Kia Discontinues Rondo Small Minivan

No one at loved the Kia Rondo. Except me.

For some reason, the little jelly bean-shaped minivan won me over. I was allured by the low price (starting under $15,000), optional third row and the sheer amount of space. It certainly wasn’t the ride or the interior quality. But for $15,000, you got a lot of car. It felt a lot more solid than the Mazda5, which excelled when it came to a nice interior. And the Mazda5 is better-looking, too.
Now I discover via Autoblog that Kia's U.S. website is saying “all good things must come to an end,” that the Rondo is no more. There was never a 2010 model year of the Rondo, and it seems there will be no 2011, 2012, etc.
A few new 2009 Rondos are on dealer lots.'s national inventory shows just 69 vehicles, ranging from $12,895 to $24,955. Kia is offering up to $2,000 cash back and another $1,000 either in loyalty cash or competitor cash back. It looks like the sub-$13,000 listing includes some combination of incentives in that price.

However, it’s very likely that Kia dealers would be happy to move the last of these little guys to make way for the Sportage, which it seems Kia is trying to move people toward. If you have fond memories of the Rondo, especially if you own one, let us know about them in the comment section below.
By David Thomas | August 19, 2010 | Comments (28)
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When it first came out I could never find one for under $20-22k and I wasn't going to pay that much for it. I thought it was a nice vehicle but way over priced. If they could have sold a nicely equipped one for $15k they would have sold more. Hopefully they'll bring over the Venga.

Yes its cheap but I don't need a lot of space and I have no use for a mini van, A coupe or even two seater is just fine for me. For around 20k you can get a certified-pre owned luxury car and drive in style... Actually I bet you can get a pre-owned older benz or bmw for 15k now.

Count me as another fan of the Rondo. The Mazda5 always got better press for having an available stick and sharper handling, but the Rondo always came off as the better family car. Seating for seven instead of six (which means five adults instead of four), smoother, quieter, cheaper...

I'll miss it too, even if the market as a whole will not.


I rented one a few years ago and really liked it. Basic but comfortable. It was missing a few items that would really make it luxurious, but pretty great for the niche. Only the M5 now in the US market.


I guess Kia's planned new-age "lifestyle" had a short lifespan...."Rondoism".

Seriously,Rondo? Why name something that has negative connotations....much like Edsel,and "dead cell",we have Rondo,which sounds an awful lot like Bondo.Cant wait until owners waltz into auto parts stores getting some "bondo for their Rondo"...


The design was still fairly fresh, inside and out. Unique even. Guess it was too hard to graft the "tiger" grille onto it.

Farewell Rondo. We barely knew ye.

The price is quite high, even though it misses some features... But its comfortable too...Just to pay for that comfort is not worth...!!!


Actually, they did give the Rondo a tiger nose for the 2011 model in Korea. Apparently they will sell 2011 models in Canada, too.


Good... this car was gay looking


Good, Hertz will stop dumping them on me all the time.

The Rondo model of Kia is popular not because of its cheap price but externally it is looking good. I like this small model and in hope of buying it soon.

Thanks to for placing a delightful information with standard price of this small Kia.


We still have it in Canada. I have a soft spot for the Rondo, if I had a family it would likely be near the top of my list!


I like the Rondo, the tall wagon form factor is something that really should be more popular in the US - so many people in SUVs who have no need for clearance or AWD just getting crappy gas mileage.

But the Mazda5 is better.


i just bought a 2010 rondo-it was the showroom model. i was looking for a vechicle that could fit 6 but didn't want a mini van. i previously had a 2 door car and was terified to drive something much bigger. the rondo was in my price range (brand new) and large enough to fit 6 but not too big to drive. it is great for me!!!


I love my Rondo, too. It's red, it's sassy, and fun to drive. I traded my Dodge minivan in for my Rondo, and it's been great for my family and me. Much better on gas than the van and it fits everyone. :-)

Iris M. Gross

First of all, I think we need to not allow homophobic comments such as that from Mike, who obviously doesn't know what gay looks like. Second of all, I think people wanted too much for too little. You can't find a fully-loaded car of any genre for $15,000, at least not since the 1980s. I liked the Rondo, test drove one at CarMax three years ago, and even smashed my finger in the door getting out. I like a car that doesn't come with a lot of crap on it, that one can customize as time goes by. But, people were complaining about the seats staining easily, as if they'd never heard of seatcovers. As a used car, I think it will be a great value. I do agree that Kia dealers killed the Rondo with their overpriced dealer-added crap. Maybe that's a Korean dealer quirk, because one is supposed to be able to buy a base Hyundai Tucson for under $20,000, but good luck doing so!

