic...incredible...

Only Reason for Hyundai Sonata numbers

The only reason why Hyundai Sonata has not beat the Toyota Camry is because we are in short supply with very high demand. Once we have the supply to meet the demand, Camry will be beat.


Im doing a project in probability and statistics


Remember that buying a gm, chrysler or ford is the right thing to do and why you say. Because the profits of these vehicles stay her in the USA not Japan or Korea where they are laughing at us and our Dead broke of a country. In ten years we will NOT be the world's most Powerful country. Yes watch out for China people. Yes 1.3 Billion strong and on the move.


Why do so-called real Americans buy a Toyoduh or Honduh product. Awnser is to put American manufacturing out of business and have massive losses in home values and a very high unemployment rate. Swell!!! God help us!!!


The list is missing the 2010 Hyundai Sonata. This vehicle is one of the best selling vehicles of 2010 and since 2009 there sales have increased by 50 percent. They are competing very well against Toyota and Honda.

why did we even fight japan? we should have just let their government take over

I wonder if this program is coming back, I'm pretty sure most dealerships did good. having more people coming in the dealerships to get the cash for there clunkers. What do you think?


glad to see sonata make a 80% gain. it is a good car.

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