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When we get our hands on a new model, the editors grill the one who got to see it first-hand … first. Listen to this week’s podcast to hear editor Kelsey Mays question senior editor David Thomas on his impressions on the 2011 Honda Odyssey and why he thinks it tops the class. Then check out the full review here.

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By David Thomas | September 15, 2010 | Comments (7)



This van and other Hondas are all having a same problem, extreme low ground clearance. Very often, you can notice this type of cars'bottom scratching ground at roads'entrances, making very painfully noise. However, on some major onling auto websites, Hondas' ground clearances are always not available.


You seriously need to get a life.


Well, here are specs.
Honda Odyssey's ground clearance is 4.3 inches; Toyata's Sienna 6.9; Chrysler's Town&country 6.1; Dodge Caravan 6.1.

That is, competitors ground clearances are higher by 50%+ than Odyssey. Significantly higher! Make sense?

you're wrong with the ground clearance numbers for Odyssey and Sienna.

The 2011 Odyssey has ground clearance of 4.5 / 6.0 inches minimum/maximum. Meaning fully loaded and not fully loaded.

Toyota only lists one measurement for the Sienna which I assume is maximum, 6.2 in for SE, 6.5-6.7 inches depending on model, fwd/awd.



My numbers in first posting are copied from yahoo auto.

Here are numbers from Edmunds:
Odyssey:Being Researched; Sienna :6.7in; Routan:6.1; Grand Caravan:6.1; Town and Country:6.1.

Numbers from autos
OdysseyGround Clearance: 4.3 in.
(msn rates Ody's ground clearance negative because the average clearance of vans is 6.55in)

Also from NAPA:
Ody: - TBD -; Sienna: min Ground Clearance 6.9 in
(attention:the MIN ground clearance)

All above suports my first posting. Could you tell me where your numbers are from?

The numbers I quoted above are directly from the manufacturers.


It seems like the Toyota Sienna is better than the Honda Odyssey. The Toyota is taller by about 2.3 inches and the ground clearance is higher by about 2.2 inches. Whenever I see an Odyssey,I thought it is a station wagon from the past.

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