Recall Alert: 2005-2008 Pontiac Vibe


GM has confirmed that the 2005-2008 Pontiac Vibe is included in the previously announced recall of 1.3 million Toyota Corolla and Matrix models. About 200,000 Vibes are included.

As we stated in the earlier recall alert: “The engine control modules in some of these vehicles is defective and can lead to harsh shifting, stalling, or the vehicle could fail to start. Dealers will inspect the part to see if it is one of the defective units and replace it if necessary free of charge to owners."

There is no fix for the defect yet, and owners will receive a preliminary notification in mid-September. When the necessary replacement parts are available, Pontiac owners will be instructed to take their vehicles to an existing GM dealer, where the service will be conducted free of charge.
Owners can contact the National Highway Safety Administration at 888-327-4236.

By David Thomas | August 26, 2010 | Comments (46)



Vibe owners have seen a lot of their "sister" GM dealership lately,what with all the recalls...GM must love it,they can try to move them into a new crossover and out of their "unreliable" Toyo-tiac while they are hanging around the waiting room.


I am perfectly happy with my 2005 Pontiota and would buy another one in a heartbeat if GM hadn't axed Pontiac. This is the first recall that will affect my car. In 140,000 miles of driving, I've replaced the brake pads once and had to replace the HVAC blower fan. That's it, other than oil changes and routine maintenance.

Ken L.

This must really suck for GM -Having to recall a car they did not produce, for a brand that no longer exist.


Good point, and I'm sure it does suck. However, the faulty part was made by Delphi. Apparently Toyota buys some parts from them too.

Ford Owner

What I can't figure out is why an AMERICAN company would buy Crappy parts from the SAME company that produced the defective parts for toyota. just like I have always said...Buy a Ford, They did NOT take the bailout money from Obama, and they have not had any recalls as extensive as toyota. My ford has 130,000 miles on it and counting, and it still runs and looks NEW! It's a 1994 Ford explorer. 1994!!! it's 16 years old! I drove a toyota corolla, about 3 weeks before the recalls. It only had 118,000 miles and the gas pedal was virtually unresponsive. Found out later it was a defective part in the gas pedal, A sensor was bad.

Troy S.

Ford Owner,

Ford actually holds the all time record for the largest auto recall. Research and see.


I have a new 2010 pontiac vibe 2.4 FWD with the semi auto transmission. with 17000 miles that is not covered under the new recall The car has stalled 4 TIMES in the middle of the highway at speeds of 65 to a full stall. I am driving, the car hesitates then stalls. I have hadit towedto GM 2 times under the warranyty and they say now computer codes came up and they test drove it and nothing is wrong. THIS CAR IS GOING TO KILL ME AND IT WILL BE GM's FAULT

Too bad for the consumers of Pontiac Vibe for this recall because it was sure late enough for it to be recall. There's a big change that other people may have experience it already and repair themselves before even the recall is announced.

Too bad for the consumers of Pontiac Vibe for this recall because it was sure late enough for it to be recall. There's a big change that other people may have experience it already and repair themselves before even the recall is announced.

Cindy R.

I am sick of GM taking their time with fixing this problem.We've been waiting for nearly two months.Our dealership didn't even know about the recall.My husband had to tell them about it.I should have stayed with Nissan.


I've had my vibe since 2008. I knew there was a problem with the transmission from the start. I could feel and actually here that it took a lot longer for it to shift gears. Also the steering wheel feels stiff.Every time I took it in and complained I was told that "You just aren't used to a 4 cylinder little lady." I should have gotten the Hyndai.

Cindy R.

Don"t you just hate it when male mechanics treat women that way?The mechanic at my dealership told me they had to go through all the electrical and then the transmission to find the problem.It was $150.00 an hour for diagnosing.They sang a different tune when my husband called.


What do you do if you already had the problem fixed? Do you get reimbursed or something, or do they just get to laugh at you for fixing THEIR problem?


I bought my Vibe brand new in 2005. I never had a problem until now. My Vibe has been broken down since September with out a fix to the problem. I have been very frustrated without a running vehicle!! UGH!! They need to hurry up!!

