2011 Chrysler Town & Country: First Look


Chrysler revealed a bit more of its upcoming 2011 Town & Country minivan than the Sebring-replacing 200 sedan we detailed earlier. Like the 200, this new Town & Country will go on sale by the end of 2010 and features a slightly updated exterior and a more seriously revamped interior.
We get to see glimpses of that interior in the images below, including an all-new instrument cluster, steering wheel and dash-mounted shifter that all look to live up to Chrysler’s claim that the interior is “beautifully crafted.” Of course, we need to see it in person to make a final call, but all the announced upgrades sound like they’re more significant than just a midcycle refresh to keep sales on pace.

Chrysler’s new 3.6-liter V-6 engine will be standard on all 2011 Town & Country vans, replacing two different V-6s from the previous model.

The company also promises more standard features, including blind spot monitoring and rear cross-path detection on all models. The familiar Stow ’n Go seating system also gets an update. Chrysler says the seats themselves are more comfortable – the ones in the current model are definitely on the stiff side – and easier to fold.
Options like Sirius Backseat TV and FLO TV, which we’ve detailed extensively, will still be offered for 2011.

By David Thomas | September 14, 2010 | Comments (27)



Is the Dodge Grand Caravan going to be revised as well?


The King of the minivans.


Anyways, the use of the 3.6 liter v6 is a good move in my opinion. That will make this model more powerful even on lower trims. The 3.3 and 3.8 for the lower trims from last year just weren't powerful enough (175 and 197 respectively). I bet that those engines had to work harder. Now this new v6 solves that problem.

Yes it will. We expect to see/learn more about it as we approach the end of the year. I'd expect it before or by the LA Auto show if it's supposed to go on sale by the end of the year.


It was made clear last year that Chrysler was going to offer major updates for 2011 to its minivans. This was never going to be some minor "refresh" similar to what Honda has done for the 2011 Accord. They said major changes were coming and they have delivered. Of course we all know without even driving this van the press will pronounce the horrendous looking Odyssey far superior. BAsed on the little we know now the T&C will have more power and more features. My money's on a better interior as well.

We shall see if this is enough for these vans to get any respect. I have my doubts.

B man

This looks better than the current version. I wish my lease expired sooner! Chrysler is really coming out with some great new products, or at least the pictures make them look amazing. The new Sebring teaser shots are cool. The 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee is sweet, as is the new Durango. I heard the Patriot will be revised on MSN Autos, so I can't wait to see that. I'm really in suspense now to see the new Charger and 300, but if they continue like this, I bet they'll be absolutely stunning!

Dr. Arnold

Someone needs to fill the bottom rung of the minivan market and no one does that better than Chrysler. For those who have an advanced education and money the Honda Odyssey wins hands-down.


New Chrysler logo?


r they gonna update the routan as well?


It is clear that Sheth simply hates the Accord. No one, I mean no one even mentioned about the Accord in this whole article, but he can come up with something to "criticize" it for no apparent reason whatsoever.


He probably meant to say Odyssey and not Accord. But it is of no surprise that Sheth hates anything foreign.


Honestly, I could live without some of the appearance upgrades if they could make a van that does not fall apart after 30,000 miles.



I dont hate anything except double standards. I dont hate the Accord or the Odyssey- I know this is probably hard for you to process. I get tired of the media praising Honda products that are clearly average in many ways. Cars.com has already posted a glowing review of the ugly new Odyssey and they managed to take a shot at the Chrysler vans without mentioning that heavily revised models are coming soon. This is common knowledge and it should've been referenced in the review. The Chrysler vans sell well but they are described as total garbage by the Honda loving auto media. Incentives are available across the board these days so the excuse that they are only selling on price doesn't fly. Unlike the Honda, this van has a 6 speed auto standard as well as class leading hp. It deserves some respect, especially if it comes in cheaper than the overpriced ODyssey.

"For those who have an advanced education and money the Honda Odyssey wins hands-down."

I'm educated and I would never buy the new Odyssey. The looks and pricing are out of control and the 2011 T&C has a far superior powertrain plus more standard equipment. Based on what I've seen in the JGC Chrysler is now capable of out doing Honda in interior design as well. Unless I'm a brainwashed Honda fanboy that hates American branded vehicles (like so many who post here) I don't see why the Honda is the "hands down winner".


You have evidence the current generation wont last beyond 30k miles? Please share.


Looks more upscale than Toyota or Honda. Looks like a winner.


