2011 Camaro Convertible Gets Price, Full Picture

Chevy is not satisfied with letting all the European carmakers dominate headlines this week while the Paris Motor Show is going on. No, they’re dropping some news on the long awaited 2011 Chevy Camaro convertible. The news? The starting price and the image above.

V-6 models will start at $29,150 not including a $850 destination charge and goes on sale in February 2011. You know, when everyone is thinking about warmer weather.

The price is almost $2,000 more than a 2011 Mustang convertible. The Ford starts at $27,145.

Chevy says the trim levels and packaging will be identical to the current Camaro coupe. We’ll have full pricing as we get closer to February.

By David Thomas | September 30, 2010 | Comments (11)


Well at least the convertable version will get rid of the bad "B pillar" blind spot these are known to have.

we haven't seen the top up yet though ;)

That convertible looks classy...Wow

There is no such thing as "almost exactly"

Ste (Original SG)

one of the episodes of Glee this season had a bunch of chevys in the background, including a drop top blue camaro. they actually do look pretty hot.


Does Camaro have independent rear suspension? Mustang does, right?

If Camaro has a live axle I'd probably opt for the Mustang with its lighter weight and IRS. But I like the retro styling cues on the Camaro.


ugh i hate convertibles


Convertibles hate you to.

bill james

No matter what ,they will never be as unique as the chrome bumpered,chrome trimed 67,68,69 Camaro. I own a 68 camaro 427 yenko with L-89 aluminum heads.Fast and fun.This thing is gone when the new camaro starts to move.I test drove the 425 H.P. version at the dealership and broke it in right.The blind spot is there! Just waiting to test drive the ragtop soon!

bill james

I failed to mention that the 6 speed transmission is what sets these new camaros up for their performance.I guess I should consider the richmond 6 speed and trade my redlines f-70 tires for a set of speed rated rubber.Then we could see if old verses new comes out on top out the back door. C ya

bill james

hi pammy

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