Ford Focus ST: First Look


  • Competes with: Mazdaspeed3, Honda Civic Si, Subaru WRX
  • Looks like: A hatchback with a definite catlike look
  • Drivetrain: 246-horsepower, turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder, six-speed manual transmission
  • Hits dealerships: 2012

You’re looking at a Tangerine Scream-colored Ford Focus ST. This is the high-performance version of Ford’s next-generation Focus. The high-powered hatchback will debut at the Paris Motor Show this month, but it isn’t a Europe-only model. It will go on sale in the U.S. sometime in 2012.

That seems awfully far away as we're still awaiting sales of the plain-vanilla next-gen Focus, which won’t begin until early 2011.

We do like all the go-fast looks Ford has added to the ST. Besides the unique paint color, the Focus ST's larger wheels, unique front end, center-mounted dual exhaust pipe and large rear spoiler all alert you to the performance aspects of the model.

The engine will be a modified version of Ford’s turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder EcoBoost engine, which is good for 246 hp. Ford didn’t formally announce a transmission to go with it, but as is clearly shown in the interior image below, the show car is equipped with a six-speed manual, as it should be.

More details will emerge at a later date, but for now check out larger versions of the photos below by clicking on any of the images.

By David Thomas | September 14, 2010 | Comments (17)



Ford keeps coming up with hit after hit. It's clear they can compete with the Japs while GM is left behind.


Whop-de-doo. FWD with a six speed and 250hp. that should keep you pretty busy trying to hold it in an intersection. nice that it has four doors too gives you all that vision blocking pillars. yuck its fugly too.


Carl, this car is a huge hit in Europe so your opinion is a minority.

My Mazdaspeed3 has more horsepower than this car and it performs great in any situation. Both Ford and Mazda have a complete handle on this type of platform and I can't wait to see the ST in the U.S.

Doug G

"Modified version of the ecoboost"

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the ecoboost as its been seen so far is a twin turbo? Does the modified version only have a single turbo?


I know what I'll be trading my crappy unreliable Civic for!

Doug G,
No, the turbo is modified to put out more power in the Focus ST than others using the four-cylinder. We haven't seen the smaller 4 Ecoboost in the U.S. yet.


It is ironic to see the last two remaining Detroit brands, GM and Ford, go in opposite directions. Ford is making high horse power cars w/ respectable mpg while GM is putting underpowered (Equinox, Regal, LaCrosse, etc) 4 cylinders in a lot of it's cars to maximize mpg's. I'm a fan of neither brand but would definitely shop Ford given their approach.


The 2012 Focus hatchback will be my next car. Like the specs and many of the exterior mods on the ST, but can't stand the modified front-end grill. It looks like a carp gasping for breath.


I believe Ford is making a step in the right direction. I dont know why but when I see that grill I think of Aston Martin.

UK Diesel Driver

@carl: 2 words; revo knuckle. This thing will leave a lot of RWD cars behind in the corners due to its trick suspension!


Only if they priced this right. Because only the Si has less power than this. Not to mention that having close to 250hp on a FWD is a "great" idea.


Not sold on the center exhaust, but pretty good looking otherwise.


So if you think 250hp is uncontrollable in a FWD why are there so many VW 1.8T GTI with 300+ WHP and LSD diffs spanking AWD and Rear wheel drives like the "GTO" American Muscle "HA HA" Muscle.


Great machine...hope they put in their fantastic Dual Clutch 6 speed Auto...the ones Ive driven are great. Even faster than the manual. Drove the VW GTI turbo auto DSG tranny model recently wow...also quite a machine, but only 200 hp. Wanting to drive the new Kia Sportage small January it will come out with a new 270 hp Turbo 4 cyl with 6 speed Dual Clutch auto . Should be fun.


it reminds me a bit of the toyota matrix.

That looks dashing.. Ive seen something like this in a car show some days ago..

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