New 2011 VW Passat For Europe Only

If you came across images of the new Volkswagen Passat sedan and wagon (that’s them above) be aware that these cars won’t be sold in the U.S. Volkswagen spokesman Kerry Christopher confirms that these models are for Europe and global consumption only, and North America will get the all-new midsize sedan, code named “New Midsize Sedan,” to be built in Chattanooga, Tenn.

That car, which will get a unique name, will be unveiled in early 2011, with sales to follow later next year. The name will be announced at the car’s unveiling, and we’ve been told it will not be NMS or New Midsized Sedan.

You can check out a sketch VW released of the sedan here and the New Compact Coupe concept car VW showed at last year’s Detroit auto show here.


Derrick G

Wow this is the best looking Optima yet! Oh, wait...

I realy like how it looks :) Unfortunately...Europe...


it's odd that vw is developing seperate cars specifically for the u.s. market at a time when the u.s. manufacturers are globalizing their products. is vw's strategy a smart one?

Maybe it has something to do with the fuel consumption, since the fuel is 3x cheaper in US?

UK Diesel Driver

It does look like a less good looking, plainer Optima!

Ford / Opel / Peugeot / Citroen must be a little happier after seeing this 'thing'...


@used cars - it's possible, but i think it probably has more to do with creating cheaper cars that can be priced closer to the direct competition in the u.s. market while still making a profit.

rather than attempting to decontent or simplify an expensive european vw (which sells for a higher price in europe) for the u.s. market, it seems they've just decided to create a line specifically for the u.s. market.

I just don't know if this is a good strategy overall, as it seems inefficient.


"...the fuel is 3x cheaper in US..."

...Temporarily cheaper

Derrick G

Well I meant that it looks like a fancier version of the outgoing Optima, but either way, to me it's lost something.


Good looking cars. Unconvincing PhotoShop/3D/whatever.


sad 2 say if that car doesn't come to North America you will have some upset people and might just have poor sales for VW or they just might go to Europe in order to buy that car


VW's strategy won't work. Here's why:

VW is alienating their core market by offering de-contented automobiles which have no emotional appeal whatsoever. That's not what the market wants from VW. The market expects unique cars with plenty of personality from VW. The 2011 Passat looks like a plus-size 2011 Jetta, which is unfortunately a little reminiscent of a 90's Toyota Camry. I'm sorry to say that "Bland" is a compliment for VW's latest product offerings. The world would like to see German (or at least German engineered) cars with the same great styling, performance, and handling characteristics that we've come to know and love from VW. The company appears to be abandoning their key attributes in their quest to beat Toyota at their own game. Quality is another brand attribute which has long been associated with VW. Have you driven a 2011 Jetta? The hard,cheap materials inside the car actually insult the senses. VW, as brand seems to be unraveling before our very eyes. Smart brands don't abandon their attributes. They build on them.

VW doesn't get it. They continue to miss opportunities left and right. VW stands in a very unique position in the market. Where does the Toyota customer go when they're ready to trade up ( read; BCG "Trading Up")? I'd venture to guess that this market segment doesn't jump from a Toyota a Mercedes-Benz right way. VW represents what is otherwise known in the apparel industry as a "bridge brand". It's not a cheap brand, yet it's also not luxury brand. That's the market segment where VW should be focused on for growth opportunities. Additionally, there's another group that would find refuge in VW. It seems to me that the current economic climate has created a new customer for VW. What about the corporate executive who's been forced to cut back? He /she is considering turning in their leased BMW for something a little more affordable, however they've grown accustomed to European cars. Does that customer trade down to a Toyota Camry? I think not. VW should have leveraged their position in the market to invite this group into their brand instead of trying so hard to be positioned as the next Toyota.

Volkswagen could probably learn something from Apple. Apple didn't alienate their core market when they went to the masses. Apple retained, and even enlisted it's early adopters as co-marketers (Read "Brand Hijack"). Apple designs products that are so innovative that we don't even know we want them yet. Perhaps Volkswagen needs to "think different".


WOW, what is wrong with VW. They have a spectacular Passat wagon and another spectacular pick-up truck with great milage and they will not sell it in the USA^%&@^%&^@%!&^%%&
I won't buy another VW for a number of reasons, largely cost of service and time the vehicle is in the shop, but I would consider that outrageous pick-up or the wagon because it meets my needs and has class. What is wrong with these people? They are loosing customers, maybe they don't care about the us market. They should focus on China.

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