Recall Alert: 2005-2008 Toyota Corolla, Matrix

Toyota is recalling nearly 1.3 million 2005-2008 Corolla and Matrix models for a faulty engine control module. Last week, we heard the government was intensifying its investigation into the defect. Toyota will begin notifying owners of the recall in mid-September, but it doesn’t have a timetable for when replacement parts will be available.

In a statement released today, Toyota said there had been "three unconfirmed accidents alleged to be related to this condition, one of which reported a minor injury."

The ECM in some of these vehicles is defective and can lead to harsh shifting, stalling, or the vehicle could fail to start. Dealers will inspect the part to see if it is one of the defective units and replace it if necessary free of charge to owners.

Owners can contact Toyota at 800-331-4331 or the National Highway Safety Administration at 888-327-4236.



Will this include the Vibe?

yet another toyota recall. i swear toyota is going down hill when it comes to ensuring the quality of its car parts


Last year my car kept stopping outta the blue. I would hae to start it again and then it would stop. Does this sound like any ones case?? when i took it in they told me it was the computer and i had to pay $$$.

What happened to the unbeatable Toyota quality? When did they lose one of their six sigmas?

Most of the car companies are affected in defects. Toyota isn't away from it. But as a reputed brand Toyota will quickly solve the problem and satisfy its customers with this recall.

Thanks to for this breaking news.


The dealer have seen my car and they just told me it nothing wrong I been having my car turn off when I be driving but they do not belive me I regret to buy this corolla.

This is another downfall for the image of Toyota. They should increase the quality of parts in their production now if they still want to compete in the market. Especially that they are racing in the production of hybrid cars, this kind of mistake is not tolerable.


I just took my corolla 08 to the dealer after I got the first letter about the recall. At the entrance one of the Toyota guys told me that it was necessary to see the Warning Engine Light ON. However, the letter from Toyota specified that the ECU could be making the car to have problems during the "transmission shifting". This was happening to me and from time to time it felt that the transmission was hitting my car and the Engine Light was OFF. So they tested the car and changed the ECU computer. Now, my car runs good.

Wang S. Lee

My 2005 Toyota Corolla stopped while driving two months ago. The mileage at that time was around 55,000.

Still no notice from dealer (basically from Toyota Head quarter?) for fixing schedule.

I made a mistake, and now I have a problem. My Corolla was wellworked for two years, but now I made myself a cost of several hundred dollars. I was not thinking at the time that this is true.

Toyota have had to recall loads of cars recently. They do make great cars, I'm sure all these precautionary measures are for the customers own good.

this is the first time i heard toyota recall their cars

^ what? it is not the first time mate. I keep hearing Toyota got their car recalled. It might not be long before they go belly up.

Any author's writings are considered important only when reading articles written by her side she came from understand you I did a lot of articles,

This is another downfall for the image of Toyota.

Another Classic form of Toyota. It makes sense...

Toyota Corolla, Matrix is leading on the "Business-Fair" of Sudan... People are happy with it's performance and ride.

I do not see any problems. Any car, even for a million dollars, has some defects

I had the main computer replaced on my 2005 Corolla in 2011 and now it is out again I contacted Toyota and they said the part is only insured for 1 year. I am not sure how they can replace my computer with a defective unit and not replace it. Any information on how I should handle this would be extremely helpful. My fiance is a teacher and I am student so needless to say our resources are very limited. Thanks in advance


I have a 2008 Toyota corolla and I've had it for almost 5 months. I've had many problems but I love a Toyota but this car isn't sounding good. The problem I have now that's making me worry is the scrubbing noise coming from the front of my car and then the clicking I hear when I let up on the brakes sometimes. It doesn't do it all the time though, but it's doing it more here lately. The mechanic said he didn't know what it could be and then the first mechanic I talked to said it was the brake shoes and it could be rusted. But they neither one know what it is. I heard it could be my caliber. So I'm not sure and it worries me because the mechanics are not being honest I feel like. And I'm afraid my brakes are going to go out on me because I've seen a lot of reviews about these cars and the brakes being bad????

martha/N. martha N. C.

never buy another Toyota...the 2008 is not really fixable...when it dies on you every 1000 miles your life is in danger and they won't recall the other part that needs to be replaced charcoal


I never knew my corolla had this recall. My friend mentioned it just now and sure enough I missed out. Does anyone know if I can still get my car serviced for free for this?

I bought my car in 2013. it was a Toyota Corola 2007. Drive on it for a year and no problems. Maybe I was lucky or the previous owner removed all faults.

I bought a new Toyota Highlander. I hope it will not have any problems. The fact that Toyota admits his mistakes - that's good. It would be much worse if the problems were hidden and not publicized. The quality of modern cars has become worse - fact.

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