Infiniti Prices 2011 G Coupe, Convertible, High-Performance Model

2011 Infiniti G37 Coupe AWD Sport
Infiniti has priced its 2011 Infiniti G coupe and convertible with modest modifications and price updates, and it has priced its new high-performance trim, called the IPL series, which we detailed here.

The G37 coupe and convertible get a new front bumper and new 18- and 19-inch wheel designs.

The 2011 G37 coupe comes in at $36,200, a $150 increase from last year. Some features have been shuffled: The Sport Package is now available on all-wheel-drive trims, and the Navigation Package now joins the Premium Package as standard equipment on the Sport trim with manual transmission.

The 2011 G37 convertible starts at $44,500, another $150 bump from the 2010 model year. It gets a new Limited Edition trim with unique content and a red leather upholstered interior for $56,750.

In addition to the G37 updates, Infiniti is unleashing an all-new high-performance lineup, called the Infiniti Performance Line. The IPL coupe will start at $47,950 with a six-speed manual. Pricing for the convertible has not been announced.

Along with the new high-end additions to the G coupe and convertible, the G sedan will get a new bargain-basement G25 edition for 2011, starting at $30,950.

The G25 sedan went on sale this month, and the 2011 G37 coupe and convertible will go on sale in early November, followed by the IPL coupe and convertible in December.

Continue reading below for more detailed pricing.

2011 Infiniti G Series Prices (2010 Prices)

2011 Infiniti G Coupe

  • Base: $36,200 ($36,050) 
  • Journey: $37,650 ($37,500) 
  • G37x AWD: $39,300 ($39,150) 
  • Sport with manual transmission: $42,400 ($40,400) 

2011 G37 Convertible

  • Base: $44,500 ($44,350) 
  • Sport with manual transmission: $48,950 ($46,950)
  • Limited Edition: $56,750 

2011 IPL G Coupe 

  • Manual transmission: $47,950 
  • Automatic transmission: $49,850 

*Prices do not include a $875 destination charge

By Colin Bird | September 29, 2010 | Comments (4)


The IPL G-coupe is priced almost exactly the same as Mercedes Benz 2011 350 and the new 350 E Coupe.. not "exactly" the same but in the same range around 47-48k; very close. For the price I would rather buy a Benz but the IPL line is very nice also...


Most people agree Inifinti is a second tier luxury car maker. However they're pricing their cars similar to Mercedes and most people would take the Benz over the Infiniti. In other countries Infinitis are rebadged as run of the mill Nissans.


Unless you have owned a G you have no clue how good you feel when you start that engine everyday!!! only $100,000.00 Benz can provide that


Actual transaction prices are quite different as well. I found that, for example, a comparably-equipped 328i xDrive cannot be had for much under $40k, while I bought my G37x with some upgrades for just under invoice around $34k.

So yea, Zack is right about the second-tier thing in terms of prestige. That doesn't mean it's not great. And plenty of people don't mind forking over a few extra grand for a Lexus when a Toyota model upon which it's based can be had with similar levels of refinement etc. :)

Cory, what you say is the reason why the G37 is such a steal and why I like mine! :)

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