Nissan Starts Taking Orders for Leaf

Nissan officially started to take sales orders for the Leaf this week for customers in California, Arizona, Tennessee, Washington and Oregon.

If you’re among the 18,600 people who reserved a Leaf in advance, you will receive an email on how to submit a solid sales order.

Because of various state laws, before you submit a production order with Nissan, you will need to contact a Nissan dealership to negotiate a final price and finalize the financing or lease agreement. After that, Nissan will place your order for production and give you a estimated delivery date.

The Leaf will be available in two trims: SV and SL. The SV starts at $32,780 and will come standard with recycled cloth upholstery, navigation system, 16-inch alloy wheels and three years of free roadside assistance. The SL starts at $33,720 and will come with a solar panel spoiler, fog lights, rearview camera and automatic headlights. A fast-charging port that can charge the Leaf’s battery to 80% capacity in 30 minutes will be a $700 option only on the SL.

Destination fees add $820 on both trims. Keep in mind that you might be eligible for a $7,500 federal tax credit and various other state tax benefits. Nissan is also offering a lease program that will start at $349 a month.

The Leaf goes on sale in December in the states listed above and then in Texas and Hawaii in January. A nationwide rollout will occur in the spring.


Anonymous Coward

Fast charging port should be standard on all of them.

Ford Owner

Get a load of the car in the looks like a friggen golf cart! I'm laughing my ass off right now. This is one more NIGHTMARE that the california freeways DON'T NEED. It's another junker that's going to drive 60 in the fast lane. I gurantee that you will crap your pants when you see your electric bill after the first month of ownership. It's also more strain on the power grid...Another nightmare we are going to have to deal with during the summer months. These plus everybody's A/C? Oh GOD!



You don't know your ass from a hole in the ground! Do some research before opening your pie hole.MHO

mike b

Whats hard to understand, where is the electric coming from? The electric companies make electric to power the cars. which will put a strain on the power grid. People save gas, but pay more for electric. Where do you save? It takes energy to make electric, coal,gas,or nuclear, so where do you save? just because you plug it in, it dosnt feel like you are using fuel, but you are.


Ford Owner - are you going to threaten to "hurt" the people who use the electric grid as well?

And dinosaurs - it costs less to make electricity and run an electric car than it does to burn gasoline. This is but one of thousands of reports on the subject:

Yes, it does cost money to get electricity. It costs much more to get and use oil.

Excellent, I just passed this onto a colleague who was doing a little research on that.


It will be funny to start seeing these sitting on the side of the road with dead batteries. Would love to see that in a Volt commercial - a viable electric vehicle for real-world use.


It will be funny to start seeing gasoline cars sitting on the side of the road with empty tanks. Would love to see that in any commercial - a viable gasoline vehicle for real-world use.

Ford owner you are funny!Just the part about slow cars driving in the 60. Personally I can only deal with a fast car driving here on the 405 S in Cali. Drive here in a slow car going 60 in the fast line and you will get run off the road.

Skinner, I drive a gasoline car and I have been stranded before because I ran out of gas twice.

Ford Owner

Slow cars in the fast lane happens daily, and it's ALWAYS a toyota or another japanese piece of crap when it happens. Most of the new sub-compact cars have LESS horsepower than a street bike. take the new Smart for example... the engine has 44 horsepower. Where's the rest of it??? I could probably beat that car in a race with my KX 250 motocross bike. If the car looks like a golf cart or a golf ball it's gonna be slow. Period.
The Nissan Leaf looks like a golf cart, and the Smart looks like a golf ball.
Need I say more?


Goodness Ford Owner... you need to actually say something.

How much hp does that Smart car have? And really when is the last time you saw one? Do you even know what they look like?

Either you are just trying to be a clod, or you need to read.


Ford Owner,

Nothing less expected from a kid who isn't even in college yet.

On one minute, you went on to say how "unsafe" these "tuna-cans" are, then the next minute you went on to say your dirt bike has more power than the smart. About to wonder where does the dirt bike's crash-worthiness lies.

By the way, the smart is not a Japanese vehicle. Now go back to study and get a clue.

Ford Owner

The dirt bike is for Off-Highway use. You don't see 60 different vehicles within a 1/4 mile radius of your location. Besides, there is protective gear that you have to wear anytime you are on a motorcycle. On or off the street. You don't wear 30 pounds of protective gear when you drive your car to the store or to work do you?
And I know the smart is not japanese. That's why I said "MOST OF THE NEW sub-compact cars". I probably didn't clarify it enough for you. That was just an example of what all these new micro-cars have to offer, which ain't much. And as far as safety on a dirt bike goes, the dirt is a hell of a lot more forgiving than concrete and tarmac. So I think YOU are the one that needs to get a clue.


Ford Owner,

I recommend you never remove your motorcycle helmet. Ever.

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Volume Van

New model Leaf is going to be priced lower and is going to have better range. So lets wait and see.

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