Reader Review of the Week: 2011 Toyota Camry

Reader Review

“Empty Nester” from the San Francisco Bay area is a couple who have ditched their old family hauler (a Chrysler Town & Country) and downsized to a more manageable 2011 Toyota Camry XLE, which came in a “beautiful” blue exterior color. Check out the full review below, and you can write your own car review here.

“This is the first time I've ever bought a car just for myself (not for the family as a whole). The Camry has a great ride, not too soft and not too hard. The handling I describe as mellow — very easy to drive. Tracks well with no drifting.

2011 Toyota Camry

“The seats are pretty comfortable — a little firm, but I think they will soften with use. Lots of nice features in my XLE. I love the smart key and heated seats. Huge trunk. We've just finished a 900-mile road trip and it was a pleasure to drive, and had mileage over 30 mpg even with three passengers, luggage and speeds averaging 70 mph on the freeway. We used half the gas that our old Town & Country used.

“I highly recommend the Camry for someone looking for a good family sedan. Oh, and mine is also a beautiful blue!”


By Colin Bird | September 16, 2010 | Comments (13)
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when I got my Town & Country I loved it. It used a fraction of gas my tank used when I was in service.

I guess this type of "reader review" this blog likes. When I sent to them very detailed review on Highlander, they never posted it.

Brian K

I concur with this readers review as my new Camry (company car) is much more comfortable than my previous Impala. I am still impressed with how quiet the car is on the highway and the mpg's I am obtaining. This is my first Japanese car ever and I'm loving it. Ironically like the reviewer my car is also blue with heated seats.

We pick one review a week from all of that week's reviews. So a week later we don't consider another good review from the week prior. Sorry we missed your take on the Highlander. Did you send us a tip on it as well?

Al G.

I concur with the comments as well. While the Camry is antithesis of sportiness it is a very comfortable competent car. The car is a smooth operator and very comfortable on long drives. I too am surprise at the good gas mileage especially on highways driving around 70 mph. Mine is silver. Seats were firm at first but are very comfortable now. This is my 4th Camry.


David T,

Thanks for letting me know that I could waste a lot of time by writing a review for this blog.
Well, lets see if TTAC will like it.

I'm not sure I explained it properly. Obviously every reader review on our Consumer Review page is published once it passes through some filters. Every one.

For this blog we just pick one out of all the ones that come through as the best one of the week. And even then we couldn't necessarily guarantee it being picked. Sorry if that wasn't clear at some point of us running this feature for the past year or so.


So that means the TC got 15mpg? Whats wrong with that picture? Most Chrysler minivans get 21-23 mpg regularly.
When the recalls roll in,we'll see how much the Camry is loved.....


Stick to the drive-thru as it's clearly your calling. Obviously basic math is not one of your strengths.

camry is always be the most wanted car..

I love the elegant looking design.Toyota Camry really offers comfortability,convenience,safety and reliability.My dad have the car two years ago and we almost used it everyday going to school and he on his work.

It's one main advantage of Toyota Camry.The handling is exact.I got my Camry two years ago and the performance is really well.It's very reliable for everyday use.

Aside from the stylish exterior look,the safety should be prioritize.The new Toyota Camry includes Vehicle Stability Control with off switch,Traction Control ,Anti-lock Brake System with Electronic Brake-force Distribution and Brake Assist.


I have Honda City and I am using this for almost 5 years. I like this car very much. But now i am planning to buy a new car for my family in this year. After reading a wonderful note of 'Toyota Camry', I am looking for some more information regarding this car on the net.


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