The 2009 model of general motors vibe is realy performance oriented

Robert Holtcross

I want to sell my Vibe . What are the chances of selling a discontinued car that you can only get parts from an expensive dealership with a recall item that cannot be supplied?

timoyhy eads

waiting since june of 2010 when are they going to get parts?????????????

timoyhy eads

i think i could have done built enough parts by myself come on gm get with it i'm 49 years old and is all i have owned but i'm thinking may be time for change!!! hurry the hell up

Cindy R.

Yeah ,I am still waiting as well . GM does not care about their "stepchild".They longer make Pontiacs so they have pretty much abandoned us.I keep getting told next month.


If you have had the problem already fixed keep the reciepts because you would tghen be reimbursed. That is what our dealer told us.

Cindy R.

I am told that I am on the top of the list to have my car fixed.Well the "top" on a list of NOT FIXING doesn't do me any good. I found the address to the GM CEO.Maybe if we bombard him with letters something will be done.Here it is
Daniel Akerson
P.O. Box 33172
Detroit Mich 48232-5172


I was told I am at the top of the list as well.... suppose they get all the people at the dealerships in a training seminar and teach them what to say??? I dont know what to do anymore. UGH!!


Still waiting for the part. My car is still having troubles and said when I bought it that it was nothing now theres a recall (lets not forget in September) and still nothing there to fix the problem. I would like something done soon. What are they waiting for. I thing we need to get them to move a little faster before something happens.


I never received an actual recall notice. Did any of you? I'm the original owner of my 2005 Vibe.

Many people, including me, experienced starting problems with the Vibe beginning with the 2005 model year. On a warm crank (for instance, after pumping gas - engine hasn't had time to cool down) the car would crank and crank but wouldn't actually start. Usually after several seconds, it would finally sluggishly start.

I took it to the dealer twice. The second time, they replaced the powertrain control module, which I think is what is now being recalled? I never had the problem after that. My Vibe now has a cold weather problem though, ironically. The idle surges up and down wildly until the engine reaches operating temps. It only happens in the winter when it goes below about 40 degrees. I'm too cheap to fix it, so I just deal with the surging.

Mike from Winston Salem

I have a 2006 with 70K. Changed the breaks recently, otherwise normal maintenance. I have a manual transmission, yet the want to look at mine also. This is one of the most realiable cars built.


I have had my vibe since I bought it new in 2005, It has about 60k on it and I have never had a problem. It is an awesome car, very reliable. I have never had a problem with whatever part was recalled, but I am going to take it in anyway to get it taken care of. I would buy another Pontiac in a heartbeat if they hadn't killed it. Oh well.

Cindy R.

I filed a report with suggest all do the same.Maybe we will get the ball rolling if the government gets involved.Maybe a class action suit will follow.

Cindy R.

My dealership has started the recall.I have to wait cuz mine is a 2007.They are starting with '05's.Keep your eyes open for the notices.

Gerry STeen

Have a 2008 Vibe, no problems, Luv it. good on gas too

Cindy R.

My trouble started at 85,000 miles. I commute about 70 miles aday plus every day stuff.Thats why my '07 has so many miles. I hope you get your recall handled before you experience any problems Gerry. I love my Vibe.Can't wait till it is fixed.It's GM that makes me mad.


I bought my Vibe in 2005 and had been running great, no issues at ALL until we took it to replace the recalled part. The next day it didn't start. Still doesn't start and we've been told two different stories. What can be done?


I love my '07 Vibe too! But got terrible service at the GM dealer, Tyson's Corner, VA. Made an appointment, was told the recall part was available, left the car there the evening before, and got a call the next afternoon asking where it was. Apparently they had lost my car. Then, once they located it, they told me that they didn't have the part after all, or any record of a recall. Then they had the gall to email me the next day to ask me if I wanted to reschedule my appointment. NOT!

Cindy R.

Just parked it to be serviced for the recall.The dealership called to let my husband know.GM called to apologize for the delay saying it should be anytime.HA!HA!They didn't even know the recall had started and the dealership had called us.What a joke!sure hope this does it.Miss my Vibe.

Cindy R.

Just got my vibe back and all is right with the world.runs great so far.told dealership thanks and no grudges.It was GM that dropped the ball not of luck to everyone.


Just received second letter telling me PARTS are NOW available, first letter was an informative letter to let me know there was a problem. Contacting dealer soon...but for the record, so far I have not had a single problem with my 2008 Vibe up to 28,000 plus far

christine f.

