Top 10 Best-Selling Cars: July 2010

A year removed from Cash for Clunkers, automakers are seeing a recovery in sales without any government-sponsored incentives. In fact, the positive numbers automakers are posting today are even more impressive because of the impact Cash for Clunkers, which began July 27, 2009, has against July 2010s results.

Every major automaker save Toyota saw an uptick in overall sales. GM has shed all of its dead brands — only 260 Saturn, Hummer and Pontiac vehicles were sold last month — and it managed to post a 5.4% gain. That’s even taking into account the tens of thousands of those now dead brands’ sales in 2009.

If you just consider the four remaining GM brands, the company saw sales up 26%, besting every other major automaker. In July, GM was the best-selling automaker in the country followed by Ford, which topped Toyota by just over 1,000 units. While Ford Motor Co.’s sales were up 3.1% to get that number, Toyota’s were down 6.8%.

Toyota does well on the top 10 list with the Camry and Corolla coming in at Nos. 2 and 4, respectively. You can see how everyone else did below.

Top 10 Best-Selling Cars: July 2010


Monthly Sales

Monthly Change


YTD Change
1 Ford F-Series +38.9% 290,794 +34.7%
2 Toyota Camry -0.6% 189,297 +2.8%
3 Chevy Silverado +25.5% 201,446 +13.4%
4 Toyota Corolla -11.0% 167,846 +11.0%
5 Honda Accord* -17.9% 186,356 +15.9%
6 Honda Civic -25.5% 156,832 +5.6%
7 Chevy Malibu +33.4% 128,775 +41.3%
8 Dodge Ram +14.0% 105,007 -6.0%
9 Honda CR-V +0.9% 106,928 +9.0%
10 Nissan Altima -5.1% 130,390 +12.7%

Notable Items:

*Honda Accord includes 2,354 Honda Crosstours

By David Thomas | August 3, 2010 | Comments (35)
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I'm surprised the Ram didn't place higher. They are GIVING those beasts away.

Derrick G

Honda's overall volume was also down, by 2%.

GR, the Ram's position is already a big leap. It's usually somewhere between 10th and 15th.

Also of note (unrelated to Ram): Hyundai placed 11th and 12th with the Elantra and Sonata, respectively. The Elantra was just 60 units shy of the Altima.


You know I haven't seen GM using the "may the best car win" slogan lately. Thought I'd see the "hot selling" Equinoxious on this list.

Equinox doesn't typically sell in this range. Usually one of the small crossovers like CR-V or RAV4 or Escape will make it but they're typically not in the same league volume wise as a Malibu or Corolla.

Equinox almost sold 10K units, down slightly from last year, but still very strong for that model considering they're selling them with no incentives.

As for Ram it had dropped off the list for a while so good to see it back.

I should have mentioned Elantra and Sonata. Oops. In my original notes. They outsold Ford Fusion and Focus.


Honda has 3 of the 10 spots, I think thats more noteworthy than Toyota's performance. Overall though, Toyota and Honda's results were mediocre. Good thing they only have to worry about ranking on this list and not overall share.


Am I the only one who is sick and tired of Sheth's sour grapes?

Considering the fact that the Accord (dated), Camry (running away with folks), and Civic/Corolla (just plain boring) are out selling far more attractive models shows that there is a jackass driving outta toyota/honda dealership every minute (joking) Nah they are good cars (over rated) but good. After all millions have been spent to brain wash us about that :))


I've long suspected GM is in more trouble than they are admitting. The old platform Camry still easily outsells the Malibu and the CRV is killing the Equinox in sales. You stick a fork in GM as they are going no where fast.

Derrick G

Don't be so sure the CR-V is so much more loved than the Equinox. While GM sold 9,869 of them last month,'s nationwide inventory only shows 2,941 of them in stock nationwide. There are 14,101 CR-V's in stock. Now, not every dealer has their inventory listed on here, but it firmly points to GM's claim that they can't (or won't go to great costs to) build enough.

The Sonata, Tucson, and Elantra all also have much less shown in inventory than were sold last month; the Fusion is the same story to a slightly lesser degree. Give these companies credit for not going hog wild just to grab share at the expense of profit and long-term goals. Because last I heard, incentives for many of the Japanese brands are at some of their highest levels in a long time.


Good thing they only have to worry about ranking on this list and not overall share.
-Yeah, good thing GM isn't worried about incentive spending either.


And, how many times does have to treat the Accord unfairly by noting that the Crosstour is included but not telling everyone that the Corolla's number includes the Matrix which is a total different name plate!


Does anyone else find it depressing as to how many pickups are sold in this country every year?


I'm surprised to see the Nissan Altima outselling the Chevy Malibu YTD. It makes me wonder what both of their real numbers would be if the rentals were stripped out.

To Derrick who clearly lacks a college education: Success in business is measured by sales figures not inventory figures.

Comment about trucks selling well. Remember trucks are sold/used big in the construction & services business. It all ads up.


