Reviews the 2011 Honda Odyssey

2011 Honda Odyssey
The current Honda Odyssey is one of the oldest entries in the minivan segment. The model was in need of an update, and for 2011, a redesigned, modernized Odyssey is hitting the streets. This new hauler solves one of the inconveniences large families face: It has an expandable second row that can fit three large child-safety seats. Almost everything is better than the previous model, according to senior editor David Thomas, and the 2011 shows off Honda’s high level of interior quality.

Our family-oriented blog,, has its own take on the new Odyssey. Senior editor Kristin Varela was wowed by the 2011 Odyssey’s well-planned interior that has a cool box for cans or bottles, a rear entertainment system with a widescreen video display and 15 – yes, 15! – cupholders.’s 2011 Honda Odyssey Review’s 2011 Honda Odyssey Preview

By Colin Bird | September 8, 2010 | Comments (11)



So: Sienna or Odyssey? That's what this segment boils down to.


Interior looks nice albeit no originality as it looks like every Honda out there.

Exterior looks like a disjointed mess with no flow whatsoever. The black mirrors look cheap.

I guarantee many minivan buyers will look to other choices because they won't be able to get past the exterior styling.

In person I'd have to say you really don't notice the styling at all except for the profile.



So what you're saying is the whole thing is completely unremarkable, except the ugly profile?

That doesn't sound like much of an endorsement.

Well what minivan does stand out? I'd say it's as interesting as the Sienna.



Good point. True enough.


AP: Those are the only choices? That's news to me; you've conveniently left out the product that encompasses 43.3% of this segment YTD, among others.


David, I have a question!! The Odyssey in these pix seem to have a rear tail light that is connected in the middle with red reflector looking lights above the license. The review pix though seem to just have a chrome bar above the license area. Am I missing something?

Or did the reflectors blend in to the paint color in the review pix?

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Get a black one and wont even notice the rear. We test drove it and does feel like driving a car.Coming from a FX, right choice for us. We passed on the RRSports MB GL550 for this van..I now it will take about a month to get our Touring ELite


I am a father of 2 infants. I have been waiting a while for the 2011 odyssey. The only reasons we are going buying a sienna this weekend is because of the Odyssey does not have same color side mirror and back tail. The second row seats won't recline all the way to the back. It just don't even have anything to prevent hitting the back wall! When doors opened, it shows unfinished welding on chase. Nice dashboard, I like that. Overall, what was Honda thinking when they approved this new style?

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