We stopped buying the T&C because the reliability was really poor and our last two weren't even built in the USA but rather Windsor, Ontario! We are now on our second Honda Odyssey and absolutely love them. Both by the way were built in Lincoln, Alabama which is important as I"m a IBEW member.


It's a shame Chrysler stopped making their minivans competitive years ago. It's very evident that there's two tiers in the minivan market: upper tier folks who buy based on quality shop Toyota and Honda, and lower tier folks who buy Chrysler as their main criteria is price. As the old saying goes you get what you pay for!


By 30,000 - water pump failed and took other items with it. power steering going out. power door actuators failed - "cool" power sliding doors no good if they can't unlock. repeated replacements of brake pads and discs. too many reports of transmission failures in the 60-90,000 range to want to stick around to see.



You shouldnt be critical of transmission problems if you're a HOnda fan. The reasons are obvious. I asked if anyone had any proof that current chryslers arent reliable and I haven't gotten any yet.


Considering the base prices of all of these minivans are relatively close your claims that the Sienna/Odyssey buyers are willing to pay more for quality doesn't wash. A loaded T&C is about $40k which is very close to a loaded 2010 Odyssey. WHen I look at the new version I think many things but "upscale" isn't one of them. More like contrived and in need of a redesign ASAP. The styling of the new Odyssey is going to be an issue.


Ah look at the sad little lemming try and defend the lower quality vehicle. Silly lemming you never learn do you?

Brian Greenberg

That dude has low self-esteem as he clearly feels the need to respond to everyone's post even when they're not directed at him. What a loser!


hillarious those defending honda on a chrystler review, even funnier those not even talking about cars, but bashing other commenters instead. bottom line is there hasn't been a car yet that didn't have problems. 100% of my japanese cars have had engine failure along with other issues while 0% of my american cars have. instead they have had water pump issues, electric motor issues, etc. both sides use plastic that breaks. so bottom line is if you want a car that doesn't have problems buy matchbox, if you need something to drive around in be prepared to at some point visit the mechanic.


I had a dodge grand caravn, 200,000 miles and used as a workhorse... no problems, original tranny and didn't need brakes until 100,000 miles...
i now have an 05 doddge magnum rt, 126,000 miles... runs perfect, original brakes, never a problem...just regular maintenance..

it is one of the best minivan


My wife and I had a 2011 Honda Odyssey for a weekend. We have 4 children ages 9,6,5,4. And I will tell you that after 2 hours of this car I wanted to shoot it!! It is a total pain in the ass to get the kids into the back row seats. You have to move one of the middle row seats forward to acces the back and then there is little room to buckle seat belts. It was an 8 passenger van and booster seats will not fit 3 across so it quickly becomes a 5 passenger van. The power doors are slow enough to make you scream and both sides will not open at the same time. This van is NOT CHILD FRIENDLY!! If you have older children that can belt themselves in you will be fine. Also if you are over five feet tall the driver seat will not go back far enough and the climate control and dash is a total pain to use and the back up camera sucks!! Save your money and pass on this van.The only plus that we found is the gas mileage is great, however it is a pain to use.


I am on the fourth Chrysler mini van and have loved all of them. No problems with any of them and service was exceptional at the Chrysler dealership I purchased from. My friend has a Honda Odyssey (2009 model) and he has had numerous problems and it rattles like a two horse wagon and the transmission makes a whining noise. No Odyssey for me.


This is the hands down best minivan that I have ever driven, and even easier to navigate through city traffic than the slightly smaller 07 I used to drive.

The odyssey feels heavy going up and down hills, but initial impression will make you think you have better visibility through the front by the way you sit. The lx arm rests sure are not fun unless you have arms the size the end of a lightbulb though. A minor, but good enough complaint is honda style windshield wipers. I don't know their exact mass, but on full blast I swear they could almost rock the boat!

Pay for the top model for a 6 speed? Why, honda still has to prove they can do a 5 for the odyssey. If I am paying that much, it better make sense.

I just went with the touring 2011 town and country because the interior color was this nice light brownish color that almost seemed white. I normally wouldn't go with that color of interior, but hey it looks fantastic (and expensive). I got a sweet deal because it is one of the few town and countries with the rain sensitive wipers and a few random features missing that are normally standard so some big bucks off the top of the price.


I will never purchase another Chrysler Town & Country. After only 10K on a 2011 it violently shudders when backing up. Chrysler said that this was normal and would do nothing. I have purchased the VW Routon as my replacement and find it to be far superior in handling and it doesnt have that problem. Lousy customer support. No wonder people go German!

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