I was one who wasn't looking for a KIA, I was looking at Hyundai. My wife didn't want a minivan, but I like the van because of 7 Seats. After much reserch, Enter the Rondo, best of both worlds. I rented one, then bought one. By far the best universally designed car I've ever had. Handles well & has great power. I think we can fault the Advertising agency for the depiction of the Rondo, but after reading consumer reviews on Edmunds I had to consider it. I think it should have been shown as a utility vehicle, which it is to the truest sense. If I had to replace it for any reason, I would try to find a Canadian model to buy, unless KIA or Hyundai brings it back in a different form.


stupid name. GREAT car. Kia is still selling lots of them in Canada. Apparently we Americans prefer Suburbans and Excursions...good luck with that.


I bought an 07 LX in March of 08 for 13k and what a deal. My LX has all the options and is a great car. Its very roomy and drives really well. Very comfy for long trips. I love the fact that it is different than anything else on the road. I have 42k on it now and nothing, NOTHING has gone wrong with it. Probably one of the best cars I've ever owned.


I love the Kia Rondo ex-v6. Handles well, nice lines, well put together. Many convenient storage options. Plenty of zip for all driving conditions. Just a gem of a car - and I've owned many good cars.


Have a 2008 Kia Rondo bought new for under $15,000. I have only 31,000 miles on it and have never had any problems. Love the size, easy to park, but plenty of room for 4 grandkids. When I don't have the kids, there' plenty of room for groceries, etc in the back.

Boyd D. Roberson

I bought a new 2008 early in 2009, and I love this car. We have only a little over 50000 miles on it, and have had zero problems. I have a small farm and regularly load 8 50lb bags of cow feed along with 2 50lb bags of horse feed, and 2 50lb bags of dog feed in it. It handles this load with ease with only the last row seats folded down, I could still get 5 people in it while loaded, but of course this has never happened, but it could. Like I said, I love this great car, and it has very good power and a great auto tranny.

Dawn Lustig

Was shocked to read this, as I personally own a 2010 Kia Rondo EX Luxury with the extra seats. Am not impressed with it. Gas mileage is terrible! Has a constant vibration from day one. Bought it off the showroom, taxes included it cost me $35,000. Worse vehicle I have owned/driven in 26 years.


we have a kia 2009 rondo love it it good on gas nice ride i dont know why they stop makeing them but that how it goes like something they stop makeing it


I loved my Rondo, except it was put together so stupidly under the hood; had to take manifold off to change spark plugs. A tree fell on it during a storm 10.13.14 and it looks like it's going to be totaled...😥

Yahoo Serious

They're still available here in Canada:


I traded in my 2006 Kia Sedona for a 2008 Kia Rondo EXV6 in early 2009. It was the last Rondo on the lot at Mark Kia in Scottsdale. It has the rear wing (rare-haven't seen too many like it)and is dark burgundy with the optional 3rd row seating (which has been used a lot). Right now is Jan 10, 2015 and I have just over 42k miles on it. I have had the power windows switch assemble on the driver side replaced under warranty and the 2 rear window regulators also replaced under warranty. The 2 front sun visor mirror doors have broken on 1 side and the radio's cd player stopped working. I had the radio replaced under warranty once then it went out again and was no longer covered. I installed my own JVC stereo and high power amp and replaced all the door speakers. Overall, the car has had minimal problems and so far (knock on wood) it's been a solid engine/transmission. It has great acceleration and I have replaced the front brakes myself at about 35k miles. Feel free to email me with any questions or comments about the Rondo.


I've had a love connection with a few cars before, but my 2009 Rondo is my soul mate. Need to carry seven people? No problemo. Get a look & giggle from the car next to you - V6 them. If Steve McQueen were to drive a family car - the Rondo would be it. When they dig up all our cars in 100K years, they will wonder why everyone wasn't driving a Rondo.

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