Detroit TV Station Uncovers Chrysler Autoworkers Drinking on the Job

Usually a sensationalist local TV expose is easy to dismiss. However, we can even forgive Detroit TV station WJBK’s use of rock songs as the Fox2 station showed Chrysler factory workers taking their half-hour shift break at a park, drinking beer and smoking marijuana before finishing their work day. The Jefferson North Plant in Detroit is one of Chrysler’s flagships, manufacturing the new Jeep Grand Cherokee. It’s also the factory President Obama visited a few weeks ago to praise American manufacturing.

The video really does speak for itself, but the reporter summarizes why this is so egregious: The metro Detroit economy is on the path back from the abyss, and part of that recovery is to overcome the stereotypes of union workers that are reinforced in this video.

The Fox2 news crew went to the park for 10 days, and there were autoworkers drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana every day. Chrysler representatives said that many of the employees in the video have already been suspended indefinitely without pay and each vehicle built at the factory is checked multiple times to make sure there are no quality issues before they go on sale. We doubt, however, that those words will make any Jeep Grand Cherokee owners feel any better after watching this video.

Chrysler Auto Workers Busted (MyFoxNews via Jalopnik)


They don't need to check vehicles built here for quality issues. They need to check for potato chip crumbs.


They're going to drop the New Yorker and go with the Manhattan.

Nice! Maybe they should claim they were all drinking Dodge Kaliber.


How is this any worse than the white collar workers who have martinis at lunch and snort lines in their office?


They might bring back the Dodge Colt - "45" edition. Okay, I'll shut up now.

Amuro Ray

So what is wrong with the auto union?

"[m]any of the employees in the video have already been suspended indefinitely without pay"

No, they didn't get fire for such behavior. They will be
(1) go through some sort of "verbal punishment;" then
(2) go through some sort of training program or job performance enhancing program; then
(3) back to work; then
(4) resume the same behavior, until they are caught again; then
(5) go back to (1).
No, Chrysler's not paying them; the union is! And where will the union get the money? Chrylser!

Auto union is no long a union; it's a mob! Gangsters in the 21st century.


Ford needs to do random drug testing, it's worse at Ford in Dearborn. The UAW does it also!. They even drink on the plant's property.


This is just another reminder of why I don't buy GM-Chrysler products and never will. Then again I can afford quality so I'm not stuck picking from low quality GM, Chrysler products built by the UAW.

Great blog,lots of interesting stuff here.

Kyle Brown

The bad thing is that's its on video. There are a lot worse things in this world going on besides people drinking and smoking while at work but you never see it. Is it a good idea to do this in plain sight? No. That's where the problem is.


I will stay with Toyota, sorry GM
poor management all around,
you failed us the taxpayers again.
Shame on you


The problem with the unions is that they create the sort of "hey, stop working so hard, you are making us look bad!!" mentality.

Please. You union guys need to get your head out of the sand and step into reality. It's not the 60s and 70s anymore and unions just plain aren't needed in this day and age.

Yes, thank you unions for improving working conditions almost a century ago even though there would have been a massive public outcry at some point about deplorable labor practices. When now have laws and agencies (OSHA for one) to ensure safety in the workplace. No company in their right mind today would purposely create the working conditions from way back in the day (at least not without the proper safety precautions.

Now go the F away. You are obsolete.


Kyle Brown is a good example of what's wrong with the knuckleheads in this country. He sees nothing wrong with them drinking beer and smoking pot while at work. What he sees wrong is the fact that they got caught. With the likes of Kyle in this country it's no wonder immigrants see the United States as one big opportunity with no competition in sight.


Many American autoworkers are the anti-thesis of this stereotype however there are those few trashy ones that still uphold the old blue collar beliefs. I dont know how the plant employees in Canada, Mexico, Japan or other places conduct themselves but I do know that most would not condone this behavior and virtually no management will let this slide. If the unions do, there are poisoning there morale from the inside and they deserve it. Nonetheless, shame on Chrysler, I honest expected better. Look at Honda in Marysville for proof.


You really think there are zero substance abuse problems at Honda in Marysville? I recommend you get a job in their HR department and learn about what goes on in EVERY employee population.

Chrysler is doing exactly what they have to do in order to legally protect themselves as well as the rights of the implicated workers. You cannot summarily dismiss employees based on video surveillance. You have to substantiate cause for termination and Action 2 News footage is not enough.



And your point is?
Sorry that Chrysler workers were caught drinking during break on tape. What does it have to do with Honda?


Hmmm. wonder if these same people put together my 2005 Grand Cherokee which seems to have parts falling off daily. Just wondering.


If you want to see the same thing in your own city of Windsor goto little memphis bar across the street from WAP Chrysler in Windsor 2998 Tecumseh Road East

Tim Host

This report bothered me so much that I have decided to put off buying a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee as I don't want any build issues. I'll instead wait for the new Explorer and if I don't like that I'll go with the tried and true 4Runner. Thank you for publishing this story.

I will never buy another GM or Chrysler product again. More than likely I will never buy a vehicle where the UAW is involved.

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