Chevy Volt Displays Shown in Depth

We knew the Chevy Volt would have a center-mounted digital screen for onboard information and a digital speedometer instead of a traditional gauge cluster. But now we have images of both displays and their optional screens.

The most intriguing thing is the digital Driver Information Center, which replaces the gauge cluster. It is a very rectangular display with 3-D icons to show range and charging status. Speed is shown with a simple white numeral in the center of the display. When you charge the Volt, this display changes to a status screen.

The more traditional center display screen shows detailed trip data, how your driving style and climate settings are affecting efficiency, and menus for setting a time to charge your Volt later in the evening when electricity costs less.

Check out larger versions of the screens by clicking any of the images below.

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Well, they look cool. I'm guessing I'd understand them [better] if I I was a Volt driver.


The Volt is easily the most over hyped car in history. At least GM was smart enough to not include a 'check engine' light.

Anonymous Coward

Please wake me when they issue a steady-state gas-generator MPG number.


Shouldn't drivers be spending more time watching the road and not their driving style, power flow, or efficiency tips. Talk about distracting!


It would be interesting to see how all of this functions in 40 below wind chills.


Departure time? What, do you need to contact air traffic control just to get some groceries? This is getting ridiculous.

You want a Volt? Fine. Buy one. JUST DRIVE!


If there is no "Check engine" light,they will violate EPA OBDII rules.State inspection requires a working CE light and ability to plug into the OBD port and scan for codes.However the driver needs to be alerted to any emission related failures.


I can't wait for some moron monitoring his/her efficiency gauges in the left lane while I an trying to get to work.

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