Had my 2008 Vibe towed to the dealer 3 months ago, I knew it would happen...the car stalled while on the way to work. I was a 10 minute drive away from home...and it literally took 1 1/2 hours to get home. Before all of this, the check engine light was on for many months, took the car in several times and insisted that there is a recall. Well it's a good thing the problem also fell under the powertrain warranty or I would of been without a car for the last three months. Just got the letter from GM for the official "recall" and they will reimburse anyone for the costs of the PCM (luckily since mine fell under warranty, I also insisted to be reimbursed for the the check a week later, they knew they lost my business forever). I would recommend everyone to take their cars in to have checked, they were not kidding about the possible crash hazard if the car just stalls.

Dala Kelley

I have had my 2005 pontiac vibe since 2005. I bought it with 3 miles on the speedometer. I still drive it with 230k miles on it. I love this car and would buy another if they hadn't did away with Pontiac. 6 months after me owning the car it shifted hard on the first shift and has done so ever since up till 2 weeks ago when I got a recall notice on the car. I took it to three different transmission shops and they said I would have to replace the whole transmission to fix the hard shift and it would cost me $3500. I told them I had been driving it this way for 4 and half years and I would just keep on trucking. You cannot beat the mileage on these vibes what so ever.


I have a 2007 Vibe. It now has close to 70 thousand miles... I received the recall in the mail, scheduled it, took it in... and the "specialist" wasn't in that day. I haven't taken it back yet... However, I have replaced the computer that runs the car, the break lines locked up, had to replace them... and not even a year after I had it, I had to have the leaf springs (sp?) all replaced. I like my Vibe... but would never get another!


Looking at Dala's comment I also have had my 2005 Vibe since new and have had no problems what so ever I'm now at 260,000 Km so the big question is do I take my car in for the recall or not? Am I opening a "can of worms"?

Lynn Wilson

my 2005 vibe has been wonderful up until a week ago. The car stalled on me and I took it to dealer , they said it was fuel pump. I then had it towed to a family mechanic who replace fuel pump, drove it to work, then on way home from work, stalled (with a big Tundra on my rear too) took me over an hour and half to get home. Our family friend got no codes when he checked with his scanner. I researched the recalls---I did have the pcm last year, but GM told me my vin was not on list for ECM. I am awaiting word back from GM as I had them call the dealership to figure out what to do next!! I cannot believe that they would dismiss the sense of urgency, when I said, my car literally cut off while power steering, no power...Hello? Something is not right either the PCM they replaced was malfunctioning or the ECM recall needs to include all VIN many folks are interested in following up with me? WE THE PEOPLE...NEED ACTION!!!!


I am the original owner of my 2005 Pontiac Vibe and was deployed during this recall period, I have been having issues with the car starting. I am wondering if anyone knows if this is still being covered under the recall?


I had issues previously with the car not starting and was told it was the fuel pump as well, and boy is that fun to replace... save time and go straight to Toyota dealership the GM dealerships will order the wrong parts. All in all the car has been very good, very minimal issues and I have almost 160,000 miles on it.

lily moyotl

I am original owner of a 2005 pontiac vibe. I swear it has a brain. It has saved my life 3x, pulls pranks on mechanics and looks exactly now as it did the first day I drove it. I love my car.


I purchased my 2005 new from the dealer, it was a demo with. 27 miles on it. The best car I have ever owned. I have over 300,000 on it and runs and looks great. I wish they kept these cars in production, but then if they did, how would GM and the parts stores make money. I have hardly done anything for work on the car, I drive 140 miles per it. I would buy 10 more of these cars. I have had several other people like it so much they bought one for themselves.


I have 160K miles on my 05 Vibe that I bought new. Never had any problems UNTIL I took it to the dealership because of the recall. A couple of days ago I was pulling onto a major highway and the engine went out. I had to roll to a stop and ended up on the opposite site of the road facing oncoming traffic. It really scared me and I'm still frightened of driving the vehicle. I mean, I think they replaced what might have been a good part with one that is defective!


I have a 2007 vibe nothing but problems. Steering. Column. And it shifts to the left stalled ti many times tired singel mom

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