Of the F-series, I wonder what percentage we're sold for fleet designation vs. passenger/light work? Glad to see Dodge back up there! Ive owned a couple and have been very happy with them!

Derrick G

To Paul who clearly hasn't been paying attention to anything and can't read:

Yes, I do have a BS in Business Management, thank you. And success is business is measured by PROFIT figures, not inventory OR sales figures. It's how much you're making or losing on each sale, not how many you're selling. And clearly for many years, GM sold big numbers at a loss. Clearly, GM in the past has sold big numbers with lots of cash on the hood and THAT'S how they ended up in bankruptcy court. Clearly, they're still having to do that with some models because their OVERALL (using big letters so maybe your little mind can understand) incentive spending is still too high, but with what's popular, they're using inventory control to keep from having to do so. Inventory is important because OBVIOUSLY you can't sell what's not on the lot. But you'd be better to sell fewer made with your regular shifts than to pay out lots of overtime or go tool up another plant so you can make more for right now knowing that some folks will wait and others will now expect a rebate seeing lots full of cars. What about that do you need pictures drawn for?

Ben S.

"Don't be so sure the CR-V is so much more loved than the Equinox. While GM sold 9,869 of them last month,'s nationwide inventory only shows 2,941 of them in stock nationwide. There are 14,101 CR-V's in stock."

Measuring a car model's success by it's inventory levels?? You are clueless. You probably guzzle when our President speaks about the jobs that have been "saved".


Honda has 14,000 CRV's on hand - that's only a 3 week supply. Don't see what the big deal is. But I do remember people saying on this site about 6 months ago how the equinox was going to put the CRV and Rav-4 to shame in the sales area. Guess that didn't happen.


These posts made me realize in all my business travels I've never ever seen a CRV as a rental. On the other hand I've had on many occasions the new Equinox as a rental. It's a nice car, a little underpowered, but a good first effort by Chevy.

Honda has a very low fleet sales percentage. It's well under 10%. Toyota is at a level more akin to GM and Ford though.


You can slice it and dice it no matter how you want folks. However, the Toyota Camry remains the best selling car in the United States. Even after all the recall hysteria, Americans still prefer it over Chev and Ford! hahahaha


"But I do remember people saying on this site about 6 months ago how the equinox was going to put the CRV and Rav-4 to shame in the sales area."

Name one person who said that. In addition, the equinox and terrain (combined) compete with the CR-V and they are selling without incentives. Can't say the same for the CR-V these days. Or Rav4 or Escape for that matter. Honda and Toyota have responded to the recession and increased competition with increased incentives. Honda's incentives are near record highs according to edmunds and up significantly over last year. Same for Toyota.


GM and Ford sell more than TMC in the US and Ford outsold Toyota as a brand last month. hahahaha indeed. Stop acting like ONE best selling vehicle tells the whole story. You can slice it anyway you want folks but the F series is still the best seller in the country. The silverado is ahead as well.


Equinox has a $1,000 rebate but don't let the facts get in the way of you guzzling the GM Kool Aid.
The impressive part about Toyota is that they have the #1 selling family car in the USA. Why isn't it GM? Because when GM isn't stealing tax payers money they are busy building cars no one wants but the rental companies. THOSE ARE THE FACTS as the sales numbers say so.

Keith Collins

First of all there is no equinoxes out there to sell if we had the inventory and little incentives they would be one of the top ten cars. People who wants them have negative equity

Keith Collins

There is not a 1,000 dollar rebate for equinoxes

Keith Collins

Where are you getting your information from


Currently there are no rebates available on the Escape, CR-V, Rav-4, or Equinox. They are all offering a special APR and it varies depending on the vehicle and length of loan. In terms of incentives the playing field is pretty even.


No matter what bigots say ,GM is still number one. and we should be proud of GM no matter what it provides more jobs than toyota, name it....

Amuro Ray

Mike u gotta wake up...

It is #1 all right - in wasting taxpayer's money.


@Amuro Ray
What about the taxes it paid all these years, what about taxpayers money wasted at war!!


@Mike - GM provides more jobs?

How do you figure? We (taxpayers) are borrowing money from China in order to pay the salaries of GM workers/executives. How on earth does anyone think this is a rational or good idea? When you borrow from (or rob) Peter to pay Paul, you're still operating at a loss.

The solution is simple: if GM makes cars people want at a good price, they will be profitable. But more people will choose a Camry or Accord over a Malibu or Impala because the Camry and Accord are better, more reliable vehicles.

Ford Escape has 0% PLUS $1,000 cash back, like most Ford's during its annual summer sale. You can check out incentives here:


Your website shows up to $1500 for 2010 Escape and $500 for 2010 Equinox and no rebates for CRV and RAV4. No rebates on 2011 models. I believe the 0% financing for Escape is for 24 or 36 months.


another brainwashed japanese car lover!!!

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