States Expand Seat Belt Laws to Backseat Passengers

2008 Ford Taurus belt minder
Almost every state has a law requiring children and adults to wear seat belts, but many of these laws have a critical flaw: They typically don’t require adult rear passengers to buckle up. 

It’s important that backseat riders wear their belts, too, not only for their own safety but for the front passengers. In a crash, unbelted rear passengers are five times more likely to cause fatal injuries to front-seat passengers even if the front passengers are buckled in, according to the Telegraph

Even though seat belt use in the front seat has steadily grown over the years, lawmakers are concerned by the gap — and in some instances, decline — in seat belt use in the backseat. 

In New Jersey, seat belt use among front-seat passengers grew to 94% this year, but only 27% of adult backseat passengers wore belts, 5 percentage points less than the year before, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. As a result, New Jersey added a secondary backseat seat belt law. Since 2007, Louisiana, Minnesota, Indiana, Kansas and Texas have passed similar laws. 

Rear seat belt use stood at a 74% national average in 2008, compared with 83% for front-seat passengers, according to NHTSA. 

State seat belt laws, which issue fines ranging from $5 in Kansas to $200 in Texas for noncompliance, increase seat belt usage, NHTSA says. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 25 states and the District of Columbia require front and rear passengers to buckle up. 

States Expand Seat Belt Laws to Cover Rear-Seat Riders (USA Today)

By Colin Bird | August 20, 2010 | Comments (6)


this was a no brainer. of course expand the law to the backseat people. I always thought it was. Lets keep everyone safe.


I am 100% for 'being safe'. But yet,
NO, let us NOT expand this violation of our private domain, (which, the interior of our cars IS considered by law to be private, same as our homes, which is exactly why they need visual probable cause (or ones ignorant consent), in order to conduct a search of ones vehicle). The government has zero business coming into my home and telling me to put no-slip padding in my bathtub, {which would make it safer for myself}, because it's private property plain and simple. Therefore, since the interior of ones vehicle is ALSO already been proven to be private domain, they (the government), has NO business poking their greedy noses in there and telling me what I can and can't do. Period. I do however understand the NEED as it relates to minors and toddlers, BUT ADULTS???? If the government were truly 100% for our 'safety', then the US Government would take at least half of the prescription drugs of the market. Many of them have harmed and/or killed 100's of people every year. Mainly do to KNOWN side affects or simply approving them and releasing them before giving them a decent testing period. Look around yourself, the government really cares less about us and they care less each year. They keep randomly, yet strategically, creating money-making laws that shouldn't exist and have absolutely no true need. The only reason they are allowed to exist, is because the population majority has become chickens, have become ignorant of the laws which ARE in place which ALLOW US to question their motives AND have these GREED-LAWS put onto a ballot for US to vote on. But, the public and the wimps they have become over the years, doesn't seem top want to STAND UP AND FIGHT against the government to which THEY employ!! (remember, 'For the people, By the people!!). Americans NEED to get their heads back in order and set our government either straight, or packing if they don't get the hint. Remember you Americans, ALL of the governments work FOR YOU, yet, YOU have let yourselves become their slaves and pawns in life.
Every year, million and million complain about paying taxes. OK, ....WHY?
ALL AMERICANS NEED TO Ban together in a national message to our government, that we ARE tired of working our tails off just so THEY can steal OUR money to make their wallets thicker. Think about this, at this next tax season, SERIOUSLY, just what is our government HONESTLY going to do or even be able to do, if ALL (or at least 80%-90%) Americans say 'nope, not this year' and don't pay or even file??
Sorry, but I just don't see them taking more than 3/4 of the population to court or have them thrown in jail. It just ISN'T going to happen! Sure, their gonna be ticked off, but just then maybe they will no EXACTLY how WE FEEL! This country is/was supposed to be free. Right from the beginning of it's creation, yet over the years we've gotten way to soft and become to big of a flock of chickens of our government. There's truly no time like the present to take BACK the RIGHTS that our forefathers GAVE to us and WANTED us to have and carry on; not to have them stripped from us by those who work for us!


i just think it's funny how poorly the people are photo-shopped into the picture.



I all the passenger need of the car need a safe drive so States Expand Seat Belt Laws to Backseat Passengers.

I "like" you on Facebook. Would love these for my oldest boy!

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